BREAKING NEWS: Evansville Fire and Police Departments Facing A Major Increase in Health…

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare 2017-healthcare-plan-changes Evansville Fire and Police Departments Facing A Major Increase in Health Insurance PlanThe CCO has learned through multiple sources from the Evansville Fire Department and the Evansville Police Department that the City Of Evansville is trying to force what can only be considered as a catastrophic Employee Health Insurance plan on its employees for 2017.   According to sources from both departments if approved by City Council the proposed changes could be economically devastating to many of its employees.It looks  like the years of mismanagement and foolish spending practices, the Winnecke Administration may be trying to balance the 2017 budget  shortfalls off the backs of its public safety employees.  We are told that the proposed Health Insurance plan being pushed by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke  for 2017 would increase the yearly deductible paid by its employees to as much as $10,000 per year, with an annual “out of pocket” total of $14,000 per year per family.We were told when public safety officials balked at such an outrageous increase in the middle of a three year contract between the City and the Public Safety unions, the City then offered an alternative plan that would increase the employees monthly premiums from roughly $70 per month to $345 per month for family coverage. That plan would still have a hefty $8,000 out of pocket yearly expense to the employees on top of the additional $3,000 in premiums.The Police Officers and Firefighters that contacted the CCO and expressed their outrage and vowed Mayor Winnecke and the City Council are in for a political fight. They also tell us that they feel betrayed after supporting the Mayor and many of the current City Council members in last Novembers election. They also feel they have been stabbed in the back by our elected officials in a time when public safety professionals need them most. We are told that many city employees with special needs children or severely ill spouses believe if passed this new plan could send some of them into bankruptcy.We are told members of the police and fire unions are not only vowing to take legal action against the city but also are going to launch a spirited campaign against Mayor Winnecke and all those on the City Council that support the proposed employee Health Insurance plan for 2017.The City County Observer predicted this would happen over a year ago! The continued mismanagement and wasteful spending practices by Mayor Winnecke, the current and past City Council members has finally come back to bite our elected officials in the rear.FOOTNOTE:    We encourage all our readers to call Mayor Winnecke and members of the Evansville City Council and express your outrage concerning the unreasonable increases to public safety officials and other city employees Health Insurance coverage for 2017.The CCO will continue to monitor this situation and keep you updated as events unfold.  We can’t wait to see how members of the main stream media are going to handle this issue.center_img Click Here To Open The 2017 proposed Insurance changes By The Winnecke Administration and City Council. 20160921025003636last_img

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