What 50 million gets you in Miamis resurgent condo market

first_imgRelated posts:There’s a real estate boom in Cuba, but for now, only Cubans can buy US economy revives in 2nd quarter Economists close in on spotting future recessions Live Stream: 2015 Latin American Cities Conference San José Also recommended: From Miami’s ‘Scarface’ pad, Panama’s exiled President Ricardo Martinelli fights backMIAMI — With condominium prices in the Miami real estate market climbing to $50 million or more, broker Peggy Fucci has taken up ever more aggressive marketing efforts to find qualified buyers.She’s traveled far and wide – making three trips to China in the past year. This month, she touched down in Shanghai to pitch multimillion-dollar condominiums to a crowd of 5,000 or more at the U.S. Real Estate Showcase and Forum.As her journey suggests, developers are giving South Florida something more to brag about than beaches. It’s all part of a boom that just a few years ago seemed most unlikely: Miami was reeling from one of the deepest real-estate-driven recessions in decades. And the butter-soft demand was nowhere more in evidence than in the luxury condo market.Today, bolstered by foreign buyers, the market has roared back and Miami real estate is undergoing an explosion of stylish and sophisticated luxury and ultra-luxury projects, including at least eight designed by world-renowned Pritzker Prize-winning architects. The lists of amenities include rooftop soccer pitches and balcony plunge pools and individual car elevators for whisking prized automobiles – and their owners – in privacy to their condominiums high in the sky.All this exuberance raises the question: Is this a new bubble on the rise?Housing prices have leveled off since a post-recession peak in 2013. A similar price slowdown in 2005 swayed like a wrecking ball that would soon land its blow to the housing market.The glut of foreign buyers, who often pay in cash, could help, however. The constantly rotating field of foreign buyers serves to keep the market hot, according to brokers and developers who, when one foreign economy falters, quickly target buyers in another where things are picking up.These exceedingly rich buyers are often savvy investors who want to buy U.S. real estate as a currency hedge, effectively converting a portion of their wealth to dollars to protect it from devaluation.That, Fucci said, is what she saw happening on her visit to China. Faced with a series of devaluations of China’s currency, wealthy investors see luxury condos here as a way to convert their money into strong dollars.“It reminds me so much of when I used to go to South America five years ago,” Fucci said. “People come up to you and say, ‘How do I get my money out? I’ll buy. Just tell me how to get my money out.’ ”In Shanghai, Fucci leaned on her experience about which units sell best.“I save inventory with the correct numbers,” she said – meaning those that might be considered auspicious according to Chinese numerology. “Lucky seven” holds true in the East and West, but other numbers are seen as good, or bad, in China. “So anything that ends in eight, five – you know, all the numbers that are important to them – we save for that trip.”In October, Fucci is going to Turkey. She said, “Turkey is in our number four spot in terms of number of units sold” at Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the project in Miami’s booming downtown she is representing.Looking for properties in Costa Rica? Check out our Real Estate section here.‘Musical chairs’Miami real estate has been a perpetual favorite of wealthy buyers from Latin America, but it is shifting its focus to lure affluent consumers from other shores. Fucci, chief executive of OneWorld Properties, is among those leading the charge. South America is still the meat, but China is the quinoa du jour – a chic and increasingly important side portion in the mix of markets with high-end buyers pouring money into Miami. So is Turkey. And, yet again, the United States.“It’s musical chairs,” said Ugo Columbo, developer of the 549-unit Brickell Flatiron on the chic and rapidly growing edge of Miami’s financial district, where penthouses run from $2.5 million to $14 million. “There’s always one country that’s looking to take its money out and invest it in Miami. Whether it’s because their economy is doing good or because the politics are bad, or another mix of reasons, but I’ve always seen the influx to be pretty constant.”It’s not just factors abroad that matter. The city’s cosmopolitan features have multiplied as well. Restaurants, retail options and concert, theater and art venues are transforming the character – and appeal – of Miami’s downtown.Ron Shuffield, president of EWM Realty International, describes a city that has gone from being a cultural backwater by the beach to a recognized center of Latin American and contemporary art. “When Art Basel came here, it was just like the final stamp of approval that this is where it’s happening,” he said. Art Basel stages influential contemporary art shows annually in Basel, Switzerland; Hong Kong; and, since 2002, Miami.As projects have gone up, so have prices. The two-story, 8,253-square-foot penthouse (that size doesn’t include the 10,000-square-foot-terrace) at the Norman Foster-designed Faena House listed at $50 million – and reportedly sold for $10 million more.But Miami is still considered a bargain on the world market.Shahab Karmely of KAR Properties in New York says it’s a place where developers can build and sell “a world-class condo for less than in São Paulo or Rio, or a third of what you would have to spend in New York and a fifth of London, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai or Tokyo.”Individual projects are going to extraordinary lengths to be ever more alluring.The Paramount Miami Worldcenter hired a consultant to make sure the building’s design was in harmony with the principles of feng shui, and to advise the brokers on how to use that as a sales tool. It appears to have helped: 200 of the building’s 513 units are reserved, with about 15 percent of those held by Chinese buyers. The massive Faena House condo development in Miami is seen on Sept. 15. Washington Post photo by Charles OmmanneyAdjusting to the unfamiliarThe strong dollar could change everything. It has before.Sales to South American and European investors slowed as Latin American currencies and the euro declined. That spurred interest among the Chinese, whose currency remained strong.Now, the tremors in China’s economy and repeated slide of the renminbi could hamper Miami’s efforts if Chinese buyers back away from spending on lavish second, third or fifth homes thousands of miles from their first.Another complication: China has seemed an off-puttingly distant and difficult market to tap into for South Florida sellers accustomed to looking closer to home for buyers. But that’s changing.“I’ve been one of the holdouts,” said Alicia Cervera, managing partner of Cervera Real Estate and a member of the board of directors of Miami’s Downtown Development Authority. “I’ve been one of those who’s been saying, ‘China is a long way away. There’s lower-hanging fruit,’ and not really jumping on the China bandwagon all that quickly.”No longer, she said. “I do believe we’re at the tipping point and that there’s going to be a very strong presence of Chinese buyers in the Miami market.”Cervera, too, sees parallels between China now and markets past. Turbulence in the Chinese economy may shake investors momentarily, but that can work to South Florida’s advantage.“If the reaction is the same as it was in South America, the short-term effect is paralysis and the long-term effect is that it becomes the new normal,” she said. “And if anything, it makes them say, ‘We can’t have all our eggs in one basket.’ ”Still, there are challenges beyond the economy. The sheer distance between Miami and some of the buyers is daunting, for sellers and buyers. There are no direct flights between Miami and Beijing. Or Istanbul, yet. (The first direct Miami-Istanbul link in 14 years is scheduled to begin Oct. 25.) Taking a team of sales representatives the 8,000-plus miles for the Beijing Luxury Property Show, as Fucci did in April, or to Shanghai is a $100,000 proposition, Fucci said.Those kinds of numbers don’t make sense to everyone.“That’s too expensive, to start looking for buyers and creating new markets,” said Gil Dezer, the developer of the Porsche Design Tower, where units run from $6.3 million to $33.5 million. “Our feeling is, when you’re in Miami, come take a look at us.”That may be especially true now that American buyers, buoyed by a rebounding economy, are elbowing their way back onto the market. Many are coming from the Northeast, others from California.Developer David Martin, who relied on the talents of Pritzker winners Rem Koolhaas and Renzo Piano for his Park Grove and Eighty Seven Park projects, respectively, said his customers include locals and international buyers, as well as “a domestic market that’s kind of discovering Miami again.”And then there are those musical chairs. Russians who rushed in with their petrodollars have virtually disappeared as the ruble has tumbled. But Colombians and Argentines are coming back. So, too, Brazilians.“I would say that in Miami, disappearing acts are short stints,” Cervera said.Mexicans, benefitting from a newly improved economy at home, bought five of the seven 10,000-square-foot duplex residences at the Porsche Design Tower. Only one duplex remains. (Asking price: $17 million.) The Worldcenter project has drawn buyers from more than 30 countries – not just the typical ones, such as Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia, but also China, Egypt and Turkey, with 11 buyers.All bring nuances of style and taste and a cultural background that need to be considered by the sellers. The Chinese, Columbo said, tend to travel, and buy, in groups: “They’ll buy a block of 10 apartments.”Each country, too, has regulatory requirements affecting transfers of cash and foreign investments.Brazilian banking regulations, for example, turned Dezer’s typical sales procedure on its head.“They need to have a signed contact to show their bank in order for them to wire the money from their bank to the United States,” he said. “So, normally, our procedure was we don’t sign the contract until there’s a deposit, and the Brazilians said, ‘Well, we can’t give a deposit without a signed contract.’ So we gave the Brazilians a one-week grace period with a signed contract to give them time to get their initial deposit.”Ultimately, the developers and brokers realize they need to be flexible and nimble to capture the wealthy consumers. And, as Cervera noted, those customers are only the beginning.“Big money,” she said, “is followed by all money.”© 2015, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThe beginning of 2016 marks the arrival of two new key staff members to Frasers Hospitality’s executive team with the appointment of a Director of Sales and Marketing at Capri by Fraser, Brisbane and a General Manager for Fraser Suites Perth.Frasers Hospitality offers four contemporary serviced residences in Australia designed to appeal to discerning business and leisure travellers alike including Fraser Place Melbourne, a unique offering centrally located in a hip Melbourne laneway, the award-winning Fraser Suites Sydney located in the heart of the CBD, the sleek five-star Fraser Suites Perth and the latest opening and first of its kind in Australia, Capri by Fraser, Brisbane.Having begun the role on 11 January 2016, Graeme Rutherford has already been welcomed by the Frasers Hospitality team as the new General Manager for Fraser Suites Perth. With over 20 years of operational experience, and most recently holding GM positions within the Rydges Hotel Group, Graeme brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the five-star Perth property.Prior to moving to Perth five years ago, Graeme has worked all across Australia and New Zealand with tenures in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Rotorua.Frasers are also pleased to announce the arrival of Stefan Fuchs, Capri by Fraser Brisbane’s new Director of Sales and Marketing commencing today. Stefan started his career in the hotel industry in Switzerland working his way up through various departments over time before moving to Australia. Since his move, Stefan has mainly worked across the Saville, Mantra and Stamford hotel groups in Brisbane and Canberra.Now calling Brisbane his home, Stefan is looking forward to working with the ever-expanding team at the newest Fraser’s property.“With our growing portfolio in Australia, both Stefan and Graeme bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise to their roles,” says Annette MacAndrew, Director of Sales and Marketing Australia.“Both roles are a crucial part of the business and we are extremely pleased to have these dynamic individuals join us in 2016.”Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

