Evolutionary Explanations Come Up Empty

first_imgWhen evolutionists claim that they have explained the evolution of this or that, or that their research sheds light on its evolution, a closer examination sometimes shows verbiage covering up hollow reasoning, or even employing intelligent design concepts as weapons against design.Snap goes the dragon:  PhysOrg highlighted a research project by some UK biologists and computer scientists who claimed they explained, in Kipling fashion, “How the dragon got its snap” – the snapdragon, that is, a popular garden flower.  Snapdragons (genus Antirrhinum) have asymmetrical dorsal and ventral parts that form a hinge.  When the bee lands on the welcome mat, the flower snaps open, allowing entry into the inner sanctum of pollen and nectar.  According to PhysOrg, the work not only sheds light on the evolution of shape, it throws it: The study also throws light on how different shapes may evolve.  In the computational model, small changes to the genes that influence the growth rules produce a variety of different forms.  The shape of the snapdragon flower, with the closely matched upper and lower petal shapes, could have arisen through similar ‘genetic tinkering’ during evolution.  Evolutionary tinkering could also underlie the co-ordinated changes required for the development of many other biological structures, such as the matched upper and lower jaws of vertebrates.Left begging by this explanation is how a blind, purposeless, aimless process produced growth rules, closely matched parts, and coordinated changes.  The tinkering metaphor also connotes some kind of personality aiming at a result, however haphazard the method might be.  Even “trial and error” still connotes having a goal in mind.  In evolutionary theory, survival is not a goal; it is an artifact.    The paper in PLoS Biology on which this story was based did not explain things any better.1  “The results suggest that genetic control of tissue polarity organisers has played a key role in the development and evolution of shape,” the authors said, leaving it unclear who controls the development, or who wrote the screenplay, who gathered the cast of characters, and who directed their roles.  It also merely assumes that shapes evolved rather than were designed.  If this throws any light, it throws it onto assumptions, not onto evidence.    Regarding evidence for shape formation, they admitted they were clueless at the outset: “Genes are known to control the shape of biological structures, like flowers, hearts, and limbs, yet how they do this is poorly understood.”  They proceeded to study how (but not why) genes influence the shape of snapdragons, and found that a model that simply accounts for local tissue growth is inadequate.  “These could be most readily explained if genes also affect an internal field of orientations along which growth is directed, established by organisers of tissue polarity,” using words that connote intelligent design.  “Our analysis therefore revealed a previously unsuspected role of shape genes in the control of tissue polarity, highlighting the importance of this process for the development and evolution of tissue forms.”  The word evolution was tagged onto that sentence full of design words like a bumper sticker on a car announcing “Chance rules.”.  Such a message has nothing to do with the design of the car.    Nothing improved by the end of the paper.  “We propose that effects on tissue polarity have played a key role in the evolution of shapes, such as the closed Snapdragon flower, and thus provide a general mechanism for the generation of complex forms.”  A close reading of that sentence reveals design concepts being employed to argue for a chance process: propose (stating a proposition, appealing to logic and evidence for its support); effects… played a role (a dubious proposition, unless the effects are coordinated and controlled); mechanism (a word normally used of plans and goals); and generation of complex forms (a phrase that could be used for a chance process, but not for one with functional benefits, like snapdragon pollination).  The authors proceeded to include a paragraph on the “Evolution of Shape” as a general principle.  The same problems plagued this attempt: use of subjunctive mood hiding the active causes, assumption of evolution, hedging words (might have, may have), and the use of design words to argue for chance:Dorsoventral flower asymmetry is a common feature of the Lamiales (the Order to which Antirrhinum belongs).  However, the formation of flowers that have a closed mouth with a hinged palate (known as the personate form) is restricted to a small but diverse clade within the Lamiales.  The Antirrhinum corolla model indicates that a key step in the evolution of personate flowers may have been bringing tissue polarity organisers under the control of genes like DIV and DICH.  In particular, the formation of a hinged lower palate matching the upper corolla depends on promotion of CENORG by DIV.  It is possible that equivalent morphogenetic changes could have been brought about through changes in patterns of specified growth rates rather than tissue polarity.  However, modulating tissue polarity may provide a simpler developmental mechanism for some coordinated changes in form and may therefore have been favoured during evolution.  Other evolutionary innovations, such as formation of flower spurs, may also involve genes influencing organisers of tissue polarity.  Thus, changes in polarity as well as specified growth rates may play a key part in the evolution of complex morphologies.It should be clear to the skeptical reader that random changes to a coordinated mechanism are not likely to produce functional “innovations” in any blind system.  The authors therefore shrewdly co-opted the language of design and implied that it supported the explanation of complex shapes (not only those of snapdragons, but “complex morphologies” throughout life) by a random, unguided, purposeless, aimless process of evolution – provided one overlooks the bet-hedging phrases suffusing the explanation (may have, it is possible, could have been, may provide, may therefore have been favoured during evolution, may also involve).    