School Administrators Urged to Take Steps to Eliminate Sexual Harassment

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is advising administrators in educational and training institutions to take the necessary steps to eliminate incidents of sexual harassment.The Ministry, in a recent bulletin, said that sexual harassment “is a barrier to equal opportunity and treatment of females and males”.In an effort to ensure that all students are safe and secure while in their care, school administrators are being directed to become familiar with a brochure issued by the Bureau of Gender Affairs, which guides the process on how to treat with such incidents.The Ministry reminded institutions that they have a responsibility to develop a policy to address sexual harassment; conduct workshops/training sessions with all teaching staff and other employees; ensure that the issue of sexual harassment is incorporated in the curricula; put in place a complaint/grievance procedure or committee to handle reports of sexual harassment from students; protect against victimisation and false accusations; and to ensure that the accuser and accused have an equal chance to be heard. read more

PHOTOS Miss Lou Centenary Church Service

Wife of the Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Juliet Holness, addresses the congregation at the centenary national thanksgiving service for Dr. the Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou), held at Coke Methodist Church, East Parade, downtown Kingston, on September 1.Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon Olivia Grange, addresses the audience at Dr. the Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou)’s centenary national thanksgiving service, held at Coke Methodist Church, East Parade, downtown Kingston, on September 1.