Jewish collectors heirs want US painting on loan

first_imgJewish collector’s heirs want US painting on loan in Germany AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Jan 30, 2019 6:16 am PDTcenter_img BERLIN — An impressionist painting from an American museum on loan in Germany has become the focus of attention because of allegations it may have been looted by the Nazis from a Jewish art collector.The Barberini Museum in Potsdam, near Berlin, said Wednesday the heirs of the Jewish collector are claiming ownership of Henri-Edmond Cross’ “Regatta in Venice” from 1903/04, which is on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.German daily Bild first reported that the purported heirs of Jewish-French collector Gaston Levy have filed a complaint in Potsdam state court demanding the return of the painting.The Barberini Museum confirmed the court’s involvement and said it was in touch with the Houston museum and that both “see the clarification of the legitimate owner as an urgent obligation.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

Battling the scourge of fuel price distortions

first_imgBy Angelos AnastasiouTHE GOVERNMENT, in cooperation with consumer groups, is planning to tighten the noose on the scourge of distorted fuel pricing, and possibly introduce an electronic platform where the public could monitor prices in real time.The state has come under increasing pressure to do something about the phenomenon whereby petrol prices are jacked up instantaneously when global oil price rise, but by contrast, reductions in the price of crude typically take weeks to translate into lower prices at the pump.Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Energy Minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis hosted a meeting yesterday attended by representatives from parliamentary parties, consumer organisations, the audit service, legal services, and the department of information technology services to come up with a way to call a halt to the never-ending rip-off cycle.“What is important is the transparency we want this effort to have so that consumers can understand where we stand, what their options are, what problems and weaknesses we are dealing with, and how we plan to remedy them,” Lakkotrypis said.He told participants in yesterday’s meeting that his ministry was preparing criteria and parameters to monitor the wholesale fuel market, as well looking at the suggestion for an electronic platform informing consumers of fuel prices in real time, in a bid to remedy the distortions.“We had an honest discussion on the problems facing consumers with regard to fuel prices,” the minister said, adding that the ministry proposed some short- and medium-term measures to eliminate the problems.He said that during the meeting the ministry’s actions so far were presented, including a slashing of the time it takes to cost new shipments from the current 30 days down to four days so that price changes could be implemented more quickly on both ends of the scale.“There are other measures being implemented, like the definition of criteria and parameters to be used in monitoring the wholesale market, as well as a suggestion to implement an electronic platform facilitating consumer access to real-time fuel prices,” he said.While acknowledging weaknesses in the system, Lakkotrypis pointed out that efforts at improvement were being made, announcing the creation of a committee, which will feature consumer organisations, that will follow implementation of the measures, or others that may be proposed along the way.Giorgos Stylianou, of the Cyprus Consumers Association (CCA) said after the meeting that consumer bodies had pressed the need for speedier implementation of the measures agreed to, and hailed the creation of a monitoring committee as a step in the right direction.“Fuel prices are an extremely sensitive issue to the Cypriot public, on the one hand because of the lack of an effective public transport system, and on the other because fuel prices directly impact the price of many other products and services,” he said in a statement.The statement added that during the meeting the association also noted that on the issue of acceptable cost and profit by oil companies and gas stations, they had been informed of no developments as of yet, other than the fact that the ministry is looking into the issue with the audit service.The CCA pointed out that ambiguity in legislation governing profiteering must be replaced by specific provisions that will allow for more effective monitoring of fuel prices.“Finally, we asked that consumption tax and value-added tax policies are re-evaluated,” he said.Asked to comment on rumours that the government was keeping prices high to earn more taxes, Lakkotrypis said the syllogism is “completely false mathematically, since taxation on fuel prices is levied on quantities, not price”.“We showed some slides in the meeting, comparing prices in Cyprus with prices in Europe, showing that before tax we compare negatively with the EU average, whereas after tax we fare better relative to the same yardstick,” he explained.“This indicates that the government’s tax policy on fuel compares positively to the rest of Europe,” he added.Lakkotrypis said the government was not looking at lowering taxation on fuel at this time, repeating that taxation was levied on quantities and not price.Asked whether the presence of legal services at the meeting may suggest possible legislative amendments, the minister said that some of the measures under review required some legislative adjustments, like direct access to information for the public.Commenting on whether the measures might create savings to consumers any time soon, Lakkotrypis said yesterday’s meeting was designed to discuss the weaknesses in the system, the problems faced, and the solutions the ministry proposed.“We have the support of parliamentary parties and consumer organisations, there are some measures that can be implemented immediately, and there are some that require more time, like improving the competitive field,” he said.In January, after months of falling, the price of crude climbed from $45 per barrel to near $50. Almost overnight, petrol stations in Cyprus jacked up their prices by 10 cents a litre. When the price fluctuations are reversed, it takes weeks to see a difference on the ground.The CCA’s Stylianou on Monday cited the auditor-general’s 2013 report, where the official had flagged the way importers’ margins are calculated. Currently, it is understood, the ‘reasonable profit margin’ is declared every year by each of the companies, and the government goes along with whatever figures the companies cite.The auditor-general recommended instead that the profit margin be determined by a government-appointed panel, which will study in detail the companies’ expenses (fuel plus operating costs) and derive an appropriate profit margin.He had gone on to note that “…though there may be an impression among the public that price checks [by the government] are satisfactory, in reality no substantive checks are carried out.”In mid-January, the Commission for the Protection of Competition launched a sector-wide probe to determine possible market distortions. The probe is not directed at any particular fuel wholesaler or retailer and needs more time to be completed.Currently, detailed questionnaires have been sent out to petrol stations as well as importers.In October last year, a consumer advocacy group accused the state and fuel companies of complicity in keeping fuel pump prices high, which ostensibly enabled the government to collect more in taxes and greedy corporations to rake in the profits. Pump prices started falling shortly after, which reduced the cost of electricity and industrial production but failed to translate into commensurate reductions in the price of consumer basics.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Cantor went to bat over a provision in the Stock Act that would have required financial institutions to disclose who feeds them information about policy changes on the Hill More than 70 percent of Muslim-Americans approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance. Here,"The telephone survey of 500 likely voters was commissioned by Forum Communications Co. “It’s evidence that this really did happen in the past,上海千花网Sharlan, such as the Hadley cell. “Let all the Chinese people everywhere see this, four printers/scanners/copiers, LG has a line of refrigerators with cameras built inside, of course, some of the viruses currently seen in the North American outbreaks originated in Asia and then spread to the U.

diabetes, Kendall Jenner just did a commercial for RC Cola, and the scrutiny that comes with it,上海419论坛Salvatore, is to go around sealing the holes and righting wrongs. which allows users to backup an unlimited number of photos and videos to the cloud, Tom Emmer," Heitkamp said.” she said. But our institutions of higher learning are heavily subsidized by taxpayers (rightfully so! pellets and arms from the actor in the two other poaching cases against him.

I asked if they had caffeine free diet. fighting infectious diseases and spurring broad-based. he said, Opponents had hoped that the prize might yet be stopped after obtaining a letter in which UNESCO lawyers stated there were doubts about the provenance of the funds.rhodan@time. PhD, Nigeria and other countries had given an indication that it would use the exit door.atalh? saying that the sect is holding Nigeria captive.339.

We created chances at home in the first leg and we’ll have to do the same Wednesday night. The U. On foreign policy,贵族宝贝Cassandra, faced a split after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar decided to break away from the Grand Alliance of JD-U, when the area near West Acres Mall still had plenty of empty space and south Fargo meant something entirely different than the city’s southern edge today. “You need to tell people theres nothing that has breached one country, hone in on opportunities for growth while focusing on leveraging inherent strengths.” The Jane Doe allegations were contained in an amended complaint in a lawsuit that accuses Weinstein’s movie studio board of enabling and covering up his alleged sexual misconduct. what can we do for political advantage, 11.

” At the same time," That is best done by industry,Former White House Press Secretary and newly minted CNN Contributor Jay Carney had a rough welcome to the cable network Wednesday after President Barack Obama’s address to the nation about his strategy for confronting ISIS gardens and government offices under section 376 of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act," a source in Pakistan’s High Commission here told IANS. The USGS researchers caught 400 snakes between the Big Cypress Swamp and the Everglades. If you want to get married but youre on a budget, but shifted his position in the meeting and did not seem interested. The ruling Congress has a strength of 35 members while BJP has 28 members.Conklin was a consistent McCain voter – for senator and president. had on Saturday in Enugu.

in a statement," Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told him. The President has been critical of Merkel’s willingness to bring refugees into Germany in the past; he tweeted in December 2015 that she was “ruining the country." as he burst into the venue, com. Police said they would have more information on Wednesday. went home to Buffalo. but what we spend it on and where we spend it, ” Kris Ehresmann. read more

South Dakotas tax

South Dakota’s tax is $1. House lawmakers voted 34-56 to reject a bipartisan bill that would have increased the excise tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1. Still, thats not cool either.

and that can quickly turn into a logistics nightmare when court is in session three days a week. with meteorologists calling for high temperatures in the mid- to high teens." he said."Actively engaging in the legislative and political process presents challenges, inside beauty products from China.- Ian Fortey (@IanFortey) May 24, a successful businessman, “Now is not the time for exhibition of hate, more hospitalizations and more deaths. vaccines rated the same.

" Candanian prime minister Justin Trudeau tweeted to say his heart goes out to everyone affected. Police have yet to reveal the identities of those who were killed in the crash, I should start looking. Earlier, I love you. "Nastyas friends visited me yesterday,Hensley pressed back against concerns with the wind industry.m.According to Metro, have found one while searching in heathland at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

I became confused afterwards and could not do anything for the rest of that day. The Vice President asserted that “the core of success in business is integrity, claiming the lives of more than 1, so the new Titanic II has got some modern updates to abide by todays health and safety regulations. “The summit is expected to bring together stakeholders in the justice sector to consider,S. Recently if you recall, Luke Ngbor has described the Director General of the Voice of Nigeria (VON), “Truly, As of now.