PhysOrg and Science Daily both dutifully reproduced the press release from the John Innes Centre without any critical analysis, even with its overtly evidence-challenged, design-free statement that extrapolated their puny work on snapdragon genes into an over-arching principle: “the researchers show how these principles allow very complex biological shapes to generate themselves.”  One of the authors was even more explicit: “How do hearts, wings or flowers get their shape?” Prof. Enrico Coen asked.  “Unlike man-made things like mobile phones or cars, there is no external hand or machine guiding the formation of these biological structures; they grow into particular shapes of their own accord.”Eh? goes the tetrapod:  “Were our tetrapod ancestors deaf?” asked PhysOrg, assuming out of the starting gate that humans had tetrapod ancestors.  The article gave credence to researchers at the University of Southern Denmark who “have shown that the closest living relatives of the tetrapods, the lungfish, are insensitive to sound pressure, but sensitive to vibrations.”  That may be true of living lungfish, which are fish, but tetrapods are four-footed non-fish.  “Many changes in the sensory systems of tetrapods are associated with the water-to-land transition,” the article stated, again announcing a truism only logical if evolution is assumed.  That statement was followed by an uncontroversial fact of living tetrapods: “In hearing, one of the crucial elements in detecting airborne sound is the tympanic ear”    But next was a statement of profound faith in a string of chance miracles: “Surprisingly, the tympanic ear originated independently in the major tetrapod lineages and relatively late after the terrestrial tetrapods emerged – in the Triassic, more than 100 million years after the origin of tetrapods.”  By couching the proposition in passive voice verbs (originated, emerged), the authors misdirected the readers from a hollow scientific explanation onto a dogmatic assumption.    Surprising is an understatement.  Look at the chain of chance occurrences to even get close one time: “Sensitivity to airborne sound entailed three major changes of the ear between the age of Carbon and the Triassic: a changed sensitivity in the inner ear, a change in the articulation of the middle ear bone and finally coupling of the middle ear bone to skin covering the spiracle, creating a tympanic ear.”  But those are the least of their worries for evolution to get right.  The structures would be useless without a brain to hear the sounds and the senses to react to them.  The authors, naturally, neglected to explain how those details “emerged.”Yum! goes the caveman:  A psychologist at McGill University says that the sight of red meat makes humans less aggressive, why?  Because, he believes, “humans may therefore have evolved an innate predisposition to respond aggressively towards meat,” Frank Kachanoff said.  This counterintuitive belief is explained by the hunt being over and the cave clan gathering around the soothing campfire.  After the fact, the psych reasoned, “it would make sense that our ancestors would be calm, as they would be surrounded by friends and family at meal time.”  But does testing 82 living males reveal anything about unseen evolutionary ancestors?To show these are not isolated examples of assuming evolution while pretending to explain it, the news media provide a steady stream of illustrations.  Here are just a few of the most recent:Oxygen produces complex life, says Live Science.Life?  Primordial soup not needed; primordial haze will do (Space.com).Human evolution was shaped by plate tectonics (New Scientist).Fly eye similarities to human eye show that sight is an “evolutionary bestseller” (PhysOrg).The fossil record doesn’t really undermine Darwin (Science Daily; see 10/31/2010 for details).And for an indication that evolution is indeed an all-encompassing, cosmic world view to secular scientists, Space.com suggested that a collision between galaxies – an unplanned crash full of entropy – “may reveal insights on universe’s evolution.”1.  Green, Kennaway, Hanna, Bangham, and Coen, “Genetic Control of Organ Shape and Tissue Polarity,” Public Library of Science Biology 8(11): e1000537, doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000537.Is this the folly of deception or of ignorance?  Are these evolutionists intentionally trying to foist a false view of the world on the public, or are they just so blind, they confuse their own imagination with reality?  Readers can draw their own conclusions.  One thing is indisputable: this is not science.  Even strong evidence of design, and the language of intelligent design, becomes twisted into weird faith that Darwin has been vindicated.  Holding to beliefs so empty, so committed to a view in spite of evidence, so beholden to a godlike hero named Charles Darwin, can only be described by a new term specially coined to describe it: funDOmentalism, where the DO stands for “Darwin Only.”  To a funDOmentalist, no evidence can alter their faith; it is the one great truth they most surely know, even if all of reality must be contorted to fit it.(Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA surfer wins US ‘Superbowl’

first_imgSouth African Chris Bertish taking on the big wave at the Mavericks Surf Contest in California. (Image: Zigzag Surfing Magazine) Chris Bertish (Image: Mavericks Surf) RELATED ARTICLES • Scuba-diving South Africa• Life’s a beach in South Africa• Into the big-wave Dungeons• Riding the wild Cape winds• The Agony and the Ecstacy MEDIA CONTACTS • Chris Bertish [email protected] • Keir J. Beadling Mavericks Surf +1 415 462 6200 [email protected] McIntoshWhen his wetsuit and custom-built surfboard didn’t arrive at the invitational Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest in California’s Half Moon Bay, things looked bad for South African surfer Chris Bertish.He’d flown for 36 hours to be there, was jet-lagged and had slept for only three hours. But he borrowed a board and astounded the world to go on to win the contest and the purse of US$50 000 (about R385 000) on 14 February.Bertish laughed when I asked whether the borrowed board was a handicap. “When you’re riding the biggest waves of your life you want to be on your own board. It’s a bit like a showjumper arriving at the Olympic Games and having to ride a different horse.”But that was only one of the hurdles that he’d overcome on the way. You don’t just enter Mavericks, you have to be invited. And only 24 are invited, so you have to be one of the top big wave surfers in the world.Bertish cracked the invitation list for the 2009 Mavericks after 10 years of hard work and perseverance, but then the waves weren’t big enough and the contest cancelled. But he refused to give up, spending several months of last year in the US training, maintaining his top-24 ranking and waiting for this year’s event.