Delaware prisoners cite abuse and Donald Trump as causes of rebellion

first_imgSmyrna, Delaware – The Vaughn “Correctional Center” in rural Smyrna, Del., made international news on Feb. 1 when prisoners set in motion an organized rebellion. They took several prison employees hostage, after having carried out a long and peaceful struggle in vain to improve inhumane conditions inside the prison.During negotiations, while the hashtag #VaughnRebellion circulated online, prisoners were able to get a phone call out to a local media outlet, The News Journal. The paper reported that a prisoner said: “We’re trying to explain the reasons for doing what we’re doing. Donald Trump. Everything that he did. All the things that he’s doing now. We know the institution is going to change for the worse. We got demands that you need to pay attention to, which you need to listen to and you need to let them [be] known. We want education first and foremost. We want a rehabilitation program that works for everybody. We want the money to be allocated so we can know exactly what is going on in the prison, the budget.”Early the next morning, a police task force caused heavy damage to Building C, using heavy machinery to breach and enter the building while prisoners and staff were still inside. Robert Coupe, secretary of the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security, reported to media that during this entry prisoners shielded one of the hostages, a prison counselor, with their own bodies during the demolition and assault on the building. The other hostage, identified as Sgt. Steven R. Floyd, was found unresponsive and pronounced dead on the scene.Later that day, Delaware police at a press conference declined to give any information about injuries prisoners sustained during the rebellion or the potential cause of Floyd’s death.The Vaughn Rebellion ended the morning of Feb. 2. Within hours, members of Workers World Party, the Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly and former Vaughn prisoners, as well as family members of current prisoners and local supporters, gathered outside Vaughn to stand in solidarity with the prisoners.Demand investigation of inhumane conditionsThe protesters demanded an independent investigation, separate from the police and prison administration, of conditions inside the prison, as well as of the events during the rebellion.  A crucial aspect of such an investigation includes members of the community being able to conduct uncensored interviews with inmates in order to gather information without the prisoners facing reprisals.Former prisoners spoke about conditions inside Vaughn. Isaiah McCoy, whose 2012 conviction was vacated because of prosecutorial misconduct and judicial error, said he was beaten, had his food spat in and his letters tampered with while there. James Green, another former inmate, said the rebellion was the only possible outcome given mistreatment from correctional officers and the administration’s refusal to investigate the officers’ misconduct.Shortly after the demonstration, a prisoner inside Vaughn contacted Workers World Party with information about their demands and some words for the general public. The prisoner emphasized that the narrative given by the media about Sgt. Floyd is false.The prisoner stated: “I knew Sgt. Floyd for 10 years, he was involved in at least one attempted murder and one murder. He was around long enough to be an expert in using the system to attack inmates with write-ups for personal reasons. Inmates have no rights of due process inside the prison, and the administration always sides with the word of a correctional officer, even if they are proven to be lying. Sgt. Floyd has used his position to deny visits if family members who have traveled a long way are even a minute late, denied showers to prisoners, denied phone calls, cut recreation time on a whim which is supposed to be no less than 1 hour and 30 minutes, and frequently used unprofessional and foul language when talking to prisoners. He has consistently done all of these things to attack prisoners for personal reasons. Everyone here knows who he is, and they will tell you the same thing.”The prisoner’s message to everyone on the outside was: “Now is the time for all of us to rise up together. A movement is growing and building everywhere. My dream is to see 1,000 people outside this prison with T-shirts, signs and banners.”A full statement from the Vaughn prisoners will soon be released by Workers World Party.Racist atmosphere in southern DelawareIn addition to heinous misconduct in particular by Sgt. Floyd, reports of racism and torture inside Vaughn are backed up by recent investigations of the Delaware prison system. These include racist remarks from hundreds of local citizens calling for the lynching and beating of inmates and demonstrators.Delaware, the second-smallest state, has an incarceration rate 12 percent higher than the already bloated national average. Two-thirds of prisoners in Delaware are Black, and 86.8 percent are incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses. African Americans also make up two-thirds of the 344 percent increase in Delaware’s prison capacity over the last 20 years.Local right-wing Delawareans showed up at the solidarity demonstration to intimidate the protesters. They launched a massive campaign of harassment via social media and direct calls to organizers, sending racist messages and death threats before, during and after the demonstration.One man from a right-wing group told media when asked why he was there: “After Obama came in, it’s all gone haywire. Now the blacks think they can run the prisons.”Deteriorating U.S. prison systemThe deteriorating conditions inside the U.S. prison system are usually given a spotlight in the media only when there is violence involving prison staff, as in this case or the bloody Attica Rebellion, in which both prison staff and prisoners were gunned down by state police called in by Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in 1971.Prisoners, former inmates and advocacy groups across the country have been working for years to improve conditions inside prisons for both inmates and staff, but have met with silence and reprisals by prison administrations.Phone calls paid for by family members cost much more than normal collect calls due to contracts that provide kickbacks to the state prison system or county jails. Commissaries charge as much as double or triple what the same goods cost at most public stores — similar to the old “company store” system in which isolated or sharecropper populations were exploited for profit.A common meal served in prison is Nutraloaf, similar to wet dog food in composition. The work of preparation and serving meals is given to prisoners as punishment, and has been the subject of many lawsuits for violating restrictions on cruel and unusual punishment.As forced labor, legal under the U.S. Constitution and called the last holdover of slavery, millions of prisoners are made to work for pitiful wages. Substandard medical care meets the legal requirement for negligence. Prisoners must often wait 48 hours to speak to medical staff, even in urgent situations.Recent years have seen extreme cutbacks of necessary services on the pretext of nebulous “budget concerns.” This does not explain why prisons are cutting services that are offered completely free by religious groups, nonprofits, community advocacy groups, education charities and organizations such as Toastmasters.Delaware Gov. John Carney released a statement, saying: “This was a long and agonizing situation. Our priority now will be to determine what happened and how this happened … and we will make whatever changes are necessary to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.”But these horrible conditions exist in the context of a racist system that incarcerates people of color, especially Black and Latinx people at a far higher rate than that of whites. When asked about the rebellion and the four hostages who were taken, Sharon Black, a leader of Workers World in Baltimore, replied, “Rebellions, as Dr. Martin Luther King said, are the weapon of those who’ve been silenced.  What about the 2,500 prisoners who are being held hostage to the worst kind of inhumane, subhuman kind of conditions? We must hold Gov. Carney accountable to his statement and make sure he makes the necessary changes to conditions inside Vaughn and elsewhere. We will be following up on this.”Workers World Party and the People’s Power Assembly will be working to hold a community hearing in Dover, Del., so that an independent investigation can move forward. Former prisoners, family members and members of the community can present evidence, tell their stories and call for the changes that need to happen inside Vaughn Correctional Center and other prisons across the U.S.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

