University of Limerick researchers help Brazilian police combat distribution of child…

first_imgIs Aer Lingus taking flight from Shannon? A GROUP of researchers at the University of Limerick have teamed up with federal police in Brazil to combat the distribution of child pornography on the dark web.The research, recently published in the Nature’s Scientific Reports journal, details the results of applying network analysis to assess the effectiveness of Operation Darknet – a Brazilian Federal Police crackdown on one of largest paedophile online forums hidden by the Tor browser.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The police operation, carried out between 2014 and 2016, led to the arrest and identification of 182 users – 170 of which were distributors – and the rescue of six children. 766 of the more than 10,000 users were sharing content.The team of researchers from the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) and the Centre for Social Issues Research, both based at UL, subsequently investigated how effective the operation was in disrupting the distribution of the content.The research team, which included a federal police officer from Brazil, used the analysis to suggest the best ways to target individuals to maximise the effect of this disruption.“Network analysis has previously been applied to drug trafficking networks and terrorist networks to identify structural weaknesses and key figures in these illicit networks,” explained Dr Pádraig Mac Carron, a postdoctoral researcher who worked with Dr Bruno da Cunha, Kleber A. Oliveira and Professor James Gleeson on the research.“Initially the police investigation was highly effective, quickly arresting those responsible for more than half the content provided. However, subsequent targets were less optimally selected. This analysis should lead to more efficient police interventions,” he added.The team believe the collaboration to be a first between Brazilian law enforcement and Irish mathematicians. Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro, mentioned the UL research in a recent interview, outlining that “one should invest in intelligence methods to enrich police work” and that “the publication is an index of the quality of the scientific know-how of the Brazilian Federal Police”.The research was partly funded by Science Foundation Ireland and by the European Research Tom [email protected] Housing 37 Compulsory Purchase Orders issued as council takes action on derelict sites Print Advertisement Limerick on Covid watch list Limerick social entrepreneurs honoured for their work in response to covid-19 WhatsApp Linkedin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img Previous articleLimerick entrepreneurs encouraged to plan for short and long-term successNext articleDouble for Billy Lee and all this weeks Racing News Staff Reporter Email TAGSBrazilCrimeeducationLimerick City and CountyResearchUniversity of Limerick Twitter Facebook TechPost | Episode 9 | Pay with Google, WAZE – the new Google Maps? and Speak don’t Type! NewsCrime & CourtEducationUniversity of Limerick researchers help Brazilian police combat distribution of child pornographyBy Staff Reporter – February 17, 2020 458 Population of Mid West region increased by more than 3,000 in past yearlast_img read more

Bike Polo, Anyone?

first_imgBikes and wooden mallets may sound like odd bedfellows, but the sport of bike polo is gaining popularity across the U.S. and beyond. There’s even an international federation for bike polo (Pakistan is a member) that’s pushing to get the hybrid sport into the 2012 Olympics—surprising, since most Americans have never even heard of the sport.Imagine the bourgeois game of polo—horses, mallets, striped jerseys, and white pants. Now substitute bikes for horses and chamois for riding pants, and you get bike polo. In spite of its unfamiliarity to most Americans, bike polo has been played in some form or another for more than 100 years. The British army used to play the Indian Maharajas in the early 1900s. The first international bike polo competition was held in 1901 (Ireland beat England 10 to 5). And yet, as a sport, it has managed to stay on the fringe, particularly here in the U.S.“Bike polo is not very organized,” says Bill Matheson, a world champion bike polo player from Aiken, S.C. and the vice president of the Bicycle Polo Association of America. “Equestrian polo players sign up with the polo association and play by the official association rules. With bike polo, it’s different. Everyone who starts a bike polo club makes up their own rules.”Fledgling bike polo leagues are popping up all over the Southeast. Richmond, Va. has a bike polo scene. So do Slatyfork, W.Va., and Asheville, N.C. Bike polo matches have even been known to break out on the lawn of the D.C. Mall.“More people are gravitating towards bikes,” says Minya James, founder of a new bike polo league in Chattanooga, Tenn. “This is another way to reinforce that choice. You’re riding your bike and playing a game. Everyone loves games.”DO IT YOURSELFFive things you need to know to start your own bike polo club:Any bike will work for bike polo, but most players ride singlespeed or fixed gear bikes.Bike polo is a non-contact sport. Right-of-way rules are established to keep the collisions to a minimum.The game is traditionally played on grass, but hardcourt (tennis and basketball courts) is the fastest growing version of the sport.Bike polo is played with four people on a team, moving the ball up and down the field. Each player is allowed three taps of the ball before he/she has to pass or shoot.You score by knocking the ball through the opposing team’s goal posts. There are no goalies, so games are high scoring.Learn more at bikepolo.comlast_img read more