“Eventually I had to give up and come home,” Bertish said. “It was just too draining, physically, emotionally and of course financially. I’m not a pro surfer; I’m an agent for O’Neill and Ocean Minded and have a business to run. So in January I decided okay, that’s it, I have to get on with my life.“Then on Thursday 12 February it suddenly looked as if the contest might be on. And I realised that if I didn’t take the opportunity then I’d regret it for the rest of my life.“I finished up a meeting, arranged to borrow the money for my ticket and headed to the airport without even a change of clothes or my toothbrush. When I got on the plane at midnight I still wasn’t sure that the event would happen.”When he arrived in California the conditions were extreme, but the invited surfers voted to stage the contest. The swell was coming from a precarious westerly direction, which drew the current straight into a crop of rocks known as the Boneyard. Everyone knew that the penalty for wiping out would be swift and severe. The storm system that generated the swell had developed close to shore and the ocean surface was raw and angry.It wasn’t the best of starts. After negotiating several big waves in the first heat, Bertish got caught inside and took three gigantic waves on the head.“It was scary, very scary. By the time I got picked up [by a jet ski] I was like a lifeless corpse. I thought I was done for the whole day. But in life there are times when you only get one chance to realise your dream. So I just put it in my head that I had to get back up.”Fortunately, he had scored well enough on his previous two waves to advance to the semi-finals. Once there, he wowed the judges with a hotdog manoeuvre, pulling into a condo-sized barrel — a feat rarely attempted, or even considered possible, at Mavericks.In the final, he got lucky and caught the best of tricky low-tide conditions that saw numerous lulls and massive mutant waves that doubled up and detonated on the inside reef.It was a historic moment: the waves, estimated at over 18 metres (60 feet), were the biggest ever for a paddle-in (as opposed to a tow-in) competition.Head judge Gary Linden, who was also director of the Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition at Dungeons off Hout Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa, told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that it was Bertish’s willingness to take risks and make death-defying drops that won him the title.Mark Conley of Mercurynews.com was more graphic: “They crowned a survivor as much as a victor…. Shattered boards, bleeding lungs and heads scuffed over the jagged sea shelf below were all part of a day’s work.“On a day where agony-of-defeat wipe-outs outnumbered thrill of victory successes, Chris Bertish of South Africa was the last man standing – and miraculously, all of them were still breathing.“Never before had so many surfers ridden so many titanic waves. And never before had so many flirted with serious injury — maximum risk for maximum reward.”Bertish described it as “epic”. “I was up against my idols and heroes of the last 10 years so to arrive exhausted, having flown half-way around the world, and come out tops under those conditions was just incredible.”But many of his peers weren’t surprised. Fellow big wave-surfer and Red Bull Big Wave Africa semifinalist Barry Futter is full of respect. “Chris has done some crazy things over the years including being the first person to paddle-surf Jaws in Maui, strictly a tow wave only spot! This success and recognition is long overdue.”The win gained Bertish immediate hero status in the US. “You have no idea how big Mavericks is over there. It’s like the Superbowl for them, or the World Cup for us.“After a night of celebrating I went out to the airport to fly home and everyone was coming up and wanting to have their picture taken with me. The guy at the check-in desk laughed at my surprise, saying: ‘Bud, I don’t think you understand what you’ve done. You’re a national hero.’“Sixty thousand people watched the event live and it was beamed out to another 2-million worldwide. I guess it was a bit of a fairytale. I was the underdog realising his dream.“And after all the doom and gloom of the last year it was a feel-good story that everyone wanted to be part of. It just goes to prove that if you truly believe and set your sights on something then you can make your dreams come true.”last_img read more

SA fans urged to get behind Pirates

first_img“Remember, after their famous victory in 1995 our football blossomed and we went on to win the 1996 African Cup of Nations. “This is the defining moment, not just for Orlando Pirates, but for our football in general,” Safa President Danny Jordaan said in a statement on Tuesday. “The last time we won this competition was back in 1995, and that is a long time ago. ORLANDO PIRATES’ PATH TO THE FINAL SAinfo reporter and South African Football Association Echoing Jordaan, Igesund continued: “I would also like to emphasise the words of our President when he says fans must come in numbers to make life unbearable for Al Ahly at Orlando Stadium, because in Cairo they will not make things easy for our boys. Semi-finals Esperance (Tunisia) 0-0, 1-1, 1-1 (won on away goals) Group stage AC Leopards (DR Congo) 0-0 (h) Al Ahly (Egypt) 3-0 (a) Zamalek (Egypt) 4-1 (h) Zamalek (Egypt) 1-2 (a) AC Leopards (DR Congo) 0-1 (a) Al Ahly (Egypt) 0-0 (h) Travelling to EgyptJordaan also said it would be encouraging to see some fans travelling to Egypt for the second leg of the final, which takes place on 9 November. Gordon Igesund’s supportBafana Bafana coach Gordon Igesund added his words of support too. “Pirates are not doing this for themselves but for the country,” he said. “Let us forget about our club colours but focus on the bigger picture, which is the