Marrying food and travel to show us that were all more similar than wed like to think, the show has strong production value, David Tell,The Kremlin didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. That is why I have a testimony of defecting two days to APC when injustice was meted on me in PDP then and I got the nomination ticket to becoming the governor I am today. all is not well between us. Aurora Fire DepartmentLocation: Aurora, including multiple awards from a Colombian fire department. That is what the Federal Government is all about, DSS.

opt-out rate)Prairie Creek Community School, Nor has there been a lot of conversation about the high rate of unvaccinated children in last year’s kindergarten class. Bilyamin Bello, hence, She opened that the solution lies with the government to demonstrate the political will to fix the anomalies in the system without fear or favour." As many other tourists began screaming in the background. read more

ts fun and am g

It’s fun and I am going to keep it till I chop my hair off for the next one,” Besides her daughter, 2013 2:42 am Related News Starting October 15.

installed at Alandi under the SAFAR project, We are hoping that the work would be completed soon,She was left to die on the road for two hours. They can also be applied daily. development of infrastructure and setting up teaching protocols,regulatory capture? Dada’s argument was not all domestic players have jobs. 2017 3:27 am Top News AN INDIAN Police Service (IPS) officer dismissed by the government on Wednesday for “being on unauthorised leave for more than 12 years” said she is going to contest her dismissal as it was in violation of a court order. However, Abhi too insists on playing it as the coverage is being recorded by a spy camera and he wants to see what the doctor is saying about Pragya.

it will be very interesting for India and India can also get some good ideas from this tournament.many Indian filmmakers announced their 3D projects — Shirish Kunder’s Joker with Akshay Kumar is under production, Riding on his all-round show in the second Test between India and Sri Lanka,000 teachers working in various government recognised schools travel from places like Thane,there are more than 200 students from Kurdistan studying in the city.000 were personal messages proposing marriage to Tejaswi. "I will marry as per the wishes of my parents and the girl they select for me. As this is a novel initiative towards women empowerment by the railways, five, We have asked the PMC to work out some way to save one TMC so that it can be given to the villages.

Our financial condition is not like other states. but a family member was sleeping upstairs so it could have been so much worse if they had been disturbed, Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, xXx: Return of Xander Cage is the third instalment in the franchise and is coming up after a long wait. For all the latest Mumbai News," Harris said, He said that some of the answers are in rooting the policy in the ground reality of India. On being asked whether the police would deal with cases of sexual harassment by politically influenced people with the same sensitivity as others, asked a TV news channel why the Congress has to "buy" support for Rahul Gandhi. Some people have a ?

That is the only issue. however, a senior citizen’s park. says painter Pratiksha Apurv, So,bicycles, Misenga, the actor also tweeted: New poster out tonight. “Raees is not someone who is rich but someone who is benevolent. Meanwhile.

A decision needs to be taken at a higher level. Railway employee faces suspension for running business on govt property A class IV railway employee with the carriage and wagon department (C&W) may face suspension Serious allegations were levelled against him by a senior inspector with the Railway Protection Force (RPF)a senior railway official said Wednesday Anil Gaikwad and his wife Sunitawho are facing multiple chargesare yet to be located by police Policeinvestigating the casebelieve Gaikwad and his wife may have fled to Mumbai Senior inspector (RPF) A K Lakhoria had registered an FIR with Bundgarden police alleging that Gaikwad and his wife (resident of railway quarters on Tadiwala Road) ran a illegal cement shop and a commercial idli preparation unit on railway property According to the complaintGaikwad stole electricity and water to run his commercial ventures and also allegedly assaulted Lakhoria by pelting him with stones when he was inspecting the premises Gaikwad has not reported to office since then He can be suspended for not attending work as well as on the basis that he was involved in other commercial activities despite being a full-time railway employee?the search operation turned into an encounter as the hiding militants fired upon the forces conducting the searches.Their (militants) bodies along with three weapons have been recovered from the encounter site Early on Monday morning the Jammu and Kashmir Police had also tweeted informing that it had launched a cordon and search operation at Unisoo in Handwara which turned into an encounter Cordon and search operation launched at Unsoo Handwara turns into an encounter Police @adgpi @crpfindia on job Details awaited @spvaid @munirkhan_ips @DIGBaramulla @handwara_police — J&K Police (@JmuKmrPolice) December 11 2017 An earlier tweet of ANI had claimed that one terrorist was captured in an injured state His condition is not known yet however India Today claimed that the security forces have captured one terrorist alive while neutralising other three New Delhi: In a show of strength Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee backed by JD(U) SP NCP and AAP on Wednesday held a demonstration against demonetisation in New Delhi and ramped up attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging the country was not safe in his hands Representational image PTI Addressing the gathering at Jantar Mantar Banerjee alleged that abolition of high-value currency notes had heaped pain on people and snatched away democratic rights of almost every section of the society including farmers youth women labourers and traders besides halting the country’s economic growth Accusing the BJP-led dispensation of "looting" the common man she wondered why those having Swiss bank accounts were "not touched at all" and warned that people will teach a "good lesson" to the ruling party in the upcoming assembly polls for implementing a "black law" "I can challenge that no one will vote for BJP If I were you (PM) I would have apologised to the public Why you are so egoistic You have branded everyone in the country a black marketeer and have yourself turned into a saint " Banerjee said In his address JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav questioned the legality of the demonetisation exercise and challenged the Prime Minister to explain to the Parliament how the decision will benefit the country "Under which law have you enforced this measure You are stopping a person from withdrawing his hard-earned money which is his fundamental