Marketing resources to help you win back strategic planning time

first_img 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michelle Kamke Michelle Kamke is a designer, developer and marketing project manager of CUNA Creative Hub, a one-stop subscription platform that enables credit union marketers to expedite their multi-channel campaigns using relevant … Web: Details When unexpected events or disruptions occur, it’s easy to get bogged down by execution of urgent member communications. Creating a strategy to combat this drain on precious time is crucial. There are thousands of tools and resources available to help your credit union free up time to re-focus on marketing strategy, including social media and promotional calendars, content management systems and monthly brainstorming sessions. Consider these tools and approaches to ensure smooth transitions back to “business as usual” at your credit union.Social media and promotional calendarsUsing social media or promotional calendars can help you develop and manage your marketing strategy to ensure you’re engaging with your target audience regularly. You’ll also develop the habit of being proactive instead of reactive, especially on social media. Rather than searching for last-minute trends to create buzz for your credit union, you can plan content in advance, including more involved campaigns for holidays or special offerings. It’s not uncommon to use marketing calendars to plan a year ahead while still staying organized because you can easily track scheduled content. You’ll also be able to more easily refine your marketing strategy because you’ll be able to quickly confirm if you have enough content or whether your campaign, from graphics to messaging, is consistent across marketing channels.Content Management SystemsThere are many benefits to using content management systems (CMS) and the options are varied, but the basic function of these platforms is to help simplify publishing and editing web content; think WordPress and Joomla. Using a CMS reduces the need for extensive HTML or other programming expertise because of their WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) user-friendly interface. You can easily write, create, schedule or publish content across multiple marketing channels using CMS tools. As an added bonus, you’ll win back valuable strategic planning time with pre-publishing options. Moreover, CMS can promote more efficient team collaboration because it offers a shared working space where teammates can easily make edits to each other’s content, suggest new content and adjust content schedules.Monthly Brainstorming Deadlines come fast. Setting aside monthly brainstorming sessions can provide a pipeline of ideas that you can use to amplify your content calendar. Having ideas ahead of time can help you get a head start on your promotional process — starting with developing and refining your strategy.Staying up to date on the latest digital marketing trends is challenging when the industry and the overall economic environment are evolving so quickly. It seems like every day there are new resources to help you learn how to master a new skill and leverage the latest trends. Freeing up time spent executing campaigns can open doors for your organization to pick up on emerging trends and strategic decisions. Lean on tools like CUNA Creative Hub to free up some of that time.Get a sneak peek at how CUNA Creative Hub can expedite your marketing promotions and free up time to focus on strategy – unlock access to an informational video by filling out our online form at read more

