Anger at ‘costly’ Oriel rejection

first_imgThe decision by Oriel undergraduates to remain outside OUSU has been criticised by 23 JCR Presidents who feel that their members “subsidise” services which Oriel JCR does not pay for. Yet, as the plethora of JCR Presidents request Oriel to join them in OUSU, the vast majority of JCR members considered themselves to be better served by independent status. In a letter to Cherwell, the Presidents cited their “disappointment” that Oriel will continue to “miss services and support”, citing in particular the role of sabbatical officers. Last Thursday, Oriel JCR members voted overwhelmingly against re-affiliating to OUSU in last week’s referendum. Constitutional change in Oriel requires a two thirds majority but on a turn out of some 77% of the JCR, over 70% of students voted against affiliation. Returning Officer, Mohammed Khuram, defended the sovereignty of Oriel members and stated that their overwhelming rejection of Student Union membership “showed that College members neither want nor need” such services. However, the referendum did not pass off without controversy; a tribunal had to be called after complaints of electoral malpractice were made against David Follows, the leader of the “no” campaign. Follows had quoted various people criticising OUSU on “Vote No” posters. Two of those quoted complained that their comments had been taken out of context. The tribunal report concluded Follows had not misquoted them, but conceded that neither individual was “anti-OUSU”. It suggested that in future referendums permission should be sought for use of quotes in the context of the referendum.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2004last_img

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