Lay the blame where it rightly belongs

first_imgDear Editor,I watched with great consternation the actions of a Guyanese man at Canal Number One Polder walking in the pouring rain with a long pole swatting down each PPP/C poster he could get his hands on. He was probably removing every PPP/C poster from the lamp posts in that area with the hope that in removing them, he might somehow turn away persons’ interest in the party that flag represents.But I might well tell him that that belief is mistaken because with every poster he removes, persons looking on would be taken aback by the thought, why should a man led by a party sink to such lows to even try to obliterate another party, why? In fact, if anything, it will cause persons to abhor the party rather than embrace it. The question goes even further, why is that political party always in aggressive mode whenever election time comes around? Why are they so peeved, why are they so nervous and out of sorts? These are the burning questions the PNC has to answer.I also bring to your attention two other incidents of base idiotic hostilities, and this other atrocity comes from another Guyanese at Number 10 Village, West Coast Berbice, he too in hostile aggression withstood PPP/C activists erecting symbols of their party on a public lamp post, you are talking here about someone being annoyed, mad at another party erecting its symbol on a “public utility pole,” so asinine a response!It goes beyond crass stupidity, no wonder he was summarily charged for this stupid and senseless act, I say – serves him right – I guess the lawmen would have given him a lecture as to the right and civilised way to behave.Another display of asinine retrogression was PNC supporter Lurlene Nestor bringing out children into the streets to drive out another PPP/C campaign personnel out of the area, here again, a public display of PNC’s emptiness. This activist is well known for her mindless antics and this instance was no different, she gave full vent to her illiteracy.However, there are two things Nestor has to face up to, the first is, children cannot vote in the next election and secondly, Warlock, Sophia and all such communities were given to them by Mrs Janet Jagan when as Home Affairs Minister in the 60s and again as President of “all” of Guyana. That is on record in our history books that no one can erase.And to think of it, the PPP/C did all of these things for the people of our country when the PNC was forcibly removing poor people from off the land! It is really sad when you can repay your helpers in such a lowdown fashion, it all goes to show the retrograde mentality of the PNC and its simpletons for supporters.But I must inform that man of Canal Number One Polder, that the PPP/C will be back to help him and others like himself get jobs and help him make a useful and meaningful contribution to his home and society.I must close here, and I will do so by pointing out the following stark realities, the PNC must stop this retrogression now! The tearing down of Opposition posters must cease immediately, it represents backwardness and stinks of desperation, for too long this party has been going on with this nonsense! Whether in Opposition or in Government – as the case is now – that party is known for its dark deeds and violent behaviour.Readers, I urge you to contrast them with the PPP/C and you will see a huge difference. For starters, we have suffered much these near five years of PNC’s dictatorial rule but never have we ever carried out violence or promoted its use. In all our protests and there have been many, was there any violence, so, why must we tolerate it from them? There have been no Molotov cocktails or channa bombs at our protests or campaign rallies, no one has ever been beaten or ridiculed or their houses burnt; we have carried out a peaceful and dignified campaign throughout these five years.So, my point remains that the print and electronic media must lay blame where it rightfully belongs, please be honest with yourselves and come out plainly and tell the PNC that they need to stop the violence now!Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more