USA: Chuck Hagel about His Resignation

first_img View post tag: Maritime Most importantly, we have helped keep this country and our fellow citizens safe. We have sustained the blessings of liberty our ancestors secured and upheld the oath we took. View post tag: about View post tag: Statement You should know I did not make this decision lightly. But after much discussion, the president and I agreed that now was the right time for new leadership here at the Pentagon. <img src=”” alt=”Chuck Hagel” width=”664″ height=”380″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-104767″ />The US Department of Defence on November 24th, 2014,  issued the following statement by the US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, regarding his resignation.I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that this morning, President Obama accepted my letter of resignation. I have agreed to continue to serve as secretary of defense until my successor is confirmed by the United States Senate. I want you to know that I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together. We have prepared ourselves, our allies and the Afghan National Security Forces for a successful transition in Afghanistan. We have taken the fight to ISIL and, with our Iraqi and coalition partners, have blunted the momentum of this barbaric enemy. We have come to the aid of millions of people around the world who have suffered the ravages of natural disaster and of disease. We have worked tirelessly to sustain our all-volunteer force that has given so much during 13 years of war. And we have bolstered enduring alliances and strengthened emerging partnerships, all the while setting in motion important reforms that will prepare this institution for the challenges facing us in the decades to come. View post tag: Chuck USA: Chuck Hagel about His Resignation There will be time later to say farewell. For now, please know how much I respect and admire your service and that of your families. As I gather with my own family this Thanksgiving holiday — a luxury I realize not all of you will enjoy — it will be the privilege of having worked with you these last two years for which I will be most grateful. Thank you for all you do for this country. God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving.Press Release; Image: Wikimedia Authorities View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Hagel November 26, 2014 That work will continue. It must continue. The world is still too dangerous, the threats too numerous, for us to lose focus. And even as I promised the president my full support going forward, so, too, do I promise that I will work hard to support you right up until my last day in office. I owe you that. View post tag: Resignation Back to overview,Home naval-today USA: Chuck Hagel about His Resignation Share this articlelast_img read more