Welcome to the Green River Games

first_imgStep aside Vail. A small town nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains bags bragging rights for this summer’s largest celebration of adventure sports. The Green River Games, a multisport competition, will debut September 7-8, 2013 in Saluda, N.C.Race organizer John Grace created the Green River Games as an East-coast version of the GoPro Mountain Games. He wants the races to showcase the scenic gorge that’s home to the holy grail of steep creeks: the Narrows section of the Green River.Races include full-contact and steep-creek kayaking, mountain and road biking, road and trail running, and mellow and extreme stand up paddling.The Cove Climb 6K kicks off the festivities. The road race starts along the emerald river, the views providing inspiration for the infamous 17 switchbacks of Green River Cove Road. After climbing 1,000 feet, runners will cross the finish line in downtown Saluda, where they can celebrate a grueling run by throwing back local craft beer at the kickoff party.Proceeds from the 6K will fund field trips for local fifth graders who have never explored the outdoor oasis in their own backyard.For those who prefer trails to roads, the games feature both a 10K and a half marathon trail run.Mountain bike racers will be challenged by the Sunshine Enduro, a course consisting of long climbs and technical downhill descents.The SUP races will draw some of the best in the sport. The first qualifying race will take place on the Class I-II of the Lower Green. The top 20 finishers will be invited to compete in a SUP race on the Upper Green, containing continuous Class II-III to rapids with a few significant drops.Those who prefer paddling a canoe or kayak can compete in the Upper Green Stage Race, a two-part race consisting of both a timed down river sprint and a slalom course down the Upper Green.Dubbed the most difficult race in the world, the Silverback Race starts with a mass start to a nine-mile whitewater paddle down the Green River, including the steep and technical Narrows section. Then racers put their legs to the test on a nine-mile mountain bike race over a technical course. After the mountain bike section, racers must tackle a quad-busting nine-mile trail run to finish.last_img read more

Darville petitions for Bar reinstatement

first_imgDarville petitions for Bar reinstatement Darville petitions for Bar reinstatement Pursuant to Rule 3-7.10, Lionel C. Darville of Belle Glade has petitioned the Supreme Court for reinstatement to The Florida Bar. The Supreme Court suspended Darville for a period of two years for trust accounting improprieties, pursuant to a February 24, 2005, order.Any persons having knowledge bearing upon Darville’s fitness or qualifications to resume the practice of law should contact Cheryl L. Soler, legal assistant for The Florida Bar, at (954) 772-2245. June 1, 2006 Regular Newslast_img

John Tesh: L.I.’s Renaissance Man

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York John Tesh is instantly familiar. And very, very tall.His face, with its shock of blonde hair and blue eyes, peered back at us from our television sets for more than a decade as co-host of Entertainment Tonight. His deep, booming voice entertains and soothes us with antidotes and information we can bring into our everyday lives via his wildly popular syndicated radio program “Intelligence for Your Life.” This fall marks his return to the small screen as the show makes its television debut—with his wife, actress and former model Connie Sellecca, and his stepson, actor Gib Gerard, co-anchoring.An accomplished pianist, the Garden City native has risen past mere fame to become a fixture of our culture. And yet, his instincts lead him in near-constant praise of others. Among those Tesh admires most: Harry Connick, Jr. and fellow Long Islander Billy Joel.“I played in a lot of rock bands on Long Island,” he reminisces over a pot of green tea at Maze, Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at The London NYC luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan. “I played at Atlantic Beach Club, I played at a place called the Chop House in Garden City. At the same time we were playing, Billy Joel was in a band called The Hassles. So we were kind of rival bands.”Tesh pauses for a moment, then leans in and confides: “It wasn’t much of a rivalry: If he didn’t want to take a gig or if he was busy, we would get it.”Tesh is no slouch himself. This multi-faceted talent wears several hats: a four-time Emmy Award-winner twice nominated for a Grammy; the author of Intelligence for Your Life: Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth, a New York Times bestseller; founder of marketing and advertising company TeshMedia, which boasts dozens of big name brands; a radio personality whose show brings in more than 8.2 million listeners per week; the leader and star of John Tesh: Big Band Live!—a 12-piece aural and visual tour through the golden years of 1920s through 1950s big band music, conquering one American city at a time as it treks across the country.He attributes his various talents to ADD, harnessing a shortened attention span into a varied assortment of interests.“This week, I’m a marketing guy,” he tells me. “I’m meeting with Kohl’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot. And I love the business part of that, actually becoming passionate about the show and showing clips, like ‘Here’s how you could be integrated, what the gross impressions are and everything, and the math part of that.’ I love it.“But it’s fun to take that hat off,” he continues. “When we get back, we start production. So I’ll be the anchor guy. And then when I leave you, I’ll go upstairs and do the radio show. I’ll be the radio host.”But where John Tesh really feels at home, the most alive and the most in tune with what makes his heart soar, is music.“Being behind a grand piano is the coolest thing in the world,” he says. “Because it’s all live. You’re flying without a net.”PLEASE JOIN US IN THANKING OUR UNDERWRITERS FOR SUPPORTING QUALITY JOURNALISM. ACCESS TO OUR WEBSITE IS FREE DUE TO THE SUPPORT OF OUR UNDERWRITERS. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.He attributes his love of music to his first teacher at Stewart Avenue Elementary School in Garden City when he was just 6 years old.“Mr. Wagner taught me how to play trumpet,” says Tesh. “In first grade at Stewart Avenue School, he was the only one in the country doing this. As 6-year-olds, we were in the jazz bands. We were in the marching band. What he did was he created easy versions of all these arrangements. I got a chance to play in front of him not too long ago when we played at Westbury. He’s retired now.”That love of performance has never left him.“There’s really nothing like that feeling,” he says. “And it’s a codependency. We don’t play in front of Billy’s [Joel] audiences, maybe 1,500 to 2,000 people, but when people show up, I’m like ‘Holy shit!’”If his past success is any indication, people will continue to show up in droves, turning to their television screens to watch the inborn chemistry he shares with his family as they broadcast from his guesthouse offering pieces of intelligence on everything from relationships, technology, finance, and well-being.And if Billy Joel doesn’t want that Madison Square Garden gig, I know a guy who’d be glad to take it.last_img read more