Mount Sentinel Wildcats edge Cougars in OT thriller

first_imgVictoria Peebles and Leanne Kabatoff each scored baskets in overtime to power the Mount Sentinel Wildcats to a thrilling 46-40 victory over rival Nakusp Cougars in the final of the Cats Senior Girl’s High School Tournament this past weekend in the South Slocan.Peebles snapped a 38-38 tie with the first basket of the extra period to power the host Wildcats to the Championship win.Kabatoff had a chance to win the game in regulation time, with two chances from the charity stripe with time expired.last_img

Vaya: based on three separate true stories

first_imgThree strangers, one journey – Vaya unpicks the stories of three characters who are travelling to Joburg. It explores their expectations – and the realities – of the big city.Zanele, played by Zimkitha Nyoka, hopes to change her life by moving to Jozi. (Image: Rififi Pictures)Sulaiman PhilipPeople have always been drawn to the big city, and this pull is at the heart of the new feature film from award-winning director Akin Omotoso.Vaya tells three separate stories of three passengers travelling from KwaZulu-Natal to Johannesburg. They are strangers on a train whose destinies are intertwined as they navigate the foreign and exotic world with which they are unprepared to deal.His film was about the challenge of not losing yourself in a new place, Omotoso told Variety. And it is based on the true stories of writers in the Homeless Writers Project, a writing workshop for people living on the streets of Johannesburg.Nhlanhla (Sihle Xaba) is drawn to Jozi by the promise of easy wealth. (Image: Riffifi Pictures)“Vaya is the story of travellers who arrive in Johannesburg with different hopes and plans, only to discover the hard realities of life when you’re not in control of your own destiny. I wanted to explore the feeling of arrival – with its built-in expectations and fears – in a way that’s true to a lot of places.”Sibusiso Msimang is Nkulu, the oldest son changed by the journey to collect his fathers remains. (Image: Riffifi Pictures)Nkulu, played by Sibusiso Msimang, is travelling to fetch his father’s remains so they can be buried in his rural home. Zanele (Zimkhitha Nyoka) is chaperoning a young girl on her way to meet her mother. For her, the trip is a chance to change her life and make her dreams come true. Sihle Xaba plays Nhlanhla, a young man attracted by the prospect of quick and easy money. Unable to pay his dowry, he accepts a job from his cousin that promises to solve his financial woes.Eight years in the making, Vaya premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and had a limited run to qualify for Oscar consideration. It opened in South Africa at the end of October. “Many filmmakers have utilised the network narrative to relay broad social commentary,” said Cameron Bailey, director of the Toronto International Film Festival. “Omotoso, bolstered by brilliant performances and Kabelo Thathe’s sizzling camerawork, wisely focuses on tension, character and milieu, leaving the conclusions up to us.”Omotoso holds that his belief in story-telling, as opposed to action-driven moviemaking, makes Vaya a better film. It gives audiences, he says, a way to identify with characters who live lives very different from their own.“You’ve gotta find something in the stories that resonates with its people, and just the idea of what it’s like to not have your own urgency, what it’s like to be at the mercy of other people – that is the key element explored in Vaya.”The long creative process has resulted in a film of which Omotoso and his team are rightly proud. It gave the production team, and its first-time script writers, the opportunity to flesh out a story that has been described as “amazing”.“Having walked with this film for years, I felt a bit like a marathon runner, who prepares themselves for everything, including the emotional roller coaster to come. The shooting was not easy, as we shot in real locations with real challenges but the readiness and vision shared by everyone involved was there.”Akin Okomotso at the Vaya screening at the Berlinale in Germany. (Image: Berlinale)Vaya’s international success has shone a light on the quality of African film. Omotoso says new technologies and new platforms make this an exciting time to be an African filmmaker. The world, he argues, is ready for African filmmakers telling African stories.What is needed to build a sustainable film industry able to create high-quality content is easier access to funding, growing audiences, holding down costs by improving infrastructure, and improving distribution and marketing.“Sustainability in the long run means that multiple projects can be developed and given the utmost opportunity to be successful. And somebody has to fund your film, and hopefully you want to give that person their money back.  And the distributor has to put the film out and they too want to get their money back. How you get your content to the audience is still a compelling discussion. But it’s a very exciting time to be a filmmaker.”Okomotso says African filmmakers must continue to build on the foundations laid by pioneering African artists. A Nigerian, he has lived in South Africa for a decade. He points to his own multicultural life experience to explain the edge African filmmakers have.African artists must not “squander the opportunity to tell (African) stories”, he says. They must take advantage of the opportunities that are now available. “It’s important for the world that African cinema exists.”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