Sharks training camp: A peek ahead to the biggest competitions

first_imgSAN JOSE — Sharks general manager Doug Wilson made it clear earlier this summer that he wanted to give some young players in the organization’s system the opportunity to play a role with the team this season.Those players — whether they’re coming from the Barracuda, are first-year professionals, or were free agent signings from Russia or Europe — now have that chance, as the Sharks begin training camp on Friday.For complete Sharks coveragefollow us on Flipboard.“We’re really looking …last_img

Mulaudzi, Robbeson: SA’s best

first_img14 March 2007The world’s number-one ranked 800 metres athlete, Mbulaeni Mulaudzi, and former world junior heptathlon champion Justine Robbeson, now ranked eighth in the world in the javelin, have been voted South Africa’s Athletes of 2006. The selections were made by members of SA Athletics Statisticians.Mulaudzi enjoyed a superb season in 2006, setting Europe alight with a string of excellent performances that included defeating all the other top-ranked 800 metres runners in the world, as well as setting the fastest time of the year when he clocked 1 min 43.09 in Rieti, Italy.Robbeson’s year was highlighted by a South African record throw of 62.80 metres at a meeting in Finland and a bronze medal at the IAAF World Cup meeting in Athens.In the footsteps of SepengHezekiel Sepeng was the first South African athlete, after the country’s return from isolation, to really capture the public’s imagination in the 800 metres. In 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics he won silver in the event in 1:42.74 as Norway’s Vebjørn Rodal captured gold in an Olympic record 1:42.58.Since then, though, Mulaudzi has both equalled Sepeng’s Olympic silver and bettered the rest of his achievements.Mulaudzi was a late starter to serious athletics, only focusing his attention on the sport at the age of 17 after he had represented Northern Province (now Limpopo) in the South African National Championships.He finished fourth in the 800 metres in 1:55 and third in the 1 500 metres in four minutes. However, he realized he wasn’t far off the achievements of the winners, and this provided him with enough encouragement to improve his training.Upward climbFrom that point onwards it was an upward climb for Mulaudzi as he won the national schools title in the 800 metres in 1998. In 1999 he was crowned the national junior champion, and in the same year won the African junior title in 1 min 49.13.He continued to show improvement and a year later, in 2002, claimed silver in the 800m at the African Senior Championships. During the year he lowered his personal best time to 1:45.55 while competing in Budapest. However, he failed to crack the nod for a place in the South African team to the Sydney Olympic Games.The following year, though, Mulaudzi was in national colours for the World Championships in Edmonton, where he finished sixth. He also lowered his personal best to 1:44.01.Commonwealth Games goldThe next year he won gold for South Africa at the Manchester Commonwealth Games, picked up bronze at the African Championships, and further improved his personal best to 1:43.81.After fighting through injuries early in 2003, Mulaudzi returned in good form, recording a time of 1:43.25 in Rehlingen, Germany. At the World Championships in Paris he claimed bronze. Later in the year, in Brussels, he broke through the 1:43 barrier for the first time, with a run of 1:42.89.By that time it had become clear that Mulaudzi had overtaken Sepeng as South Africa’s premier 800 metres athlete as he beat the man he considered his idol in 13 out of 16 races.Indoor world champ, Olympic silverIn 2004 Mulaudzi competed in indoor events in Europe, and was well rewarded when he captured gold at the World Indoor Championships in Budapest. Later in the year, in Athens, he secured silver in the Olympics.2005 proved to be a difficult year for the South African star as he struggled with injuries and the pressure of high expectations. Matters caught up to him when he failed to qualify for the 800m finals at the World Championships in Helsinki.Were Mulaudzi’s best days behind him? Not likely. And he proved that with his fantastic showing in 2006 as he ascended to the number one ranking in the world.HeptathleteRobbeson is just 21 years of age, but she has been competing at a high level for a while, originally in the heptathlon, but now as a javelin thrower.She chose to concentrate on the javelin, not because she didn’t “have it” as a heptathlete, but rather because it became clear that she potentially ranked as one of the world’s best javelin throwers.Robbeson’s first taste of international success came back in 2003 when she won silver at the All Africa Games in Abuja, Nigeria in the heptathlon.The following year, at Grosseto in Italy, she won the World Junior Championships.Seed was sownIt was possibly at that event that the seed was sown for Robbeson in the javelin. Involved in a tight battle with Lithuania’s Viktorija Zemaityte for the heptathlon title, she pulled ahead with a big throw in the javelin to create enough of a cushion to win, despite an 800 metres run she later described as “pathetic”.Her victory marked the first time an African athlete had won the title of the best all-round athlete in the 18-year history of the championships.In 2005 Robbeson turned to the javelin. She took part in the Universiade in Ýzmir, Turkey, which had drawn 9 000 athletes from 170 countries. Faced with stiff competition, she managed third place.African championIn 2006, Robbeson was crowned African champion in Bambous, Mauritius, thanks to a throw of 60.60 metres. Then, representing Africa the World Cup in Athens, she launched the javelin 61.38 metres to win the bronze medal.Her early performances in 2007 indicate that there is plenty more to come from Robbeson. At the end of February, while taking part in the CNW Provincial Championships, she dominated her event with throws of 61.06m, 61.92m, and 61.70m.Later, after the official competition was over, she threw a massive 62.70 metres, just 10 centimetres shy of her national record.FinalistsOthers in the running for the award won by Mulaudzi were hurdlers LJ van Zyl and Alwyn Myburgh, long jumper and triple jumper Khotso Mokoena, and long distance star Hendrick Ramaala.For her part, Robbeson faced competition from discus thrower Elizna Naude, Commonwealth Games javelin gold medal winner Sunette Viljoen, heptathlete Janice Josephs, and sprinter Geraldine Pillay.The men’s junior athlete of the year award for went to Robert Oosthuizen, who continued South Africa’s strong tradition in the javelin when he won the gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Beijing. The women’s award went to Simone du Toit, who finished just outside the medals in the shot put and discus at the World Juniors. She was world youth champion in the shot put in 2005.Hennie Kotze was an easy choice for coach of the year as three of his athletes – LJ van Zyl (gold), Alwyn Myburgh (silver), and Pieter de Villiers (seventh) – made the Commonwealth Games final in the 400 metres hurdles. Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Garden Route is now a biosphere reserve, says Unesco