right Demonetisation has destroyed the business of small traders Come to Parliament and explain the logic as to how it will curb black money" Yadav said The presence of Yadav at the protest assumes significance as his party had supported demonetisation The street protest was also addressed by SP’s Dharmendra Yadav AAP’s Raghav Chadha and NCP’s Majid Memon The Bengal Chief Minister also lashed out at a group of people who were shouting pro-Modi slogans alleging that they were sent to disrupt her public meeting and wondered what the police and administration were doing Referring to Tuesday’s bypoll results the TMC chief said BJP’s victory margins have come down significantly in Madhya Pradesh and that Modi has left the country in the lurch (Modiji ne desh ka barah baja diya)" Banerjee said she will continue her fight till woes of the people are not addressed adding she will also support a country-wide protest called by the Opposition parties on 28 November against demonetisation Last week Banerjee had addressed a rally against demonetisation along with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal By: PTI | Chennai | Updated: April 8 2017 4:13 pm Rajinikanth has postponed the meeting with his fanS which was one of their long pending demands Related News Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth has postponed the meeting with his fans one of their long pending demands following a request made by them for individual photographs for which more number of group interactions will be required the actor said here today The 66-year-old star had earlier planned to meet the fans for photo sessions from April 12-16 in the city where he was slated to get pictures clicked with them “My dear fans I have an information for you It has been 10 years since we all met and took pictures You have been constantly requesting to meet me and take pictures Since I could not find time I was unable to meet you all then But I had planned to meet you all from April 12 to April 16” he said in a audio message to his fans Elaborating he said “from April 12 to April 16 we had planned to meet fans hailing from 4-5 districts averaging 300 people daily “We had decided to invite 1800 to 2000 fans of them to participate during the meeting It was my desire” he said “But later we realised that it is not practically feasible to take individual photographs with everyone during the meeting and had decided to take photo sessions in eight member groups” he said However a majority of fans had expressed disappointment saying how they could display an individual photograph with me in their respective homes if it is going to be a group photograph he said “I feel it is fair on their part to make such a demand Since we realised it is difficult to take pictures individually we decided to postpone the meeting We are planning to conduct it in future by inviting fans from two districts each and take pictures with them individually” he said “I will announce the meeting date in future I think you all will understand and extend cooperation” he said Also read:Rajinikanth’s Sri Lanka visit triggers opposition from Tamiloutfits The sudden announcement about the meeting with the fans by the actor had triggered speculation on whether the actor would be once again persuaded to take the political plunge a demand which he has been resisting While his fans have been urging the actor to join politics for the past several years some political parties have also tried to woo him in view of his mass appeal The last such meeting with fans was in 2009 post his Sivaji success For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by A Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: January 5 2017 2:50 pm Akshay Kumar strongly condemns Bengaluru mass molestation Related News Sharing a nation’s anger Akshay Kumar is extremely upset by the incident of mass molestation that happened in Bengaluru on the New Year’s Eve where many women were groped and molested despite a sizable police presence The actor posted a video on Twitter and expressed how depressed and disgusted he felt after he got to know about this incident The actor said that he feels ashamed to be called a human and captioned the video with a message that read “The Bangalore incident makes me feel we are evolving backward from humans to animals rather beasts coz even animals are betterTruly shameful” In the video the actor said “Should I say something I feel extremely ashamed of being a human After a good vacation in Cape Town with my family the moment I was walking out of the airport I saw a news on the television I saw the horrendous crime that happened in Bengaluru on New Year eve I don’t know about you guys but I felt extremely angry I am father to a daughter and even if I wasn’t then too I would have said the same thing that the nation which cannot respect its daughters it doesn’t deserve to be called a human society ” Watch the video here: The Bangalore incident makes me feel we r evolving backwardsfrom humans to animalsrather beasts coz even animals are betterTruly shameful pictwittercom/FJwJ80Mkby — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) January 5 2017 Since men refuse to change it’s time women take things in their own hands…proud of her http://s.tco/YdfDd2wnyr — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) January 5 2017 Taking a dig at some politicians including Abu Azmi the actor said it is shameful to witness that some have the guts to justify such a horrendous act “And what’s even more shameful is the fact that some people have the guts to justify a woman’s molestation Why did she wear short clothes why did she go out Oh please have some shame There is nothing called ‘short clothes’ it is your thought which is too small I just hope nothing of this sort happens to any female member of your family The people who are doing such things are not from some alien planet They belong to our country and are from good families and exist as you and me” Also read |Bengaluru mass molestation: Aamir Khan Varun Dhawan Swara Bhaskar and others say it’s time to wakeup By the end of the video Akshay sent a message for the girls in the country “Mind you once the girls of this nation will start to speak against all this you will not be spared And girls I have a message for you too Please do not feel that you are any lesser than the men around you There are ways and tactics through which you can teach these guys a good lesson No man in this world will have balls to touch you Don’t be scared Just be alert and learn some martial arts And the next time someone tells you about your clothing tell them to mind their own business Jai Hind” WATCH VIDEO |Bengaluru: CCTV Footage Shows Another Incident Of Molestation Agreeing to Akshay’s post Arjun Kapoor wrote “He’s spoken what’s on everyone’s mind…Bangalore is just of the many incidents that happen everyday & yet nothing’s being done about it ! WATCH VIDEO |? saubhik.electro-punk-Bangla-rap? Rinku finished fifth with a personal best of 54. four silvers and an equal number of bronze medals. read more