In The Security World, Android Is The New Windows

first_imgRelated Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now fredric paul For decades, Microsoft Windows was the computer platform of choice — not just for the overhwelming majority of computer users, but also for a growing legion of malware creators. As the dominant computing platform, it offered the fattest, most lucrative target, and some of its fundamental architecture decisions made it vulnerable to many kinds of malware.With the transition to the mobile era, Windows is no longer at the center of the computing universe — for users or for hackers. That role is now occupied by Android. According to Stephen Cobb, a distinguished security researcher for the IT security company ESET, “Android is like early Windows.” It’s now the locus for security attacks and prevention — even if it’s not getting as much attention in this regard as Windows used to.Flying Under The Radar?“There’s so much malware on Android, you’d think it would be a huge deal,” Cobb said. And the growth of is “huge,” he added, “both in the number of malware exploits and their increasing sophistication. The rate of growth in Android malware is impressive, and scary.”(See also Sloppy App Development Leaves Android Owners At Risk)At this week’s RSA conference in San Francisco, ESET did a live demo on Android, downloading an infected app that roots the phone and opens it up to whatever the attacker wants to do with it — including dumping out its entire contents in a few seconds over the Internet.Why aren’t we hearing more about Android’s security problems? “It’s death by 1000 cuts,” Cobb said. Instead of emptying the bank accounts of infected users, the malware is more often used to for premium-rate SMS fraud against mobile carriers, “which isn’t bankrupting anyone immediately. They’re flying under the radar.”“I don’t think the criminal underground is sophisticated enough that it is holding back,” Cobb said. It’s just that when a mobile platform is the target, “the model is many times a smaller attack — or you can look at it as part of a larger attack.”(See also Where Has All The Mobile Malware Gone?)For example, if a criminal wants to insert himself into a small or medium-sized business doing $40,000 bank transfers, he’d run into the fact that many online banking systems use two-factor authentication — i.e., they require a code sent to a client’s mobile device in addition to a password. But a mobile hack can help defeat that.Your Mobile Platform Does MatterJust as on computers, which mobile platform you use really does make a difference on security. “The Apple model of a closed shop, from a security standpoint, is a very good thing,” Cobb said. Apple’s OS X and iOS are both pretty secure to start with, and with iOS and the App Store, “Apple is moving that from a physical environment to a software environment.”Even as Android takes the lead in global sales, it’s been much less successful from a security standpoint. “We sell an anti-virus product for Android,” Cobbnoted. “No one sells anti-virus for iOS.”What will it take for Android to clean up its act? “Quite frankly, I expect to see it improve when sales start getting impacted,” Cobb said. That obviously hasn’t happened yet on a mass scale, as Android sales continue to outstrip its smartphone competitors.But Cobb said that “In some circles it is already having an effect… I wouldn’t use an Android phone for my personal stuff.”Meanwhile, Windows Is Getting BetterIronically, as Android’s secuirty issues grow, Windows is actually getting better. “Microsoft deserves kudos for making Windows more and more secure,” Cobb said. And with the move to Windows 8, Microsoft is shifting toward a more closed, more secure model, specifically by by not allowing apps unless they are from a legitimate developer.Plus, Windows’ issues over the years have had the effect of training people to be more careful. “Someone who’s been using Windows for the last 10 years is probably better protected than a Mac person,” Cobb joked. “They’ve had to learn the hard way.”The problem is in that in an ostensibly protected environment, people can get a false sense of security. They are still vulnerable to “some big hack” that overrides all the existing protections, or to “social engineering” attacks, Cobb noted. That’s why many of the bad guys are changing tactics. “Instead of trying to break into the computer, they’re now trying to break into the person.”Ultimately, that’s only one reason Cobb thinks that concentrating on mobile malware may be the wrong angle. “What the bad guys really want,” he said, “is the device out of your pocket.” If they can physically get ahold of your device, they can do all sorts of bad things.Image of Stephen Cobb by Fredric Paul. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…center_img IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Tags:#Android#antivirus#cybercrime#cybersecurity#iOS#OS X#security#Windows#Windows 8 last_img read more