first_imgThe Garden Route in South Africa has been added, along with other areas around the world, to Unesco’s list of biosphere reserves.Unesco declared the Garden Route a biosphere reserve, in June 2017. (Image: Brand South Africa)Priya PitamberSouth Africa’s Garden Route had been included on a list of global biosphere reserves, said the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).Unesco members voted in favour of the inclusion of the Garden Route as a biosphere reserve at a meeting in Paris, France, on 14 June 2017.New @UNESCO_MAB #BiosphereReserve: Garden Route #SouthAfrica @environmentza @FMEnvng @SANParks— UNESCO (@UNESCO) June 14, 2017“Biosphere reserves are learning places for sustainable development whose aim is to reconcile biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources,” said Unesco.“New sites are designated every year by the International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) which is composed of representatives of 34 elected Unesco members.”WelcomedSouth African Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa, welcomed the news. “The positive response to the application to declare the Garden Route a biosphere reserve is most encouraging, not just for us as a country, but also for the people of the region,” she said.“The Garden Route, one of South Africa’s prime tourism regions, is an area rich in terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems where conservation of the rich biodiverse region is ably reconciled with sustainable use practices.”It is the ninth reserve in the country. Sites are nominated by national governments and are voted for by the MAB council, but they remain under the sovereign jurisdiction of the states in which they are located.The status of such sites is internationally recognised. The official launch of the Garden Route biosphere reserve will take place later in the year.The Garden RouteThe Garden Route biosphere reserve, located within the Cape Floristic biodiversity hotspot region, has a total area of 698,363ha and the population sits at 450,624 people.The area includes the Tsitsikamma, Goukamma and Robberg Marine protected areas, Wilderness Lake Ramsar site, Garden Route National Park and two components of the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas World Heritage site: the Nelson Bay Cave and the Langkloof Valley, the latter being critically endangered.“The Knysna estuary is of great importance for the conservation of this biodiversity,” said Unesco. “The eastern part of the biosphere reserve is characterised by the presence of wetlands in which farming practices and urban development could have a negative impact. Faunal diversity includes large mammals such as elephants, rhino and buffalo.”Other reserves around the worldSites across the globe have also been included in Unesco’s list, some crossing national borders and spilling over two countries:Mono Biosphere Reserve in BeninMono Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in Benin and TogoSavegre Biosphere Reserve in Costa RicaMoen Biosphere Reserve in DenmarkLa Selle / Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in Dominican Republic and HaitiBosques de Paz Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador and PeruMajang Forest Biosphere Reserve in EthiopiaBlack Forest Biosphere Reserve in GermanySan Marcos de Colón Biosphere Reserve in HondurasTepilora, Rio Posada and Montalbo Biosphere Reserve in ItalySobo, Katamuki and Okue Biosphere Reserve in JapanMinakami Biosphere Reserve in JapanAltyn Emel Biosphere Reserve in KazakhstanIndawgyi Biosphere Reserve in MyanmarGadabedji Biosphere Reserve in NigerItaipu Biosphere Reserve in ParaguayCastro Verde Biosphere Reserve in PortugalKhakassky Biosphere Reserve in RussiaKizlyar Bay Biosphere Reserve in RussiaMetsola Biosphere Reserve in RussiaGreat Altay Transboundary Biosphere Reserve in Russia and KazakhstanBacko Podunavlje Biosphere Reserve in SerbiaJebel Al Dair Biosphere Reserve in SudanMono Biosphere Reserve in TogoShare your #PHOTOS ? of @UNESCO Biosphere Reserves on Wikipedia to inspire the world?. More info ?— Man and Biosphere (@UNESCO_MAB) June 18, 2017See images of the Garden Route:(Images: South African Tourism, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Jan. 12 Environmental Professionals event will feature Ohio State’s Lonnie Thompson