Max Scherzer strikes out 14 in beating Dodgers

first_imgLOS ANGELES >> The Dodgers are experiencing their own version of June gloom.Right-hander Max Scherzer struck out 14 Dodgers in seven innings Tuesday night as the Washington Nationals handed the Dodgers their third consecutive loss, 2-1.A week ago, the Dodgers were riding the wave of a six-game winning streak that carried them temporarily into first place in the National League West. They averaged 6½ runs per game during that winning streak. But they have lost five of the seven games since, batting .174 (a mere .102 with runners in scoring position) and striking out 80 times while scoring a total of 16 runs — 10 of them in one game at Miller Park in Milwaukee on Friday, the only time in the past seven games they have scored more than two runs. “You score six runs, seven runs a game for a little while, then you’re going to have stretches where it’s tough to score runs,” Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez said. “I wouldn’t look much into it.”It doesn’t take a deep dive.The Dodgers have faced three of the top five starting rotations in the National League (the Cardinals, Brewers and Nationals) while playing without two regulars in their lineup – third baseman Justin Turner (due back from his hamstring injury Friday) and center fielder Joc Pederson (albeit a slumping Joc Pederson). The opposing starters over the past seven games have allowed just six runs in their 45 innings against the Dodgers.“I wouldn’t say we’re in a lull because if you look back and look at (Cardinals starter Adam) Wainwright and what he did to us and then running into (Carlos) Martinez,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “I look back at all the games on video and see the pitches these guys have been making – Zach Davies (in Milwaukee) and then the last two nights (Scherzer and Gio Gonzalez) – they’ve thrown the ball really well, some of those guys.“But against guys that throw the ball well, you’ve still got to find ways to get baserunners and manufacture and create runs.”Scherzer did not offer many opportunities for that.The Dodgers scratched out a run in the first inning when Chase Utley led off with a single, Nationals second baseman Daniel Murphy booted a grounder from Corey Seager and Gonzalez delivered an RBI single.But Scherzer promptly struck out the next five Dodgers batters and 11 of the first 18 he faced. Twenty-four of Scherzer’s first 28 pitches registered as strikes, an early sign of the forgiving zone home plate umpire Angel Hernandez would use to keep things moving along.“Scherzer is one of the best in the game,” Roberts said of the two-time Cy Young Award winner who has 38 strikeouts and just 11 hits allowed in 24-2/3 innings over his past three starts. “Obviously when you get a performance like that from Mac (Dodgers starter Brandon McCarthy), to pretty much match him, and not get a win, it’s a tough one.“Infield hit, steals a couple bases and they get the sac fly. Another ball that (Bryce) Harper hits that’s just fair. Ultimately, another run was plated after that. He threw the ball really well. His entire mix was good. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t put a whole lot together against Scherzer.”McCarthy was more democratic in his approach than Scherzer, striking out only four but getting an assortment of soft contact instead and allowing the same number of hits as Scherzer – three. Two of the Nats’ three wound up scoring, however.Trea Turner’s speed produced a run in the first inning – he beat out an infield single, stole second and third and scored on a sacrifice fly.“Still really frustrated over the run in the first,” McCarthy said. “I felt like I made a couple mental mistakes … not doing all I should do in holding him. He’s probably going to go anyway, but I should do more to increase the odds we can get him.“I was slide-stepping. But when he was on second, I didn’t vary my rhythm at all. I knew as soon as the ball left my hand he had third. That’s the one that’s unacceptable.”McCarthy’s only other mistake was a changeup to Harper leading off the fourth. He lined it into the right-field corner for a double and the Nationals cashed it in for the winning run.Yasiel Puig had a double of his own with one out in the bottom of the fourth. But the Dodgers couldn’t advance him and didn’t have another baserunner until Chris Taylor’s one-out single in the ninth inning.Puig stranded him at second, striking out against Nationals reliever Koda Glover to end the game. Both benches briefly emptied for a scrum on the grass in front of the pitcher’s mound, Puig having objected to Glover’s punctuating the strikeout with a gesture in his direction and Glover unhappy with Puig staring back at him.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more


first_imgMartina Callaghan from Clonmay, Co. Donegal won €25,000, including a luxury holiday, at the National Lottery’s Money Spinner event held at the Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan on Saturday 26 July 2014. Pictured at the presentation of winning cheques were, from left to right: Brian Ormond, game show host; Martina Callaghan, winning player and Harry Cooke, Head of Operations, The National Lottery. The winning ticket was purchased in SuperValu, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.Pic: Mac Innes PhotographyDONEGAL woman Martina Callaghan has something to cheer about today – she’s just won €25,000 including luxury holiday on a lotto game show.She won the cash on RTE’s Money Spinner TV programme.Martina is a retired factory worker.  She is from a family of six: James Anthony, Margaret Theresa, Veronica and John, who live in the area and brother Marius who lives in England with his wife Margaret and daugher Narelle.  She is close to her grandnieces and grandnephews Amy, Liam, Chloe, Lucy, Niamh and Eamer. Martina normally puts her nephews and nieces names on the Scratch Card but for some unknown reason she put her own name on this particular Scratch Card for the first time ever and had the luck to be drawn!Martina walks every day. She loves listening to country and western music, especially Big Tom. She would have travelled everywhere to see him – that’s her Garth Brooks! She last saw him live last October.Her grandniece Chloe gave her a teddy bear to bring with her for luck when spinning the wheel.“I can’t believe it, I still feel I’m chatting about somebody else.” Martina hasn’t even thought about how she will spend her winnings as she just felt so lucky to be a Money Spinner contestant. CLONMANY’S MARTINA WINS €25,000 ON LOTTO SHOW was last modified: July 28th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:clonmanyMartina CallaghanMOney Spinnernational lotteryRTETVlast_img read more