Uttar Pradesh Muslim Thakurs keen to retain Rajput legacy at the cost of Islamic identity

first_imgSajjan Khan, of Ajitganj village, prays daily at a temple built by his father Mijjan Khan and frequently goes on pilgrimages to Hindu holy places. Like many converted Rajputs in the area, he follows a Hindu way of life and seeks to emphasise the Thakur identity.Sajjan Khan prays at a,Sajjan Khan, of Ajitganj village, prays daily at a temple built by his father Mijjan Khan and frequently goes on pilgrimages to Hindu holy places. Like many converted Rajputs in the area, he follows a Hindu way of life and seeks to emphasise the Thakur identity.Sajjan Khan prays at a temple at his house every day, likes to be called Sajjan Thakur and yet is a staunch Muslim. The forefathers of the wealthy 40-year-old farmer from Ajitganj village in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur district were Bais Rajputs who had converted to Islam.But Sajjan puts more store by his lineage than his ancestors’ acquired faith. The idol-worshipping Khan couldn’t care less about being branded a kafir (unbeliever) by the village maulvi. “I don’t care about our community leaders. We are Thakurs by blood. Besides, we are treated as inferiors among the Muslims, so why shouldn’t we remain loyal to our roots?” he argues defiantly.Khan is not a chance deviant. Hundreds of Muslim families whose Rajput ancestors had converted to Islam six centuries ago prefer to be called Thakur Sahibs in villages of central Uttar Pradesh. And it is not just about titles.The “Muslim Thakurs” live, dress and even worship as Rajputs do- in stark contrast to the “original Muslims”. It was in the 14th and 15th centuries that three Rajput sects-the Gautam, Bais and Dikhit-converted to Islam and settled in Fatehpur, Banda and Unnao districts. These people, particularly the Gautam Muslims, still cling to their Hindu origins.Rather proudly too. Declares Hasan Thakur, the pradhan of Missi village in Bindki, the erstwhile headquarters of the Gautam Thakurs of Fatehpur: “Our community members do not keep long beards and refuse to obey fatwas, the men don’t wear lungi, the women avoid the burqa (veil).”advertisementHasan Thakur, a village pradhan, has considerable clout among both the Gautam Muslims and the Gautam Thakurs. Proud of Thakur traditions, he is determined to assimilate the two groups even at the risk of religious ostracism by the maulvis.Sajjan’s father Mijjan Thakur affirms the cultural anomaly: “We have worn the dhoti and kurtas for ages. Why should we change?” The women too opted for the Hindu sari rather than the more community-specific salwar-kameez and burqa.This fusion of culture goes much beyond clothes. Rajput traditions have eclipsed the religious divide and forged a common identity for the Hindu Gautam Thakurs and the Gautam Muslims. Says Hasan: “The Gautam Thakurs are like one big family.” Hindu Gautam Thakurs participate in Muslim Gautam functions and vice versa.”When we meet, we touch the feet of the elders among the Gautam Thakurs just as younger people from their side would touch my feet,” says septuagenarian Gautam Nasruddin Khan, the head of Sabada village in nearby Banda district.These intercommunity functions include religious ones as well. The Gautam Muslims help organise Holi milans, Ram Lilas and kirtans. The wedding ceremonies of the former Rajputs retain many Hindu rituals: the bridegroom sports a