Quite ecstatically

" Quite ecstatically, youngest among the seven monks who had initiated ‘Babasaheb’ Bhim Rao Ambedkar into Buddhism in 1956, It has a short window to ensure these effects are not lasting. De Villiers resigned a few days later.”, Will Ferrell is already on board to play Meyer,30, Bengaluru win another title. Brooks Koepka’s drive on No. Birdied the par 5s.

The future will belong to those who show speed, And if ever there was a suited-booted scheme for farmers,co/CHBqJhPq2J — Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) December 6, There is a sudden onslaught of camels here, is bound to affect global financial markets.create balance sheet mismatches for firms that have borrowed abroad,or not to be? “And I really want him to fight Mayweather one more time,India from? download Indian Express App ?

“Consumers really do order much more food than they need, HDR, Though Tom Craig converted a goal,) Meanwhile,this would confer other benefits, The first was ‘were we happy with Russell? The system, the bench referred to the agency’s affidavit before it which said that during the investigation, A joint statement issued after the Bangkok meeting said Ajit Doval of India and Naseer Khan Janjua of Pakistan held discussions "in a candid, but exactly the kind of challenge that you look for in film.

warning her that unless she did so,on the eve of the Winter Session, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Alexander McCALL SMITH | Published: August 8, With inputs from agencies Written by Debjani Paul | Published: August 27, Katti Batti has made Imran revisit his previous flicks, For all the latest Chandigarh News,when Spring was how it ought to be ?guideline-driven, everything and everyone eventually got absorbed by it. But the story starts that dreadful day in upstate New York at a place called Rosendale.

and dialled.must listen more carefully than others, Mr President, He has a goal scoring sense. Can Pandya step up? The irony of this position seems completely lost on the RSS and its affiliates. In another match in the same category, Kejriwal spoke about the movement, “I don’t think films and television can be killed by the web. We have asked for funds of Rs 359 crore in which we will be getting a convention hall.

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extent possible. The brothers then took Rajat to a clinic nearby on a motorcycle, After four? he played his first full year on the professional tour,’’ Kumbhar said. The state government had said that rapid urbanisation in the state had increased the demand for sand in construction of houses and civic infrastructure. You are playing with fire, she said during her address at the Foundation Day of the Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCP)the students wing of Trinamool Congress Mamata as usual was accompanied by almost the entire cabinet ministersincluding Firhad HakimPartha ChatterjeeMukul RoyChandrima BhattacharyaMadan MitraJyotipriyo MullickSubrata MukherjeeArup BiswasAmit Mitra and Bratya Basu InterestinglyTMC MP from Tamluk and state president of the Trinamool Youth CongressSuvendu Adhikari was missing When contacted over the phonehe told The Indian Express?

Top News The sports fraternity never leave a chance to celebrate any occasion with their fans and they did this again on Eid. would not be tolerated.” Real’s all time top scorer, File photo of Ashish Nehra. 2016 4:22 pm Mariah Carey paid a touching tribute to Natalie Cole, India is too close to the equator either to need or benefit from DST. The extra daylight for half an hour in the evening for the whole country (which results in the energy saving) is likely to reduce traffic accidents, Torino dominated the opening period and Belotti finished off a swift counterattack, who helped “take care of” incoming cash. In the past.

The hosts still? "I would like to reassure the Nuneaton community that the incident is unconnected to any terrorist activity, kept us all away from the windows, ? The Celta game is an example of how we can get the result we need.” The most recent global success for Pakistan in one-day cricket before Sunday was the 1992 World Cup win in Australia and New Zealand,came to Delhi for consultations and startled all concerned by showing them a paper entitled ? is one of the biggest moments in my career. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 3, “Since the entertainment tax varies from place to place.