Early Humans Have Always Been Smart

first_imgEvolutionists trying to portray ‘primitive’ humans as evolving ‘hominids’ beneath our intellectual abilities keep running afoul of new discoveries.Neanderthals’ lack of drawing ability may relate to hunting techniques. Science Daily reports another revision about Neanderthal Man. The lack of artwork attributed to them could be explained by differences in hunting techniques: “Spear-throwing gave Homo sapiens better eye-hand coordination, smarter brains.” So now, an evolutionist presents a “new theory of the human evolution of the human brain” that gives pride of place to so-called ‘modern humans’ while admitting that “Neanderthals had large brains and made complex tools.” So even though he admits that “Neanderthals, whose ancestors left Africa for Eurasia before modern human ancestors, used thrusting spears at close range to kill horses, reindeer, bison, and other large game that had not developed an innate wariness of humans,” this evolutionist weaves a story that Neanderthals, who migrated long distances before ‘modern’ humans, and were highly successful for a long time, and interbred with modern humans, were beneath the intelligence of ‘modern’ humans just because we don’t see their cave paintings yet. Evolutionary historical racism lives on.Put a suit on a Neanderthal and most people wouldn’t notice the difference. There are people with Neanderthal traits today.Rare wooden tools show that Neanderthals got creative with fire (New Scientist). Maybe Neanderthals preferred sculpture or engineering to painting. This article by Michael Marshall says, “A rare cache of wooden tools created by Neanderthals suggests our cousins knew how to make implements with fire and used them to dig up plants buried underground for food.” Jeff Hoffecker at PNAS is impressed with “The complexity of Neanderthal technology.” In fact, Hoffecker concludes, Neanderthal technology exhibits the same kind of “computational complexity (and working memory capacity) of an unrestricted grammar or natural language.”Someone made advanced stone tools in India 172,000 years ago (New Scientist). Michael Marshall also puzzles over stone tools way too early for the standard evolutionary “out of Africa” timeline.  Paleoanthropology textbooks seem to go obsolete the moment they leave the press.A mysterious cache of stone tools may end up revising our species’ prehistory. It seems people in Africa, Europe and Asia all invented the same kind of tools around 280,000 years ago. The find implies that, even this long ago, ideas could spread over thousands of miles.So drastic is this anomaly to the standard timeline, National Geographic says “Stone Tools Found in India Upend Tale of Human Migration Out of Africa.” We can expect more upsets, because “India’s ancient humans are understudied,” the article says. Patrick Randolph-Quinney at The Conversation is even more shocked, leading with the headline: “Indian stone tools could dramatically push back date when modern humans first left Africa.” He doesn’t know which hypothesis to choose. All of them seem improbable, and certainly at odds with previous notions taught in the public schools throughout the 20th century:The new findings could mean that archaic humans in India developed such technology all on their own, which some researchers have previously suggested. However, it could also mean that modern humans left Africa much earlier than recent archaeological and palaeontological evidence on Africa’s doorstep suggests. In fact, they could have left Africa shortly after evolving, making it as far as the east coast of India in perhaps a few tens of thousands of years.Artists have long portrayed ‘less-than-modern’ humans as brutes.He thinks that a few tens of thousands of years is a short time. But does it not stretch credulity to imagine beings smart enough to make tools and migrate over continents taking so long to get to India?Ancient rock art rewrites the natural history of Arabia (New Scientist). Petroglyphs in Arabia show something else interesting: “rock engravings in north-west Saudi Arabia suggest that the region was once home to a host of unexpected animals.” This is just 11,000 years ago, mind you. It shows that regions can undergo large ecological swings in relatively short times.Now rock engravings in north-west Saudi Arabia suggest that the region was once home to a host of unexpected animals. They say the tracks are 700,000 years old. Something about them, though, looks very familiar, as if a child is learning from dad how to hunt. Bennett and Reynolds, at The Conversation, weave tall tales about the society above the footprints:The findings create a unique and momentary insight into the world of a child long ago. They clearly were not left at home with a babysitter when the parents were hunting. In the harsh savannah plains of the East African Rift Valley, it was natural to bring your children to such daily tasks, perhaps so they could observe and learn.And yet, if children could stand and learn from parents, why on earth did it take the precocious children of that era so long to invent civilization? If the story is true, it sounds as familiar as “Take your child to work day” at many businesses. The children were “probably allowed to handle stone tools and practice their skills on discarded pieces of carcass while staying out of the way of the fully-occupied adults,” Bennett and Reynolds daydream. “This was their school room, and the curriculum was the acquisition of survival skills” (with intelligently-designed tools, incidentally). But of course, in evolutionary dating, they were way too dumb to go further. The evolutionary dating scheme required them to stay subhuman for another half a million years.Doesn’t it sound much more credible that all of these people (yes, people, not ‘hominids’ or sub-humans) lived in relatively recent times? The late onset of civilization is a baffling mystery to evolutionists. It makes no sense, but evolutionists are required to believe it in spite of the evidence, why? Because Darwin needs the time. (Visited 958 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