Share Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest January’s Environmental Professionals Network breakfast program has a big title for a big topic — in fact, for four very closely related topics.It’s called “Global Warming. You and Me. Energy Audits. Money in Your Pocket. Cleaner Air. More Comfortable Home. Help Is Available. Don’t Procrastinate.”It’s from 7:15 to 9:30 a.m. Jan. 12 in The Ohio State University’s Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2201 Fred Taylor Drive in Columbus.And it features talks by four Ohio experts — led by renowned climatologist Lonnie Thompson, Distinguished University Professor in Ohio State’s School of Earth Sciences and senior research scientist with the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center — on a theme of climate and energy.There also will be a drawing for attendees to win one of five free home energy audits from Columbia Gas of Ohio, but the winners have to live within the company’s service area.Admission to the event, which includes breakfast, is open to both network members and the public. The cost is $10 by cash, check or Ohio State eRequest; $15 by credit card; and free for Ohio State students.Registration and other details are at scheduled talks and speakers are:“Climate Change: The Evidence and Our Options” by Thompson.“Energy Audit and Efficiency Measures Assistance for Homes” by Megan Melby, New Buildings program manager, Demand Side Management, Columbia Gas of Ohio.“Bowling Green Residents Take Energy Efficiency to Heart” by Neocles Leontis, Bowling Green community leader and Bowling Green State University chemistry professor.“OSU’s New Green Home Technology Center Programs” by Eric Romich, energy education field specialist with Ohio State University Extension.The network is a service of Ohio State’s School of Environment and Natural Resources, part of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Romich’s organization, OSU Extension, is the college’s outreach arm.Columbia Gas of Ohio is the event’s sponsor. The school and two other Ohio State units — the Office of Energy and Environment and the Office of Student Life’s Energy Management and Sustainability program — are sponsoring the free student registration. read more