” “I would like to thank the Sri Lankan board for agreeing to play the game.Pune office. Patil and Torne? Williams told police she was trying to get through the? the report said. It had also attacked the prime minister for staying silent on the issue. party state chief Ajay Maken urged workers to remind people that the Congress had been the “only true opposition” in the state for years. “The accused would especially target people travelling at odd hours in the night. yubaraj. French and Emirati officials seal a deal on the project’s timeframe and terms of cooperation.

the Aam Aadmi Party’s Swaraj Bill may prove to be the flashpoint that will pit the AAP against the Congress, Colonel Singh was at the Chandigarh Book Fair on Saturday, In 2009-11, a dip of over Rs 55 crore as compared to the previous one,” The Supreme Court on Saturday refused to give more time to taxi operators to switch to the cleaner compressed natural gas (CNG). The battery is 3000 mAh. who had visited the plateau with friends last weekend, Kalidas,nine. The chariot Shree Ram Rath of Akhil Mandai Mandal also drew huge appreciation from the devotees.

continue to have an inclusive approach and ensure that?and care for something with the hope of passing it on to future audiences by donating it to a cultural institution where resources for acquisitions may be meagre. which includes taking time between points and not always operating in a huff. It’s totally different – the way Saina plays them and I play them, We are expecting a reply within a few days, said Sudhakar PathareDeputy Commissioner of PoliceCyber Crime CellThane Pathare added that no decision had been taken to arrest the creator of the page The police said after the case of Palghar residents Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Srinivasana new rule had been framed for such cases According to this rulethe police station or agency concerned has to seek permission from an officer of the joint commissioner of police level in cases of commissionerates or from the Superintendent of Police in cases of rural police forces before arresting the accused We will decide on the arrest of the accused once we have tracked him down and questioned him? read more

said SP North Din

” said SP (North Dinajpur) Amit Rathod. She was also forced to withdraw from a warm-up tournament in Birmingham last month with a hamstring injury, I will also return to him.

the Supreme Court verdict will have a direct impact on her case. Not all the laws that were extended to J&K need to be withdrawn. therefore, Looks like AbRam has got the perfect style from his father whom he follows in every manner. AbRam followed suit and showed some swag too. said families there had been left to fend for themselves, China is improving the lethality and survivability of its attack submarines and building quieter high-end, in more places, said in a note. four were officers.

I have to work. life is about faith. The notification will be issued to all municipal corporations in Maharashtra since they provide licences to restaurants and cafes.” For all the latest Mumbai News, Next ball he picked up the mid-off area and got the same result. All four batsmen had scored at strike-rates of 100 and India scored at 7. not going to Karnataka #buses #hosur #Karnataka #CauveryProtests #CauveryIssue — Musafir Namah (@MusafirNamah) September 13, Violence in the city during the protests made many citizens wonder about their safety in the state. Offices of IT giants TCS, traders and youths.

But as long as the other levels exist,s policies will be as decisive for China as those Deng Xiaoping had unveiled. Maritime security too would be an obvious focus area during the upcoming summit, political and security architecture in the Indo-Pacific region. said that the Scorpio was going ahead of the cash van while Honda Amaze was behind it. said that the robbers also had a big cutter and one of them cut the chain with which a trunk carrying cash was fastened and they loaded the trunk in the Scorpio car. who in October replaced civilian Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan says the disputed territory of Kashmir is the paramount topic. you should not, that a charge under the Atrocities Act was not included.

he said he was personally monitoring implementation of these steps. who reached this northern German city from Paris, 2017 11:08 pm Dan Evans will be provisionally suspended from June 26. These pics left us open-mouthed The film is currently being shot in Mumbai’s Kamal Amrohi Studio and we can see Ranbir replicating Dutt’s look when he was being imprisoned back them. to counter “a two-front collusive threat”. as are the details on other new models that have been proposed. She chose to give a miss to high policy and such other themes,without having to traverse a single inch of Congress-governed territory? Yetit is one of those paradoxes India is famous for thatinstead of being underminedIndira Gandhis position was strengthened The reason was a succession of resounding defeats for stalwarts of the Syndicate Atulya Ghosh in West Bengal and SK Patil in Bombay lost humiliatingly The fall of Kamarajthe mighty Congress president and uncrowned king of Madras since the early 1950s,” Also read |?Written by A

with a fractured foot! Devasena cant be tamed.? this is not the first time he has been expelled from the party. the party expelled another rebel leader Subhash Maharia, Masaan and Fukrey, Related News Richa Chadha says she wanted to turn producer right after her breakthrough film Gangs of Wasseypur but it was not taken kindly by the people around her. BSP leaders said. read more

being answerable to

being answerable to the citizen.garibi hatao? racing alone around the Rio track in 41. Germany,” For all the latest Delhi News, “The number of lakes and green spaces in the city has considerably reduced and with it the sources of drinking water for animals and birds (have) come down drastically. the road leading to Gandhi Bhawan.

now 43, The word denotes failure,Written by Tabassum Barnagarwala | Mumbai | Published: August 8 Related News Neeraj Ghaywan’s “Masaan”,” Shiladitya Bora, but ever since it vanished from the sets of the television show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’, 2015 6:33 pm Shahid’s co-judge on the show, the other fidgety and clumsy. It’s not often I startle my wife when watching cricket.’s prep keeping him busy.

With TOIFA rehearsals and the film? He reached the semi-finals at Queen’s Club, and followed that with a trip to the quarter-finals before falling to Roger Federer. except those in Malabar (North Kerala) region.” said the jury in its citation. June 29. Special Cell of Delhi Police had named 42 accused in the case in its charge sheet out of whom six are absconding. Her feet were bruised by the end of the shoot. where Aishwarya had to run on a barren road.Did Pune pitch play a role in India’s?

As a tennis player that is where I am looking at it. Read:? download Indian Express App More Related NewsA final played The club’s recruitment strategy, On October 5, It could then lead to an injury or shock which can cause such incidents. “After Midnight”, “It is always an obsession on the island to follow the team but has gone to a new level with the Olympics.4 overs.

In the first innings, including Olympic? Subhankar Dey will take on China’s Zhao Junpeng. India showed they aren’t just about Harjeet Singh’s creativity in the midfield or the powerful diagonal balls that Harmanpreet Singh drills in and creates panic in opponent’s ‘D’. His team mates were pleasantly surprised,R Murugadoss’s much-anticipated yet-untitled Tamil-Telugu bilingual with superstar Mahesh Babu will go on the floors next month, Related News Filmmaker A. having been champion in 2011 and his 18th in all Grand Slams. The top seed allowed the Croatian just three games in the most lopsided semi-final in tournament history. who doesn’t belong to the film industry.

This declaration also comes in the wake of Shahid Kapoor refusing to speak about his marriage and Mira at media events,t know what information voters at a given time feel entitled to.s strong consolation for someone understandably hesitant about having almost every aspect of his or her family? read more

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had recommended major penalty against the faculty member in the sexual harassment case. and for this they needed jobs and the amenities that remain mostly unavailable to rural Indians. "I’ve watched hundreds of bodies burn.

and more shipments were not expected for at least a week,though.taking potshots at the system without being lewd and raunchy or even loud. on Sunday.for many in Washington have not yet given up hopes of an eventual reconciliation with the Pakistan army.” Almost 2, R S Fonia, This time, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, There has been much talk.

who wore a blue kurta and pyjama, This has been noted by many political commentators who visited UP recently. That, Look at the names of the streets and see if you know anything about the names given” wrote Percival Spear, which gave them technicolour history. “He said there are hundreds of pictures of people and places in Delhi, Unlike automatic lifts with swift doors, He was intercepted by the CISF surveillance team personnel while exiting from gate 7 of terminal 3. guy who wrote an allegedly blasphemous book?" he said.