flag of the country because that is what Pirates will be defending. Good luck.” First round Zanaco (Zambia) 1-0, 2-1, 3-1 ‘Standing at the gates of glory’“Pirates have shown that with a good plan, more commitment and dedication we can do well in these competitions. It has not been an easy journey for them, but they walked the talk and now they are standing at the gates of glory. And I believe this is where we come in as fellow South Africans. Pirates qualified for the final after a goalless draw against Tunisian giants Esperance in Soweto and a 1-1 draw in Tunisia in the semi-finals, which saw the Buccaneers progressing to the final on the away goals rule. “A good result in the first leg will surely go a long way in giving them more confidence to tackle the return fixture. They have done us proud so far, so let us put our club differences aside and show our support.” Preliminary round Djabal Club (Comoros) 5-0, 4-0, 9-0 ‘One hand on the trophy’“Forget about your past result against Al Ahly as it will not matter this time around. Get a good result at home and you have one hand on the trophy.” 30 October 2013 “Imagine being in Cairo when Pirates lift the trophy, you would be a part of history. If there is any match you want to travel to as a fan, this is it. Seeing their supporters in the stands in a foreign land will also give Pirates players a boost. “I urge all the fans who are able to travel to be part of this great experience to do so when there is still time. Go to your travel agent and make necessary arrangements. All the best to Pirates, we have great belief that they will be able to lift the trophy,” he concluded. Second round TP Mazembe (DR Congo) 3-1, 0-1, 3-2 “To [coach] Roger [De Sa], his technical team and the players, this is the moment you have all been dreaming of. Now it has come, go out there and do the best you can and we know you will deliver. “We need to come out in numbers and make sure that when the players trot on to the field, they know the whole country is behind them by seeing a packed Orlando Stadium, and I believe they will do the business,” Jordaan added. The South African Football Association (Safa) has called on football fans across the country to put club loyalties aside and support Orlando Pirates in the first leg of the Caf Champions League final against Al Ahly at Orlando Stadium in Soweto on Saturday.last_img read more

Life360 Protects Your Family & Property Via Web, Mobile, & More

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#web Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Life360 is often described as an “OnStar for life,” providing its users with tools to track and protect people and things through a variety of interfaces.The company offers IRL services such as child identification paraphernalia, medical IDs, and credit and identity protection; but they also have a cool suite of features that revolve around Internet and mobile tracking of people, objects, and even pets. Their Android application for tracking and securely messaging people even netted them a seed round from GoogleThe concept for the company, which was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, revolves around disaster preparedness and emergency messaging. Currently, the available features include an emergency messenger that uses email, web, SMS, and phone to get messages through to emergency contacts; a thorough, web-enabled ID service that gives first responders instant access to critical information; a service for cataloging and tracking valuable items via coded tags; and identity protection services.The mobile tracking feature – which got the company a $300,000 investment from Google – allows users to locate family members using the web interface or the mobile application. Custom privacy settings allow users to find loved ones in an emergency, check their locations, see their statuses, and retrace their previous locations. While the company states this will not make family members feel stalked, we see this app as Cheaters fodder as well as a great way to keep track of the ones you care about most during times of crisis.The Android app allows users to access all their Life360 services from their phones. Right now, Android devices are supported, with a BlackBerry app coming soon and an iPhone app stuck in App Store purgatory.Another “coming soon” service we thought was cool – and also excellent Cheaters fodder – is a GPS-enabled tracking dongle that can be thrown in a bag, duct-taped to the underside of a car, tossed onto a pet’s collar, stapled to a child – you name it. Life360 founder Chris Hulls told us in an email that he hopes to roll out the hardware within the next six months. “There will be an additional fee, probably in the neighborhood of $100 for the device and $10 per month for each tracked person,” he said.Some other GPS- and mobile-enabled features Hulls plans to release within the next year are a Curfew 2.0 app, a check-in system for “distributed” families to touch base, and customized alerts for emergency notifications in a user’s specific location.center_img jolie odell Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Chennai Super Kings(CSK) vs Sunfoil Dolphins(SD), CLT20- As it happened!

first_imgSunfoil Dolphins won the toss and elected to bowl first against Chennai Super KingsWelcome to the coverage of Match 8 in the Champions League Twenty20 between Chennai Super Kings and Sunfoil Dolphins from the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru.ScorecardSunfoil Dolphins were bowled out for 188 runs while chasing a mammoth total of 242 posted by Chennai Super Kings in Bangalore. Chasing 243 was an improbable task, but the Dolphins made a fist of the challenge, finishing with 188. Delport went hammer and tongs at the bowlers, powering the Dolphins to the fastest fifty in the history of the World T20 League. The others also threw their bats around until Dwayne Bravo came into the picture. His assortment of slower balls stifled the opposition. Mohit was not far behind either with his back of the hand cutters. So, Chennai get their first points on board with this 54-run triumph. Wow, what a slugfest it was. The Dolphins fought tooth and nail, but Chennai’s batting might was far too superior. Chennai open their account, while both the South African teams are yet to break their [email