Sixers Shock The Nets, 95-89

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — For the first time in more than a month, the Philadelphia 76ers won a game.But instead of celebrating too much, many of their thoughts were instead with a teammate in the hospital.Carl Landry scored 16 points, Nerlens Noel had 13 points and 11 rebounds and the 76ers snapped a 13-game losing streak with a 95-89 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on March 11.Ish Smith added 10 points, nine assists and seven rebounds for the Sixers (9-56), who won their first game since Feb. 6 – also against Brooklyn – despite dealing with several injuries, including a potentially serious one to Robert Covington.Covington finished with 12 points on 4-for-6 shooting from 3-point range before exiting with 9:40 left in the third quarter. He was kicked in the face by teammate Jerami Grant in a collision under the basket.He remained on the court for several minutes before being taken off on a stretcher and transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he was being evaluated for a possible neck injury.“It was a significant collision,” 7ers coach Brett Brown said. “In one fell swoop, you lose your 3 and your 4 men. … When you see a player, a teammate, a friend being taken off the court on a stretcher, it’s different than someone walking off the court with a sprained ankle.”Grant also did not return following the collision and was evaluated for a concussion, and Richaun Holmes later left with a strained right Achilles.Leading scorer Jahlil Okafor also missed his sixth straight game for the depleted Sixers. It was announced before the game that Okafor will have season-ending surgery on his right knee.Brook Lopez scored 24 points for the Nets (18-47), who have lost three straight and finished the longest road trip of the NBA season with a 3-6 mark. Brooklyn’s nine-game, 18-day trek began on Feb. 23 at Portland.Thaddeus Young, who spent first seven seasons with Philadelphia, had 21 points and nine rebounds for the Nets in a matchup between the two worst teams in the Eastern Conference.“Before anything else, my thoughts and prayers go out to Robert Covington,” Nets coach Tony Brown said. “He and Grant took a horrible fall and I just hope and pray he’s OK. As far as the game is concerned, they put pressure on you. They make it tough to run your offense. Credit to them — they deserved to win.”Trailing by 15 early in the second half, the Nets pulled within five at 76-71 heading into the fourth quarter and again got within five on Wayne Ellington’s 3-pointer with 4:10 left.But Landry, called into extra duty because of his team’s injury troubles, responded with buckets each time to help Philly preserve its lead. Landry’s dunk with 2:15 left, which followed a tough rebound on the other end, gave the Sixers a 92-84 lead and helped seal the win.Landry, who averages only 12 minutes per game, scored all but two of his points in the second half, adding eight rebounds and shooting 7 for 9 from the field in 25 minutes.“Carl Landry, oh my God,” Noel said. “He was able to get us some easy buckets that we definitely needed. Guys just did what they had to do.”(DAVE ZEITLIN)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Coquelin looking forward to first derby with Valencia

first_imgValencia ‘I know exactly how a derby feels’ – Coquelin looking forward to first derby with Valencia Shina Oludare Chief Editor Nigeria Last updated 1 year ago 20:21 2/11/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Francis Coquelin, Valencia Valencia CF Valencia Valencia v Levante Levante Primera División The Frenchman has been involved in some of football’s biggest derbies and is expecting Sunday’s game at Mestalla Stadium to be no different Valencia’s Francis Coquelin is relishing his first derby in Spain as they prepare to face Levante on Sunday.The Mestalla outfit have failed to win any of their last six games in all competitions, and need a victory against the Frogs to help continue their push for a Champions League spot in La Liga.The 26-year-old has experience of local derbies in France, Germany and during his time in Arsenal, and says a win for Marcelino’s side would ‘bring the joy back’ to his the squad. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a big derby you know. We are at home to Levante, who are also a good team,” Coquelin told Goal.“The atmosphere will be pumping because it is a derby, a derby is a derby, not like any other match. I played in the North London derby for Arsenal against Tottenham, so I know exactly how a derby feels.“The most important thing is obviously to win this game to bring the joy back to Valencia, it is a vital game for us to win, we are at home, therefore, we will have the 12th man, the fans on our side pushing us to take all three points.”Defeats to Las Palmas, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid mean Valencia sit third in the Liga table with 40 points from 22 games and at risk of missing out on a top-four berth with Villarreal and Eibar breathing down their neck.Nonetheless, Coquelin feels victory against Juan Lopez Muniz’s side can spark up redemption.Francis Coquelin of Valencia CF“We played tough fixtures. As Valencia we should have won a few of those games but at the same time you are playing against top side in La Liga and sometimes it can be difficult,” he continued.“Against Real Madrid I played at centre back, which alone shows you that all our defenders were injured or suspended for that fixture.“Sunday’s game is a big game so this is a good chance for us to turn things around by winning this local derby.”last_img read more

