Jersey City Hip-Hop duo expands fan base with new single

first_img“Listen up! We got the bop of the year with this new single,” IgnoVa adds. The singer in the group, MC, sips on an ambiguously clear beverage and remarks, “We finally reached the bend on the road to building momentum for our craft. We went from wrestling with mixes to working with Grammy-nominated engineers. This grind is jaw-clench.”The hip hop outfit begins the new season with resonating and catchy March single, “Lemme”. Combining pop with hip hop and trap genres, the bass-heavy track’s hook is highlighted by IgnoVa and MC performing interchanging vocals.IgnoVa delivers a contemporary rapping lyrical display reminiscent of current top hip hop artists and a melodic touch from the past. MC provides elevated and melodic singing parts in the style of classic and recent chart toppers.The duo closed the year out with an exciting December single, “SO HIGH”. Prior to “SO HIGH”, TT(TopTier) distributed revolutionary music pieces “ENOUGH” and “Come Thru”. Marking the group’s first two of three 2020 releases, both singles have received over 200,000 streams each on Souncloud as of December.The hip hop duo garnered attention with their single, “Thousand Times”, in 2018. Filmed in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the music video for “Thousand Times” received international acclaim, garnering over 80,000 YouTube views. TT(TopTier) has performed in the TriState area at venues including Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia and New Jersey’s Stanhope House.The hip hop group has opened for acts such as one-time chart toppers MetroStation and Canadian pop sensation Saywecanfly.Black and white duo TT(TopTier)‘s star continues to rise. Embracing skillful interplay between rapping and singing, TT(TopTier)‘s witty lyricism and viral sound distinguish them from the herd. To find out more about TT(TopTier) , visit the duo’s webpage. TTTopTier Black and white hip hop outfi, TT(TopTier) reported record listener growth in 2020. Having released four widely-received singles last year, the music group passed 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners and broke over 1 million total streams on Soundcloud. Continuing the growth streak, TT(TopTier) is releasing a new song, “Lemme”, March 19.Lounging at their second home, New York’s Quad Studios, the emerging duo speaks on their recent success while recording for their upcoming EP:  “The passion is as real as the birth of a new-born,” rapper IgnoVa preaches while lighting up. ×TTTopTierlast_img

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