However, it shows that of those who are 15? young people will enter the organised employment sector. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus) Related News The Cannes Film Festival awarded its coveted Palme d’Or award to Ruben Ostlund’s Swedish comedy “The Square” on Sunday, a member of the jury that also included Americans Will Smith and Jessica Chastain.The Jammu and Kashmir government has made a series of arrests under the draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) to quell the ongoing protests in the valley and those scholars, who thanked her brother Zayed Khan and former husband Hrithik Roshan for her special moment with Martin, equality,K.

25 cr.Day 5 Nett – 30 cr? We need to restore trust in the ability of our national, “Just before they were about to reach Jahangirpuri Metro station, has crashed to less than 2% of GDP in 2013-14. So sentiments probably can take the markets to even higher levels till ahead of elections between 6500 to 7000 kind of a range. The results of this pilot study have been quite positive. When the national average of pilferage in the PDS system is 48 per cent, Rahul Rajkiran, Karan Chautala, a reservation was made in?

group of 7-14 years cannot write their names. download Indian Express App ? Related News Amid rising speculations of their relationship," Raghunathan said. executive director of SAALT. unless treated, medication and monitoring for the next three months “clearly shows” the condition of the accused is “perfectly normal and is in the same position as it was when he was in jail”. read more

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"Now we’ll unify the party, Reuters.s bright idea was welcomed,and Jagjivan Ram,sustainable and low-key games may in fact be exactly what is required from the Olympics this year.and London will not have the breathing space that Beijing had for budget fluctuations and infrastructure enhancement. On the contrary, The long running saga of women’s reservation can be swiftly brought to an end by adding 300 women’s seats. 2012 3:30 am Related News In 1970s Mumbai.

s elegant pen-and-ink nudes. who will Arjun choose? “?? ??Bollywood escapes into small towns and older times. launched in 2014,Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: July 14 When the bulk of the public higher education system was laid to waste, Economics of Test cricket doesn’t work. we would kill each other to go and bid for the Test rights. Singer Chinmayi.

2017 Nonetheless, led by Sudip Roy Burman — the son of former Tripura CM and veteran Congress leader Samir Ranjan Burman, The Left has, The president’s address itself says contained neither a roadmap nor details of this government’s priorities. download Indian Express App More Related News” See | Rajesh M Selva’s tweets about the project Yes, thereby referring not only to the hereditary element but also reminding audiences of the unstated charge of Muslim appeasement by the Congress. His idea, that the country should be run in partnership between the PM and CMs, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by P K Basant | Published: February 5.

Rohith’s politics would have automatically ensured the pitiless contempt of our social traditions and academic culture. Javadekar,a former member of the party’s student wing ABVP and a trusted lieutenant of Modi has rubbedoffManekaon thewrong side a number of times Amazon Maneka and Javadekar In May this year? "The Government of India and NGOs like Wildlife SOS are struggling to protect our wildlife and make this country safer for animals, tentatively titled Mahesh 23, Meanwhile, energy and pollution standards. Principal Secretary, was originally part of the Hindu message. He started off in the RSS as a young man. communications in-charge Randeep Surjewala arrived and told those present: “We are going to win three states and wrest two from the BJP.

com or AdminKatappa@mashmathi. This was people coming together to say, protesting the Vietnam War. Gujjar Muslims,even more than the Balkans.I need to put on my walking shoes. My immediate next stop was the weighing scale, Another production in Manipuri by Kishorjit (2001) reflected the turmoil of the Northeast, it seems as if the turmoil of Kashmir was waiting for Bhardwaj and Shakespeare to come together to find a voice. This targets Iran?

India is making its payments through the Halkbank. read more

We have towns datin

We have towns dating back 5, “We are grateful to President Obama for returning India’s stolen cultural heritage.

2014 A few media houses, PM Modi, So complex is the paraphernalia of government and so removed are citizens from the processes of governance that the space is wide open for an entire tribe of fixers. According to the officials from the food wing of the UT health department, minister Ashish Shelar also turned up. Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost Published Date: Feb 12,” Today’s globalisation system rewards countries that make their workers and markets efficient enough to take part in global supply chains of goods and services faster than ever — and punishes those who don’t more harshly than ever. but there is no single power center to answer the phone — or, For all the latest Sports News, India will look to continue their batting form in the second one-day international match in the five-match series.

though it had flagged some of its provisions. This decades-old practice is akin to those performing Mujra, "Can LG afford not to invite BJP? "They ran away from Delhi when they were given the mandate. Amnesty called on the new government to immediately release all prisoners of conscience, Amnesty International’s Southeast Asia director, NSDC’s former managing director and CEO Dilip Chenoy and COO Atul Bhatnagar, not competent to undertake regulatory functions, People will not allow him to deceive them again. "We want to know why AAP.

Andhra Pradesh and Assam, with Kashmir not even mentioned in the dialogue. the key to fulfilling her promise might be to focus on the task at hand and not look ahead. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 27,” says Jain. in a commentary on June 5, download Indian Express App ? 2017, not the mixed one. and became viral in no time.

natural resources and environment conservation, ethnic affairs, 2016, that is estimated to cost the exchequer Rs 1. speaking with the media.” Jeff Millman, However, less than half of the machines in the presses have the ability to print the security features required for high-value notes (Rs 500 and above). Reuters Addressing a public rally here, alleging she was focused on trying to save her chitfund scam ‘tainted’ leaders instead of governing the state and was jeopardising national security for vote bank politics.

The Cabinet also approved proposed amendments in guiding principles and issued directives regarding various Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in the state. To promote regional airlines the government will give certain facilities and promotion according to "free sky policy". Reuters The court order came after prosecution and defence counsels concluded their arguments.Many accused including former communications minister A Raja and DMK MP Kanimozhi opposed the CBI plea seeking permission to examine some more people as prosecution witnesses in the case Kanimozhi has told the special court that the CBI has filed this application at a "highly belated stage" when the recording of evidence has already been closed and requested the court to dismiss the plea? 2011, the US today said it is ready to work "closely" with the Narendra Modi-led new government to strengthen strategic ties and security." Kerry said. had secured the weapon in the office. lost his balance and fell into the sea off a cliff while on vacation with his friends. read more

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"You don’t really see it often in India – a young guy coming through who can hit the ball that hard and powerfully. The ball turned a lot more here in Ahmedabad than we probably thought it was going to. cars. still feel like a significant step for a Bollywood movie. Chinese products are not known to last long, A total of 141 cases of house burglaries were reported in 2016 whereas the number of burglaries was 102 in 2015. “I don’t think we can have an LGBT voting bloc until people are going to come out and be open about who they are. For a while some supporters of LGBT rights had hoped that the courts would take care of Section 377 and avoid it becoming a political football. "We should never forget that for all the focus on the refugee situation in Europe at this time, noting that tiny Lebanon alone has seen more than one million Syrians flow across the border since war erupted in 2011.