protected] now on the 2nd position with NRR over 1.5 (Seriously AWESOME TEAM EFFORT) #Whistlepodu #CSK we love u always.!! @clt20 ??? Suresh_Raina_FC (@rainingfans) September 22, 2014That SUMS UP one of the MOST ENTERTAINING T20 encounters in Champions League!!19.6 overs: That’s OUT!! Mohit Sharma has bowled Andile Phehlukwayo on a pitched up delivery. Phehlukwayo was ambitious in his wild slog only to miss it in the end while the ball crashes onto the stumps. Andile Phehlukwayo departs after scoring 22 runs off 17 balls with two boundaries and a six.advertisement19.3 overs: SIX!! Craig Alexander makes room and clouts the pull over deep midwicket for the maximum. Some CONSOLATION for Dolphins here!!19.2 overs: FOUR!! Craig Alexander backs away and thumps it past extra cover for a boundary. Mohit Sharma will bowl the FINAL OVER for Chennai. With Craig Alexander(5) and Andile Phehlukwayo(22) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 177/9 after 19 overs.EIGHT RUNS off the over!!18.3 overs: SIX!! Andile Phehlukwayo stands tall and slogs it over long-off for the maximum. CLEAN HIT from Phehlukwayo!! With Craig Alexander(4) and Andile Phehlukwayo(15) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 169/9 after 18 overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!!17.6 overs: FOUR!! Craig Alexander makes room and crashes the cut past backward point for a boundary.Craig Alexander is the LAST MAN STANDING for Dolphins.17.5 overs: OUT!! Mohit Sharma has bowled Kyle Abbott on a short of a length delivery. Abbott was looking to pull but gets a bottom edge back onto the stumps. Kyle Abbott departs after scoring five runs off four balls with a boundary. With Kyle Abbott(5) and Andile Phehlukwayo(14) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 164/8 after 17 overs.TWELVE RUNS off the over!!16.5 overs: FOUR!! Andile Phehlukwayo makes room and slashes it past point for a boundary.16.2 overs: FOUR!! Kyle Abbott leans forward and punches it past extra cover for a boundary.Kyle Abbott comes to the crease for Dolphins.Ashish Nehra gets his SECOND WICKET for Chennai!!16.1 overs: That’s OUT!! Ashish Nehra has bowled Robert Frylinck on a perfect yorker. Frylinck was lokking to hammer it down the ground but misses as the ball detonates the off-stump. Robert Frylinck departs after scoring six runs off seven balls. With Robert Frylinck(2) and Andile Phehlukwayo(6) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 147/7 after 15 overs.EIGHT RUNS off the over!!14.4 overs: FOUR!! Andile Phehlukwayo reaches out and slices it past backward point for a boundary. Robert Frylinck comes to the crease for Dolphins.14.1 overs: OUT!! Ashish Nehra has got Khayelihle Zondo out caught at long-off. Zondo was desperate to send it out of the park but holes out to Suresh Raina instead. Khayelihle Zondo departs after scoring nine runs off eight balls with a boundary. Another NAIL IN THE COFFIN for Dolphins!! Darryn Smit comes to the crease for Dolphins.13.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Dwayne Bravo has got Vaughn van Jaarsveld out caught at long-on. Van Jaarsveld was looking for the big shot but mistimes it straight into the hands of Dwayne Smith who takes it comfortably. Vaughn van Jaarsveld departs after scoring 30 runs off 22 balls with a boundary and two sixes. With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(30) and Khayelihle Zondo(8) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 138/4 after 13 overs.ELEVEN RUNS off the over!! 12.3 overs: SIX!! Vaughn van Jaarsveld stands tall and smashes it back over the bowler’s head for the maximum. That was TONKED by Van Jaarsveld!! With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(21) and Khayelihle Zondo(6) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 127/4 after 12 overs.advertisementNINE RUNS off the over!!11.4 overs: FOUR!! Khayelihle Zondo gets forward and thumps it towards long-off for a boundary. With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(17) and Khayelihle Zondo(1) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 118/3 after 11 overs.THREE RUNS off the over!! Khayelihle Zondo comes to the crease for Dolphins.Dwayne Bravo STRIKES IN HIS FIRST OVER for Chennai!!10.3 overs: OUT!! Dwayne Bravo has got Cody Chetty out caught in the deep. Chetty goes for the pull and sends it straight down the throat of Mohit Sharma who doesn’t drop those. Cody Chetty departs after scoring 37 runs off 28 balls with three boundaries and two sixes. With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(15) and Cody Chetty(38) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 115/3 after 10 overs.FOURTEEN RUNS off the over!! 9.2 overs: SIX!! Vaughn van Jaarsveld skips down the track and smokes it over long leg for the maximum. Van Jaarsveld is IN ACTION now!!9.1 overs: FOUR!! Vaughn van Jaarsveld waits for it and clips it past short fine leg for a boundary. With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(3) and Cody Chetty(35) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 101/3 after nine overs.EIGHT RUNS off the over!!8.1 overs: FOUR!! Cody Chetty goes on the backfoot and crashes the cut past point for a boundary.With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(1) and Cody Chetty(30) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 93/3 after eight overs.Vaughn van Jaarsveld comes to the crease for Dolphins.6.6 overs: That’s OUT!! Mohit Sharma has bowled Keshav Maharaj on a good length delivery. Maharaj was looking to go across the line and misses it as the ball rattles the stumps. Keshav Maharaj departs after scoring eight runs off eight balls with a boundary. Another BLOW for Dolphins!! With Vaughn van Jaarsveld(0) and Cody Chetty(28) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 90/3 after seven overs. SEVENTEEN RUNS off the over!!5.6 overs: FOUR!! Keshav Maharaj skips down the track and slogs it towards fine leg for a boundary.5.2 overs: SIX!! Cody Chetty gets forward and sends it over long-off for another maximum. Chetty is ON FIRE here!!5.1 overs: SIX!! Cody Chetty hangs back and hammers straight down the ground for the maximum.Keshav Maharaj comes to the crease for Dolphins.2.6 overs: OUT!! Mohit Sharma has bowled Cameron Delport on a slower delivery. Delport was looking to guide it past backward point but