A Titan display means the Cowboys may have Met(s) their match

first_img@Eden_RichardsThe Men’s Elite Eight has been blown wide open with three teams sitting equal at the top of the competition standings after two days of competition at the National Touch League in Coffs Harbour. The Queensland Cowboys remain top of the standings on for and against, but the Queensland Titans and the New South Wales Mets are breathing down their necks after going unbeaten on day two. Many thought the Cowboys might go through the tournament unbeaten in their quest to win back-to-back titles, but they suffered a shock defeat early on day two. In the process the Titans reminded everyone that they are the real deal, pulling off a one-touchdown win against the competition favourites in the entertaining Round 4 clash. That 9-8 win has helped the Titans finish the day in 2nd position, just above the New South Wales Mets.These two sides will play each other early on day three, with the winner likely to secure a top-two finish and bragging rights heading into the finals series. The loser will put themselves at risk of missing the finals, with the 4th-placed New South Wales Mavericks and the 5th-placed New South Wales Scorpions both believing they are worthy of a finals appearance. The Mavericks and the Scorpions both sit on 10 competition points but they had mixed days in the Coffs Harbour heat.  It was a day of positives for the Mavericks, with the team securing an important win late in the day against the Queensland Broncos, with that win sky-rocketing them into the top four. On the other hand, the Scorpions will be kicking themselves after failing to secure a win on day two. All their hard work on day has now come undone and they can forget about a top-two finish. The Scorpions day two was much like that of the teams below them, with the 6th-placed Broncos and the 7th-placed Alliance both having shockers. In a day of huge importance, the Broncos and the Alliance could only achieve a draw and a loss in their Round 4 and 5 matches. It leaves both sides six points out of the top four and each will need a miracle if they are to make the finals.But things could be worse and this is proven by the struggling New South Wales Rebels. The Rebels are having no luck in this year’s competition, remaining winless at the bottom of the table after five matches. On a more personal note, Cowboy Shaun Francis leads the tournament in touchdowns scored, tallying up 12 to his name. He will look to add to this number tomorrow when the Cowboys kick off the day against the Mavericks at 10:40AM. Related LinksElite 8 Men Day 2last_img read more

Emery: Arsenal needed Ozil and he delivered

first_imgUnai Emery has hailed Mesut Ozil for delivering when Arsenal “needed him to” during a Premier League clash with Burnley.The Gunners headed into a home date with the Clarets looking to offer a positive response to back-to-back defeats in league and cup competition.Ozil’s role in their plans had dominated the pre-match build-up, with the German playmaker having seemingly fallen out of favour to see questions asked of his future. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Emery had, however, stated prior to the game that the World Cup winner still had an important role to play and backed up that statement by handing the 30-year-old a starting berth and the captain’s armband.Ozil rewarded that show of faith with a talismanic performance which saw him play a pivotal role in Arsenal’s first and third goals in a 3-1 victory.Emery told BBC Sport afterwards of an eye-catching showing from a man with a point to prove: “It was a big performance today and afterwards I said congratulations for your work.“Every player showed his quality and their characteristics. We needed him to work to help us today and he did.”Ozil was not the only player to deliver for Arsenal, with the Gunners’ defence standing up well to a physical battle with Burnley’s frontmen.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Arsenal 2018-19Emery was delighted with the collective showing from his side, as they returned to winning ways courtesy of two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and a late effort from Alex Iwobi.The Spaniard added: “It was a tough match. It was difficult because they pushed a lot with long balls and the second action.“But we played well with our body and our character was good. The victory was deserved and in the table we are closer to Tottenham and Chelsea.“I think we won today not because we played well but because every player had a very big commitment.“We knew Burnley are an organised team and were going to push us but we didn’t lose too many long balls from the goalkeeper.“I think we can controlled the match like we wanted. We had to make an alteration of our game plan but after I think our game plan gave us the victory.“We’re scoring lots of goals but we need more clean sheets and our defeat today was maybe that.”Arsenal remain outside the Premier League’s top four at present, but remain very much within touching distance of the Champions League spots as the games come thick and fast during the festive period. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more