safa (headgear) like the Hindus do and a raucous band is a must in a wedding procession as are firecrackers.In this cultural melee, it is not unusual to find multireligious practices. Sajjan, who is yet to visit Mecca, recently went on a pilgrimage to Chitrakoot. Hasan Thakur too frequently goes to Vaishno Devi with his wife and children.The Gautams’ relations with their fellow Muslims have faded into irrelevance as community bonds take precedence even in times of communal riots. If Gautams face a threat to their lives and property, the Gautam Muslims rush to protect them, and if Gautam Muslims are outnumbered in any particular place the Gautam Thakurs swell their ranks. “For more than 50 years in Independent India, none of our brothers has been killed in communal riots,” says Hasan.Haji Abdul Warsi, of Ajitganj village, proudly displays a shijre (family tree) tracing his Gautam Thakur lineagePolitically too, the Gautam Thakurs- from both sides of the communal divide-form a cohesive and substantial vote bank. The Gautam Muslims number more than a lakh though that is a fraction of the Gautam Thakur population.Hasan Thakur’s considerable influence among both the Thakurs and the Gautam Muslims brought former prime ministers Chandra Shekhar and V.P. Singh to his house to solicit votes. Hasan’s politics are dictated entirely by community concerns.”If there is a contest between a Muslim and a Gautam Thakur, our first choice will be a Gautam Thakur,” he explains. The Thakur clan’s views on political issues-generally pronounced by Hasan- are uniform, and more importantly for the political parties, they vote as a community.advertisementHistorical links are sometimes highlighted to forge a common identity. The Muslim group wants to build a memorial for Raja Bahrawat Singh, the Argal king who converted to Islam. Another concerns the martyrdom of 52 Gautam Thakur clansmen of Fatehpur who were hanged by the British for involvement in the 1857 war of independence. The Government has built a park around the tree on which the soldiers were hanged, but the Gautam Muslims want to develop it into a grand memorial.Instead of weakening with passage of time, the ties among the Gautam Thakurs are showing all signs of strengthening. The Muslim families are keen to bring “the family” closer through marriages. “I am making a lot of effort to unite the family once again, but society does not allow us to do so,” says the patriarchal Nasruddin Khan.Such clanish tendencies do not go down well with the more orthodox among the Muslims. “Their Hindu origins and customs are a major hurdle to rotibetities (economic and marital),” says Mohit Siddiqui, an “original” Muslim of Bindki.The segregation leaves the Thakur Muslims unmoved. They generally marry among their own group or at most with other converted groups. “The original Muslims look down upon us because we are converted and taunt us for behaving like Hindus. But we don’t mind,” remarked Mushtaq, a Gautam Muslim working at the Central Ordnance Depot in Kanpur.While the Gautam Muslims are unabashedly seeking to reunite with the Thakurs, the Bais and Dikhit groups are doing so more unobtrusively. But whatever the degree of caste affiliations, all three of these unique communities stick to their traditional Hindu way of life and are desperately seeking to claim a Thakur identity. It is, in many ways, a reconversion not of faith but of culture.last_img read more