22″ Claw on Ombre Two Tone Synthetic Long Straight Ponytail Hair Extensions Natural to Grey : Fantastic, only ordered a few days ago

first_imgAbsolutly delighted with this. Absolutly delighted with this,ive bought a handful of now and theve not been quite excellent,but this a person wins fingers down,its so natural on the lookout on and ive been complimented a number of times with it now and only been sporting it a couple of days,i acquired the darkish and crimson 1 and i really like it so significantly so im ordering more,great interaction with sellar extremely helpful and helpful,defo would recomend to anybody else seeking to buy,from a incredibly joyful consumer ?????.I get a good deal of compliments on the hair items. One red, a person dim purple and the blue. They can tangle a little bit but a spray of go away in conditioner or cloth softner and thats shortly treated.22″ Claw on Ombre Two Tone Synthetic Long Straight Ponytail Hair Extensions Natural Black to Silver GreySent by Royal Mail ,only take one week to receive the package .Hair Length: 22 inches(About 55cm) , Hair weight : 180g (with the claw)Premium quality clip claw ponytail hair extension for an instant hair transformation! Free flow volume hairs, so silky and smooth it moves and feels like human hairMaterial:High quality japanese kanekalon fiber made. Texture: Straight, Style: ponytail clip clawEasy to wear , Perfect for weddings, parties and giftsExcellent, only requested a handful of days ago. Fantastic, only ordered a couple times ago. Have to say the clip failed to in shape in my letterbox. Other than that, arrived completely straight & appears to be wonderful on.Looks superb but does get not form quickly.Excellent products and fantastic valuable sellers. Not only was the product specifically what i envisioned but the sellers have been wonderful. I had a few difficulties with the delivery and they had been not only practical but kept in get in touch with all the way through the process. They have been quite practical and consciensious and i am empressed and would endorse them to anybody. With regards to the product- it is precisely what i anticipated and outstanding high-quality. I cannot wait around to weat these (bought two as bunches.22″ Claw on Ombre Two Tone Synthetic Long Straight Ponytail Hair Extensions Natural Black to Silver Grey : Wasn’t expecting much but was surprised by how good it is. Feels and looks like real hair. Doesn’t shed hair like some other cheap extensions i have bought in the past. I purchased the red one but will be buying a few other colours. I highly recommend this product. Really good top quality – content shopper.Superior color long plenty of arrived actually speedily and actually god content .Beloved this hair ,appears wonderful in, i would advise thease to anybody. Would be 5 star but the delivery was slow but apart from that they are excellent price for cash i will unquestionably be getting from in this article once more.I wore this on a night out and acquired so a lot of compliments. Genuinely uncomplicated to set in, and stayed set all evening and i was out till 6am, even stayed put when it was grabbed and pulled- magic.I put some of my natural hair in a bun and pinned it in tight so the clip had a thing to grip to. Also i was dancing all night time and predicted it to get all matted and knotted but it didn’t, stayed straight and shiny.Good appears to be wonderful but tatted quickly.Shame this won’t really operate with a lace entrance but. Disgrace this does not genuinely work with a lace front but i am guaranteed with the suitable volume of ability it could potentially function, magnificent hair even though.Daughter required her hair dyed. So i acquired her this so at weekends she has her hair dyed.I discovered it way too cumbersome and heavy with the claw clip. And felt it would drop off when dancing. So i took the claw clip out and put a little clip within so it would sit below a bun. It has a draw string much too to place above a bun and functions so much much better and sits more natural. Excellent high quality hair and quite thick. I can now be fret no cost when singing and dancing on stage. Protected with a number of kirby grips. And completely ready to go 🙂 perhaps the vendor could set a modest clip inside of so it can be employed possibly way ).Wonderful the 1st use, appeared terrible right after.So its fine if your prepare to put up with that. I constantly needed a brush handy to tidy it up. So its high-quality if your prepare to set up with that. Does seem good while and i had a large amount of favourable compliments about the glimpse and duration of it.Fantastic for hair layout lessons.Cant use except if your hair is jet black /.Straightforward to clip on your possess pony tail. Absolutely everyone thought it was my possess hair. Simple to clip on your personal pony tail, the clorous are superb and the hair is verry thick. I will get other hues as very well.last_img read more