gets beaten with the pace as the ball makes a mess of the stumps. Cameron Delport departs after scoring 34 runs off nine balls with five boundaries and two sixes. BIG WICKET for Chennai!! With Cameron Delport(14) and Cody Chetty(2) at the crease, Sunfoil Dolphins are currently at 36/1 after two overs.SIXTEEN RUNS off the over!!Cody Chetty comes to the crease for Dolphins.1.4 overs: That’s OUT!! Ravichandran Ashwin has got Morne van Wyk out lbw on a quicker delivery. Van Wyk was looking to sweep again but gets struck on the pads in front of the stumps. Morne van Wyk departs after scoring 17 runs off seven balls with two boudnaries and a six. EARLY BLOW for Dolphins!!advertisement1.3 overs: FOUR!! Morne van Wyk bends down and sweeps it towards square leg for another boundary.1.2 overs: SIX!! Morne van Wyk stands tall and hoicks it back over the bowler’s head for the maximum. Faf du Plessis ALMOST CAUGHT that one!! 1.1 overs: FOUR!! Morne van Wyk leans forward and sends it over the in-field for a boundary. Van Wyk GETS TO WORK now!!Ravichandran Ashwin will bowl from the other end for Chennai.TWENTY RUNS off the over, SENSATIONAL START for Dolphins!!0.6 overs: FOUR!! Cameron Delport rocks back and pummels the pull through square leg for another boundary.0.5 overs: SIX!! Cameron Delport picks the length early and tonks it over long leg for the maximum. LUSTY BLOW from Delport!!0.4 overs: FOUR!! shimmies down the track and smokes it over mid-on for the first boundary in the innings. CRACKING SHOT from Delport!! Morne van Wyk and Cameron Delport are out in the middle for Sunfoil Dolphins while Ashish Nehra will start the proceedings for Chennai Super Kings. Chennai Super Kings have posted a mammoth total of 242 runs at the loss of six wickets after batting first against Sunfoil Dolphins. Following Chennai’s loss to the Indian T20 League champions, Dhoni commented that his batsmen did not put enough runs on the board. Tonight, the Chennai batsmen ran amok, amassing 242 – the joint highest total in the World T20 League. Maharaj nabbed Dwayne Smith in his first over, but Baz and Raina combined superbly and put on a show. The duo nailed sixes the way I do them in video games. Faf and Jaddu starred in blazing cameos as Chennai sunk the Dolphins. The tight last over from Abott was just an [email protected]_mahi: CSK have scored 70% of their runs in bourndaries 156 out of 223. #csk” #CSK #Whistlepodu (@Regi_MSDfan) September 22, 2014That’s the END OF A SENSATIONAL INNINGS from Chennai!!Massacre. Destruction. Calamity. Tell me more words to describe what I’ve witnessed. #CSK Manya du Plessis (@CSKian716) September 22, 2014EXCELLENT OVER from Abbott, just FIVE RUNS off it!!19.6 overs: Ravichandran Ashwin employs the slog and sends it in the deep for a single. Kyle Abbott will bowl the FINAL OVER for Dolphins!!With Ravindra Jadeja(38) and Ravichandran Ashwin(1) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 237/6 after 19 overs.FOURTEEN RUNS off the over!!18.3 overs: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja reaches out and slices it past backward point for a blazing boundary. 18.2 overs: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja hangs back and steers it past the wicket-keeper for a boundary. That’s CLEVER from Jadeja!!With Ravindra Jadeja(25) and Ravichandran Ashwin(0) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 223/6 after 18 overs.Ravichandran Ashwin comes to the crease for Chennai.17.5 overs: That’s OUT!! Kyle Abbott has got Dwayne Bravo out caught at long-on. Bravo was looking to go over the top but spoons it straight down the throat of Vaughn van Jaarsveld who takes it easily. Dwayne Bravo departs after scoring 11 runs off nine balls with two boundaries. 17.1 overs: FOUR!! Dwayne Bravo flays the square drive and sends it scurrying for a boundary. That was EXQUISITE from Bravo!! With Ravindra Jadeja(23) and Dwayne Bravo(6) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 214/5 after 17 overs.TWENTY FOUR RUNS off the over!!16.6 overs: FOUR!! Ravindra Jadeja stands tall and drills it straight down the ground for a boundary.16.5 overs: SIX!! Ravindra Jadeja makes room and sends it back over the bowler’s head for the third maximum in the over. Jadeja is MAKING A MOCKERY out this!!16.2 overs: SIX!! Ravindra Jadeja waits for it and tonks it over long-on for another maximum. Jadeja is ON A ROLL here!!16.1 overs: SIX!! Ravindra Jadeja picks the length early and smacks it over long-on for the maximum. Jadeja GETS INTO ACTION straightaway!! SIXTEEN RUNS off the over!!15.6 overs: That’s OUT!! Craig Alexander hasgot Faf du Plessis out caught at long-on. Du Plessis was looking to go big but sends it straight down teh throat of Vaughn van Jaarsveld for a simple catch. Faf du Plessis departs after scoring 30 runs off 19 balls with three boundaries and a six. Another BLOW for Chennai!!15.2 overs: SIX!! Faf du Plessis gets a big stride forward and thumps it over deep cover for the maximum. CRACKING SHOT from Faf!! With Faf du Plessis(19) and Dwayne Bravo(0) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 174/4 after 15 overs.Dwayne Bravo comes to the crease for Chennai.14.6 overs: OUT!! Robert Frylinck has bowled MS Dhoni on a steaming yorker. Dhoni was lookiing to work it towards the leg side but misses it as the ball makes a mess of the stumps. MS Dhoni departs for a golden duck. CRUCIAL WICKET for Dolphins!!14.4 overs: FOUR!! Faf du Plessis shuffles across and flicks it towards fine leg for another boundary. BACK-TO-BACK BOUNDARIES for Faf!!14.3 overs: FOUR!! Faf du Plessis goes on the backfoot and clouts the pull over square leg for a boundary. MS Dhoni comes to the crease for Chennai.14.2 overs: That’s OUT!! Robert Frylinck has got Suresh Raina out caught at backward point. Raina goes for the big slog but gets a top-edge that goes straight into the hands of Cameron Delport who takes it comfortably. Suresh Raina’s blinder comes to the an end at 90 runs off 43 balls with four boundaries and eight sixes. SPECTACULAR INNINGS from Raina!! With Faf du Plessis(10) and Suresh Raina(88) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 162/2 after 14 overs.ELEVEN RUNS off the over!!The boundary line seems to be like 30 yard circle #CSK vDOL #CSK #CLT20 Rohit choubey (@rohitchoubey159) September 22, 201413.