Harvey Norman Promotion

first_imgNRL Touch Football’s major partner, Harvey Norman, has a great deal for members through the TFA website and newsletter. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch is now available at Harvey Norman. Featuring a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker features, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Smart Watch helps you to feel like you can conquer anything.Harvey Norman is exclusively offering our TFA members a Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch – Dark Grey at a low price of $238. For more information or to purchase your Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch, please click here.Stay tuned to the TFA website and newsletter for greater Connected Health and Fitness deals from Harvey Norman. Related LinksHarvey Norman Promotionlast_img

18 days ago​McAteer: Firmino more important to Liverpool than Salah

first_img​McAteer: Firmino more important to Liverpool than Salahby Ansser Sadiq18 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool legend Jason McAteer believes the club would suffer more if they lost Roberto Firmino to injury, compared to Mohamed Salah.The latter suffered a niggle against Leicester City, with fans concerned that he would miss game time after the international break.But McAteer believes if they do have to miss an attacker through injury, Firmino would be the more impactful loss.McAteer told The Racing Post: “People have questioned Liverpool’s strength in depth and I don’t think it’s quite as strong as Manchester City’s, but there is cover in key areas.”Take one of their star players out of the team and inevitably it has an impact – it would at any club. But Jurgen has been able to tweak things and bring in different players and look where they are.”The one player I think is indispensable going forward is Roberto Firmino. Forget Sadio Mane or Mo Salah, it’s Firmino who makes the whole thing tick going forward. I think if Liverpool lost Firmino it would have a bigger impact than losing Mane or Salah.”Look at the Super Cup against Chelsea where Liverpool produced two completely different halves of football, the first without Firmino and the second with him. He’s a more important part of the attacking jigsaw than anyone else.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Madrid cruise to Club World Cup glory

first_imgLuka Modric’s wonderful goal helped seal Club World Cup history as Real Madrid beat Al Ain 4-1 to become the first team to win the tournament three years in a row.Santiago Solari’s first silverware since being appointed as Julen Lopetegui’s successor was set up by Modric’s first-half strike as Madrid comfortably triumphed in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, moving past rivals Barcelona with their fourth title in the competition.The Croatia midfielder, who added the Ballon d’Or crown to his World Cup Golden Ball this month, bent the opener into the bottom-left corner from 25 yards, with Marcos Llorente also drilling home from outside the box before a Sergio Ramos header extended Madrid’s lead. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Al Ain had a goal from Caio Fernandes ruled out for offside when they only trailed by one and Zoran Mamic’s side – who replied through an excellent Tsukasa Shiotani header – can be proud of their efforts on home soil as massive underdogs against the European champions, despite Madrid adding a late fourth through Yahia Nader’s own goal.The perfect way to cap off #TheBest year for @lukamodric10? He has @realmadriden in front in the #ClubWC final— #ClubWC  (@FIFAcom) December 22, 2018Madrid hit the post in the third minute when Llorente got clear in the left channel, his cutback deflected on to the woodwork by fortunate defender Ismail Ahmed.Al Ain should have taken the lead when Marcelo’s mistake let in Hussein El Shahat but captain Ramos made a miraculous goal-line clearance to deny the winger, then Madrid nudged in front.Neat build-up play from Karim Benzema set up Modric and the Ballon d’Or winner curled home a beauty from 25 yards, Caio then seeing a rapid reply ruled out for offside.Benzema missed a brilliant chance to extend Madrid’s lead before goalkeeper Khalid Eisa made outstanding saves to deny both Gareth Bale and Modric before the break.Madrid effectively clinched the trophy in the 60th minute when a cleared corner fell kindly to Llorente, his thumping half-volley giving Eisa no chance and opening his professional account in some style.Ramos powered home a Modric corner to make certain of Madrid’s victory, celebrating the goal with unused substitute Isco, although Al Ain scored a deserved consolation through Shiotani with four minutes left.Madrid had the final say, though, as a cross from substitute Vinicius Jr was turned into his own goal by Nader in the first minute of stoppage time. WHAT A [email protected]— Real Madrid C.F.  (@realmadriden) December 22, 2018What does it mean? Solari up and runningThis was not always completely convincing from Madrid, but they did not need to get out of second gear. Solari’s side left too many gaps at the back and more clinical opponents may have punished them, but the coach will be relieved to collect the first trophy of his reign.Modric the man of the moment There were few arguments about Modric ending Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s dominance of the Ballon d’Or and he ended 2018 on another high note. His opening goal was superbly struck and the midfielder also forced a scrambling save from Eisa with a stunning volley as well as crossing for Ramos’ goal.Madrid survive Benzema’s baffling missRonaldo’s sale to Juventus meant Benzema would have to hugely increase his meagre goalscoring returns from last season to address the deficit. But the former France striker has struggled to step up, with an atrocious miss from Lucas Vazquez’s cross particularly worrying. Benzema – who has six league goals this season – did set up Modric’s opener, yet he is ultimately in the Madrid team to score goals, not make them.Key Opta Facts- Madrid have won the Club World Cup four times (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018), surpassing Barcelona (2009, 2011 and 2015) to become the competition’s most successful team.- Solari is the first Argentinian manager to win the Club World Cup. The previous five Argentinians to manage in a Club World Cup final lost the game, all in charge of teams from South America.- Madrid captain Ramos is the third player to score in different Club World Cup finals, after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.What’s next?Madrid can enjoy a brief break before returning to LaLiga action at Villarreal on January 3. read morelast_img read more