Weathering the Storm

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matthew WildeDTN Production EditorDES MOINES, Iowa (DTN) — Mother Nature is unleashing more erratic and severe weather events than ever before. If farmers want to remain productive and profitable, they will have to adapt to climate change.That’s the message delivered Monday by farmers, researchers and agriculture experts at the “Agriculture in a Changing Climate: What the Future Holds for Iowa” forum in Des Moines. The event was co-sponsored by Solutions from the Land — a national farm advocacy group at the forefront of resolving food system, energy, environmental and climate challenges and achieving global sustainable development goals by 2030 — and Iowa State University (ISU).The Iowa Smart Agriculture Initiative, which explores and assesses the impacts that extreme weather has on the state’s No. 1 industry, led several panel discussions.“This is about mobilizing leaders, solutions from the land and (helping) the next generations in Iowa,” said Ray Gaesser, farmer and chairman of Iowa Smart Agriculture.Epic flooding this year along the Mississippi River caused at least $2 billion in damage, according to a report released by the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative in late June. Flooding along the Missouri River led to at least $3 billion in damage, based on early estimates in Iowa and Nebraska last spring.Persistent rain delayed planting and harvest throughout the Midwest and prevented farmers from planting more than 19.6 million acres — including 3.9 million acres just in South Dakota. Midsummer drought also curbed yields in portions of Iowa and the Corn Belt.These are the latest examples of the “new normal” farmers face, organizers said.“Farmers aren’t denying that the climate is changing,” said Wayne Fredericks, an Osage, Iowa, farmer and staunch conservationist. “We’re trying to figure out how to farm as it happens … and profitably.”CLIMATE SHIFTRising greenhouse gas emissions are primarily responsible for climate change, according to experts. Those emissions continue to rise. A United Nations report released on Tuesday (…) highlighted that greenhouse gas emissions globally rose an average of 1.5% per year over the past decade. To slow the rate of global temperature increases, the U.N. cited that emissions must decline an average of 7.6% per year over the next decade.The wettest 12-month period in U.S. history in more than 120 years of record keeping occurred from May 2018 through April of this year. The lower 48 states averaged 36.2 inches of precipitation. Since 1901, the average surface temperature across the contiguous 48 states has risen at an average rate of 0.14 degree Fahrenheit per decade. It’s accelerated since the late 1970s, and eight of the top 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998.In Iowa, April through June have been particularly wet in recent years, averaging more than 40% above average since 2008. The frequency of extreme precipitation events has increased, with the highest number of 2-inch rain events occurring in the last decade. Iowa just experienced its eighth wettest October on record, averaging 4.65 inches of precipitation, while Des Moines hit an all-time high at nearly 7.4 inches.The average annual temperature has increased in Iowa about 1 degree over the past two decades, according to federal climatic data. Winter warming is evident, nighttime temperatures have increased and humidity is on the rise.DTN Senior Ag Meteorologist Michael Palmerino said farmers often debate whether the change in climate is cyclical or a long-lasting pattern. If the six-year stretch of wet weather continues, which it appears it will, the pattern favors the latter, Palmerino said.“I think farmers at this point have to start looking at or adopting changes (to cope with a changing climate),” Palmerino said.Farmers say climate change makes crop and livestock production more difficult.“We used to have eight weeks to get crops in,” said Fred Yoder, an Ohio farmer and co-chair of Solutions from the Land. “Now it seems if you don’t get it done in two weeks, you miss the window.”Iowa Smart Agriculture builds on work that Solutions from the Land has been doing across the country where leading farmers help inspire, educate and equip agricultural partners to enhance climate resilience and sustain productivity. It also provides producers with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and advocate for needed changes on the land.“Agriculture is not broken, but it can be improved,” Yoder said. “We don’t have all the answers today, but we have some of them.”CLIMATE SOLUTIONSFarmers and researchers suggested several conservation and other measures farmers could adopt — cover crops, no-till and/or conservation tillage, in-field and edge-of-field conservation practices, etc. — to make their farms more climate resilient.“We think putting perennials on the landscape is one of the most powerful tools to manage climate change,” said Emily Heaton, an ISU assistant professor of agronomy.ISU researchers have found that converting as little as 10% of a row-crop field to prairie can help reduce soil erosion, retain nutrients and provide excellent habitat for wildlife. Sowing strips of native prairie species like switchgrass, which once dominated Iowa’s and the Midwest’s landscape but has nearly disappeared due to production agriculture, in farm fields can protect them from intense rain events and drought.Heaton said extremely long, dense root systems in fields act like rebar in concrete, keeping soil, nutrients and water mostly in place. If a farmer planted a row-crop field with 10% prairie grass, they can expect a 37% reduction in water runoff, a 95% reduction in sediment loss, 77% less phosphorus loss and 70% less nitrate loss.“There’s always spots within fields that lose money,” which are ideal for perennials, she said. “Prairie strips are getting more popular.”Bryan Sievers farms 2,200 acres near Stockton, Iowa, and operates a 2,200-head cattle feedlot. He said he’ll consider adding prairie strips to a host of measures already in place, like grass waterways and terraces, to combat effects of extreme weather.Sievers suggested a unique way to boost productivity and soil health. He built two manure digesters at a cost of $7.5 million. The digesters process 55,000 gallons of manure a day from the feedlot and other area facilities. Methane is turned into electricity, which is sold to pay for the equipment. Liquid and solid manure is used for fertilizer, which builds organic matter and improves soil health.“Certainly, weather and climate challenges we face are very significant,” Sievers said. “A lot of my corn and soybeans went in in June, and despite those challenges, I still harvested 70-bushel beans and 230-bushel corn.Data collection will be one of the best ways to combat climate change, according to grain and cattle farmer Bill Couser of rural Nevada, Iowa. His family, with the help of Bayer and other groups, created a 220-acre AGvocacy Learning Farm.Farming and conservation practices are being closely monitored. Cover crops, a saturated buffer, bioreactor and automated drainage water management are also being studied. It’s a place where urban and rural residents can see proactive conservation work and data can back up efficacy claims.“We can rely on research, like on Bill’s farm, to show that if you implement this practice, you can see this reduction in runoff or sedimentation,” Sievers added.Dave Walton, who farms near Wilton, Iowa, is convinced no-till and cover crops are the key to withstanding several-inch downpours and drought. And maybe, more importantly, is keeping an open mind to try new things.“One thing I learned is sacred cows make real good hamburgers,” Walton said.Matthew Wilde can be reached at [email protected] him on Twitter @progressivwilde(CC/AG)© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Royalty Free Music Playlist: Hypnotic Electro-Pop