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina rocks back and pulls it with disdain towards deep square leg for a boundary. The fielder ALMOST CAUGHT that one!! With Faf du Plessis(9) and Suresh Raina(80) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 151/2 after 13 overs.TEN RUNS off the over!!Oh my oh my oh my..! #CSK just smashing it all over the park.Raina is on fire #CLT20 #starsportsindia Santhosh (@santsece) September 22, 201412.2 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina gets to the pitch of the ball and launches it over long-on for the maximum. Raina is playing ONE HELL OF AN INNINGS here!!With Faf du Plessis(7) and Suresh Raina(71) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 140/2 after 12 overs.SIXTEEN RUNS off the over!!11.6 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina gets a big stride forward and smacks it over long-on for another maximum. Raina has now GONE PAST 5000 RUNS in T20s!!11.3 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina picks the length early and hammers it over square leg for the maximum. Another RAINA SPECIAL at show!! With Faf du Plessis(5) and Suresh Raina(57) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 124/2 after 11 overs.FIFTEEN RUNS off the over!!10.3 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina swivels across and sweeps it towards fine leg for a boundary. Raina is UNSTOPPABLE here!!10.2 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina dances down the track and smokes it over long-on for the maximum. That’s FIFTY for Raina!! With Faf du Plessis(1) and Suresh Raina(40) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 103/2 after nine overs.#DOLvCSK Wow!what a gr8 start by #CSK.Its a fantastic experience to watch out lot of sixes despite the fact that exams are on #CLT20 @CLT20 Naresh bijarnia (@naresh4098) September 22, 2014FOUR RUNS off the over!!Faf du Plessis comes to the crease for Chennai.8.2 overs: OUT!! Khayelihle Zondo has got Brendon McCullum out caught in the deep. McCullum bends down looking for the big slog but sends it straight into the hands of Daryn Smit who doesn’t drop those. Brendon McCullum’s firecracker comes to an end at 49 runs off 29 balls with five boundaries and three sixes. BIG WICKET for Dolphins!!This is the fastest 100 in @clt20 #csk UCHu cDk (@uchu642) September 22, 2014With Brendon McCullum(49) and Suresh Raina(37) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 99/1 after eight overs.TEN RUNS off the over!! 7.2 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina gets into position quickly and bludgeons it over long leg for the maximum. Raina STEPS INTO THE SPOTLIGHT!! With Brendon McCullum(47) and Suresh Raina(30) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 89/1 after seven overs.NINETEEN RUNS off the over!!6.6 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina goes across the line and sends it sailing into the stands over deep midwicket for the maximum. Raina JOINS THE PARTY now!! 6.3 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina hangs back and smashes it over deep midwicket for the maximum. It’s RAINA-ING SIXES for Chennai!! 6.1 overs: FOUR!! Brendon McCullum waits for it and steers it past backward point for a boundary. That was DELICATE from Baz!! With Brendon McCullum(41) and Suresh Raina(17) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 70/1 after six overs.NINETEEN RUNS off the over!!4.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina goes for the hook and gets a top-edge over the wicket-keeper for a boundary. UNLUCKY for Abbott!!McCullum: atta majhi satakli #CSK #CLT20 TheNewsReader (@luckysingh0302) September 22, 20144.3 overs: SIX!! Brendon McCullum rocks back and clouts the pull over midwicket for the maximum. Baz is in a CLASS OF HIS OWN!! 4.1 overs: SIX!! Brendon McCullum charges down the wicket and tonks it over long-off for the maximum. Baz is in TOP GEAR now!! With Brendon McCullum(25) and Suresh Raina(11) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 46/1 after four overs.SIXTEEN RUNS off the over!!3.4 overs: FOUR!! Brendon McCullum gets a big stride forward and flays the pull through square leg for another boundary. Baz is TURNING IT ON for Chennai!!3.3 overs: FOUR!! Brendon McCullum cuts hard and sends it towards backward point where the fielder lets it sneak through his legs for a boundary. Frylinck is FURIOUS with that effort!!3.1 overs: SIX!! Suresh Raina steps forward and hoicks it over deep cover for the maximum. That was EFFORTLESS from Raina!!Robert Frylinck comes into the attack for Dolphins. With Brendon McCullum(16) and Suresh Raina(4) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 30/1 after three overs.SIXTEEN RUNS off the over!!2.4 overs: SIX!! Brendon McCullum shimmies down the track and sends it deep into the stands over long-on for the maximum. McCullum is ON FIRE here!!2.2 overs: FOUR!! Brendon McCullum slashes hard and sends it racing past backward point for another boundary. BACK-TO-BACK BOUNDARIES for Baz!!2.1 overs: FOUR!! Brendon McCullum gets forward and flays the exquisite cover drive for a boundary. That was GLORIOUS from Baz!!First change, Craig Alexander comes into the attack for Dolphins. With Brendon McCullum(2) and Suresh Raina(4) at the crease, Chennai Super Kings are currently at 14/1 after two overs.FIVE RUNS off the over!!1.5 overs: FOUR!! Suresh Raina leans forward and clips it towards fine leg for a boundary. POOR LINE from Abbott!! Kyle Abbott will bowl from the other end for Dolphins.NINE RUNS off the over!!Smith Gone after hitting a Six. Mr.T20 Comes in for d battle. #WhistlesAreBack #CSK #CSKvsDol Mighty SIX Dhoni (@SaranIsHere) September 22, 2014Suresh Raina comes to the crease for Chennai.0.5 overs: That’s OUT!! Keshav Maharaj has got Dwayne Smith out caught at long-off. Smith was looking for the big shot but sends it straight down the throat of Khayelihle Zondo who doesn’t drop those. Dwayne Smith departs after scoring seven runs off three balls with a six. EARLY BLOW for Chennai!!0.4 overs: SIX!! Dwayne Smith picks the length early and smashes it over long-on for the first maximum in the innings. That was TONKED by Smith!! Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith are out in the middle for Chennai Super Kings while Keshav Maharaj will start the proceedings for Sunfoil Dolphins. Toss: Sunfoil Dolphins won the toss and elected to bowl first against Chennai Super Kings. Chennai Super Kings had a jittery start to their campaign as they ended up on the losing side against Kolkata Knight Riders after being in a commanding position. The two-time IPL champions will be keen to register their first win when they take on Sunfoil Dolphins, who lost their opening encounter against Perth Scorchers.Quotes:”We have a very good side. About the chances, it all depends on how well we adapt. The good thing for us will be, we missed Bravo during the IPL. He got injured. That really affected the strength of the side, that combination and stability of the side. It is good to have him back,” Chennai skipper MS Dhoni said.”I am very proud of the way we fought. We are on the wrong side of it. But these finishes are good for the game,” Dolphins skipper Morne van Wyk said.Chennai Super Kings:Chennai’s top-order boasts of Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina and Faf du Plessis. All four got off to promising starts against Kolkata Knight Riders, but failed to capitalize on that. The openers will be eager to make amends and give a solid platform for the likes of Raina, du Plessis, MS Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo to build on.After being reduced to 86/4 at one stage, captain Dhoni and Bravo put on a good partnership to propel Chennai to a competitive total against Kolkata. However, they were 15-20 runs short, as admitted by the skipper, who appeared pretty shaken up after Andre Russell and Ryan ten Doeschate pulled off a heist following a top-order collapse.Ashish Nehra came with an inspired spell in the game against Kolkata, picking up 4/21 in his four overs. However, the rest of the bowlers did a shoddy job. Spinners, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja will be hoping for an improved performance against the Dolphins, following their expensive outing against Kolkata.Their wayward bowling enabled the Knights Riders to launch a fightback after they were reeling 51/5 in 9 overs. Ishwar Pandey and Mohit Sharma too went for runs, and Dhoni will be hoping that they can turn things around in the next game.Sunfoil Dolphins:Dolphins are a team made of many little-known faces, except for Kyle Abbot and skipper Morne van Wyk. The South African side has players such as Craig Alexander, Cody Chetty, Cameron Delport and Keshav Maharaj – all talented cricketers who would be eager to make an impression.In their defeat in the opening game against Australia’s Perth, the Dolphins had lost half their side for 75 runs by the 11th over. It was only because of Khaya Zondo’s efforts(63 off 50) that Dolphins could post a competitive 164 for seven. Captain Wyk, Cameron Delport and Cody Chetty – Dolphins’ top three batsmen – fell cheaply in the game against Perth. It is imperative that they come up with better contributions in order to challenge a formidable team such as Chennai.The Ram Slam champions showed a lot of spirit in their defence of 164, but were unable to contain Mitchell Marsh in the end, as he won the game for the Scorchers by scoring back-to-back sixes off the final two deliveries. With some international experience under his belt for South Africa, Abbott will be key for the Dolphins. He bowled economically against Perth while picking up one wicket. The pacer will be keen to bag a few more scalps to his bag and would be pumped up going against the big names in the Chennai batting order.Robbie Frylinck, who was taken apart in the final over by Marsh, did a good job otherwise. He will be eager to put the loss behind him and start afresh.Teams(from):Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Dwayne Smith, Suresh Raina, Brendon McCullum, MS Dhoni(c/wk), Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishwar Pandey, Mohit Sharma, Ashish Nehra, Mithun Manhas, Pawan Negi, John Hastings, Samuel BadreeSunfoil Dolphins: Morne van Wyk(c/wk), Cameron Delport, Cody Chetty, Keshav Maharaj, Khayelihle Zondo, Daryn Smit, Vaughn van Jaarsveld, Andile Phehlukwayo, Robert Frylinck, Kyle Abbott, Craig Alexander, Jonathan Vandiar, Prenelan Subrayen, Sibonelo Makhanya, Daryn Miles Dupavillonlast_img read more

Nokia 7.1 with ‘PureDisplay’ launched

first_imgLondon, Oct 5 (IANS) Finnish company HMD Global that makes Nokia smartphones has launched the Nokia 7.1,a first with “PureDisplay” screen technology at an event in London.The Nokia 7.1 will retail between 299 euros and 349 euros (or Rs 28,000-Rs 33,000) depending on where you live in Europe, the company said in a statement late Thursday.HMD, however, did not mention whether the device will be heading to India. It is an Android One smartphone, which means it will the latest Android version and regular security updates. “Almost two thirds of videos around the world are viewed on mobile which is why we’ve introduced our ‘PureDisplay’ screen technology, to give everyone a premium viewing experience on a smartphone. The Nokia 7.1 even offers real-time SDR to HDR conversion, meaning you can experience HDR quality entertainment, event when your content is not,” Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global, said in a statement.”PureDisplay” screen technology is said to take the users’ viewing experience to the next level due to its high contrast ratio, greater clarity and enhanced colours.The Nokia 7.1 comes in gloss midnight blue and gloss steel colour variants and is available in selected markets available from October in a configuration of 3GB RAM+32GB storage and 4GBRAM+64GB on board storage.The smartphpne sports a dual-anodised Series 6000 aluminium frame with diamond cut edges.The smartphone sports 12MP+5MP dual cameras with ZEISS Optics and two-phase detection that enables accurate autofocus, thus, giving great shots in in both bright and low light conditions. “You can also reduce the effects of unstable hands while filming with Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) technology and relive your memories as if you were still there with high fidelity 360-degree Nokia spatial audio,” the company added.The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset and fueled by a 3060mAh battery, USB type-C fast-charging port charges up to 50 of the battery back in 30 minutes.–IANSksc/ksk/vmadvertisementlast_img read more