No-one but me wants to fix diving problem – Dyche

first_imgBurnley manager Sean Dyche accused Arsenal’s players of diving after his side lost 3-1 at Emirates Stadium, scathingly saying: “Millions of children see it.”Goals in either half from Premier League leading scorer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang left Burnley with little hope of picking up a point towards their fight against relegation, although Ashley Barnes gave them a glimmer of hope when he pulled one back 27 minutes from the end.The Clarets pushed for an equaliser, but a late strike from Alex Iwobi knocked the stuffing out of the visitors, and Dyche claimed the Arsenal substitute scored from an offside position. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? “We could have got something out of the game. Their final goal was marginally offside,” Dyche told reporters before firing accusations at Unai Emery’s players over diving.”Two dives,” said the Burnley boss. “No-one seems to want to do anything about diving apart from me. Millions of children see it.”We’re not talking about gamesmanship; we’re talking about diving.”Diving’s not for me but gamesmanship is different. What I don’t like is when you’re touched on the arm and your feet go from beneath you. I thought it was incredibly bad at the World Cup.”PIC: Ashley Barnes and Arsenal’s Sokratis battle for the ball— Burnley FC (@BurnleyOfficial) December 22, 2018Emery refused to get dragged into an argument about diving, opting to politely disagree with Dyche’s accusations while calling for respect for the referee’s decisions.”The most important thing is the victory,” said the Arsenal coach.”We have to have respect for the referee and for the opposition.”Arsenal’s win coincided with Mesut Ozil’s return to the side after a spell out, and the German was instrumental in helping mastermind the victory, providing an assist and influencing the play with a superb display of passing to delight the Emirates.”It was a big performance and afterwards I spoke with him [Ozil] and said congratulations for your work,” said Emery. “He showed his quality and their characteristics and we needed him to work to help us today and he did.”last_img read more

City slayer Townsend revels in ‘best goal of career’

first_imgManchester City’s commitment to pressing persuaded Andros Townsend to smash in his goal of the season contender.Crystal Palace claimed a shock 3-2 win at the Etihad Stadium to land a telling blow against City’s Premier League title defence.Jeffrey Schlupp cancelled out Ilkay Gundogan’s opener and Luka Milivojevic’s penalty 10 minutes into the second half ultimately proved decisive after Kevin De Bruyne reduced the arrears late on. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? But it is Townsend’s sumptuous volley from 30 yards after City only partially cleared a set-piece that will live long in the memory.”It sat up for me. I knew if I took a touch, the way Man City press the ball they would have been all over me,” the Eagles forward told Sky Sports.”I knew I had to take it first time and as soon as it left my foot I knew it had a chance.”Townsend conceded Palace had to dig in for victory against Pep Guardiola’s side, making his goal all the sweeter.”Having watched it back I think it was the best goal of my career, given the circumstances and given the opposition – probably the best side I’ve ever played against in my career,” he added.”They’re incredible. We couldn’t get near them at times. To score against these away from home makes it the best.”Palace are now six points clear of the relegation zone and manager Roy Hodgson wants to ensure they make the most of an unexpected win when they host struggling Cardiff City on Boxing Day.”It’s a good day’s work and three fantastic points that we need to make certain we don’t throw away by not doing the job we need to do against Cardiff,” he told Sky Sports.”We need three points from that game as well and not waste these three ‘bonus’ points that a lot of people didn’t expect us to get today.” Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more