first_imgTake a midnight drive to this collection of the best moody electro-pop royalty free music tracks in our music library.These darkly addictive royalty free music tracks are perfect for instilling a thoughtful, pensive feeling throughout your projects. Featuring hypnotic beats and smoldering textures, these electro-pop tracks offer an introspective escape from the rush and pressures of daily life. Royalty free electro-pop can give your project a cool, modern vibe while creating a dreamy atmosphere that’s sure to make you think.If your video project is lacking in vibe, these chilled-out royalty free music tracks curated from the PremiumBeat music library will do the trick. The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web video (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc). Find the perfect royalty free music track below to bring your audience just the right amount of dark atmosphere.last_img read more

Harvey Norman Promotion

first_imgNRL Touch Football’s major partner, Harvey Norman, has a great deal for members through the TFA website and newsletter. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch is now available at Harvey Norman. Featuring a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker features, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Smart Watch helps you to feel like you can conquer anything.Harvey Norman is exclusively offering our TFA members a Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch – Dark Grey at a low price of $238. For more information or to purchase your Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit2 Smart Watch, please click here.Stay tuned to the TFA website and newsletter for greater Connected Health and Fitness deals from Harvey Norman. Related LinksHarvey Norman Promotionlast_img

10 months agoMan Utd defender Marcos Rojo: I do have white line fever

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd defender Marcos Rojo: I do have white line feverby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United defender Marcos Rojo says he enjoys the physical style of the Premier League.Rojo has become popular among supports for his robust style of defending.He told “That’s the way I play my football. That is me on the field. If you see me off the field, I’m the most laid back guy – laughing, joking all day and having fun but, as soon as I cross that white line and go on to the field, I don’t know what happens! “I’m a different person. Something happens inside me and I change. If the ball is there to be won, I go for it and give it everything I’ve got. Individual battles, individual duels, I am always up for them.” last_img read more