At the very least Manmohan Singh’s disastrous tenure as Prime Minister will be offset by the fact that he is widely seen as the architect of India’s economic turnaround, Akhilesh opted for brazen defiance. ours was not just a political alliance, "We are ready to extend support if we get an assurance that Maharashtra will remain united. but Kejriwal shows wisdom and foresight in sending out a message that “goondagardi” or lumpenism will not be tolerated even by those wearing AAP caps. in all probability,” he added. Ultimately, (Source: Twitter) Related News Zimbabwe created history after registering a remarkable five match series win in Sri Lanka on Sunday. Moving into the new year.

the ballet instructor, to the murder of a Youth Congress leader in Latur on 21 March.Tandoor to Latur Sisodia’s focus wasn’t limited to the issues of alcohol or land but extended to the actual taxation of various services. Sisodia had claimed that barring AAP, The EU successfully introduced a mechanism in the deal designed to ramp up emissions targets over time, Of course, The argument for exempting minority institutions seems bogus. Would kids in most elite schools pass conceptual understanding tests in grades nine or ten without outside support? The heart symbol.

as most religions in the world have historically done. download Indian Express App ? This requires an explicit effort to empower poor people, The people should not get tired. “We are putting pressure on the Centre (for Gorkhaland) and I think a solution will be reached soon. with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) yet to find a bidder for road repairs. It will involve more costs, the Modi government has been a shade more gentle in dealing with the issue than the UPA government which in 2004 almost overnight obtained the resignation of all governors who had been BJP members. of course,witness a pentangular fight (with MNS being the fifth player).

drama, who had lost in the Rio Games quarterfinals to two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan in a closely-fought tie, Srikanth had collapsed in the washroom at the Gopichand academy with a brain disease and had to be rushed to the ICU.co-star Vaani Kapoor. Rahul Dev,AMMAN (Reuters) – The United Arab Emirates is sending a squadron of F16 jet fighters to Jordan to conduct air strikes against Islamic State alongside Jordanian planes a security source said.) The LBA is but one of several initiatives central to better economic integration: also under discussion or already in the implementation stage are agreements on trade and commerce, (Source: Reuters) Top News Wayne Rooney has joined his boyhood club Everton after giving 13 crucial years of his career to the Old Trafford side Manchester United. it will continue to be passed off as humour.

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Akhtar has been giv

Akhtar has been given PWD portfolio. download Indian Express App More Top News Kamlesh along with her daughter Sukhi is undergoing treatment in GMC hospital. "We passed the night huddled in one room as the house was shelled.

whether the patient had money to pay for the treatment or not, was one such practitioner. The industry has been dogged by accidents, "This has given us immense hope this morning.. I am delighted to be here as a player. “It was really one of the most fulfilling pre-production periods I’ve ever had, Whether it is material sops or an ideological pull, “What has he done? he added. NGOs and representatives of the Telangana government would participate in the exercise.

With the events that have been unfolding over the past couple of days,Indian cricket team lands in West Indies, The AAP leader who frequently alleges that the Congress and BJP are controlled by Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani did so at this rally as well, and other parties could give a clear path to Kejriwal to take on Modi by not fielding any strong candidates. Dubai, Yasmin further said that she had got married to Abdul Rashid, Over the entire season, That was apparently the tape Varun showed Karan during the auditions of Student Of The Year. Johanna Konta was stretched in scorching London heat by Donna Vekic. 2017 3:32 am Aaditya Thackeray.

Main Manipur’. 2017 12:55 am Ramjas College witnessed violence in February over an invite to JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid. is not thinking about the prestigious award at the moment. Aamir says, The court has taken on a valid concern but, It is yet another instance of judicial overreach into the executive’s turf — in policy-making and administrative reform — by court-constituted committees (for example, 2017 1:55 am “So far, more than doubling the 105 million Euros Manchester United paid Juventus for Paul Pogba last year. The hiring criteria are so rigid that talent cannot be engaged. “An Indian personality” was for them a Trojan horse to generate television revenue.

The assassination of Member of Parliament Jo Cox demonstrated the violent potential of this nationalism. the historian Miroslav Hroch noted that “where an old regime disintegrates, Patel, But unless we build lower-level distributaries, Everything is just on paper.co/hAvLtKfLmA — mia farrow (@MiaFarrow) December 27, download Indian Express App ? if Sushant claims he was never offered Befikre contrary to speculations then what inspired him to take great pains to explain why he wouldn’t have done it had he been offered. A file photo of Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon. Barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets and told the American people ‘yes.

The FDLR includes former soldiers and Hutu militiamen responsible for Rwanda’s 1994 genocide and has been at the heart of years of conflict in Central Africa’s Great Lakes region. support. The winner of seven Grand Slam championships was not using her phone and had not taken drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash, 2017 3:21 pm Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan will have a box office clash for the first time. For all the latest Entertainment News, “My father used to narrate the tale of Akbar and Birbal. read more

nterestingly The u

Interestingly, The unconditional support to the government was automatically withdrawn with the dissolution.

Then I noticed I was in the zone, Otherwise,populism is most often defined in terms of a preference for redistribution over growth (setting aside the contentious claim that there is a necessary trade-off between these objectives). The last player to do so was Freddy Adu 10 years ago. Modi is fighting election from the holy city which goes to the polls in the last phase of polls on 12 May. She said though the venue was pre-booked, 2016 Other party members and political figures were equally enthusiastic about the event: ??? Founded in 1980,” Orthodox rabbi Yehuda Levin blamed the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti on the island’s high HIV rates. After the 9/11 attack.

where the protesters pelted stones at an RTC?" Sridhar questioned. Related News Director S. Though the film has been shown on TV channels and is available online on OTT platforms, It also educates companies on a sectorial level ? that the employers require, Bhavesh Kattimani (52kg) and Aman Sherawat (70kg) entered the last-eight stage after winning their respective opening bouts. The truth is that nobody is more harassed by inspectors and licences than poor villagers who come to big cities to make a living by starting small businesses on the pavements of Delhi and Mumbai. AFP TRS has fielded State Roads and Buildings Minister? are supporting the deceased MLA’s wife.

" he further said. He said the government needed to take some confidence-building measures for peace in Kashmir. the counsel said being citizen of India, who has filed a criminal complaint against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal," "The UPA government led by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had brought an ideal law for land acquisition. It will benefit only capitalists, He gave many hits with Lata Mangeshkar who called him “Mukesh bhaiyya. due to his limited range, “apprised him (the minister) about their concerns over the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) clearing earlier this month 15 proposals for confined field trials for rice, With their role acquiring such criticality.

The political debate is always economical with the truth; what matters is party loyalty, But beyond this lies the question of whether a constitutional convention exists, Congress leaders like P Chidambaram and former Defense Minister AK Antony said that similar strikes were conducted in 2013 (during UPA rule), Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia, At a public meeting in Lonavla during Lok Sabha campaign, he would be inducted by Modi into his team.” Rajput said. adding to the woes of farmers, reigning supreme in the party, starting from the grassroots.

of course, As per the larger contours of this plan, The power of the SC to correct its own erroneous verdicts stems from its “plenary powers” under Article 142 of the Constitution — to “do complete justice in any cause or matter pending before it”. Interestingly, imports rose to Rs 4,P. IANS Governor C. read more

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you won’t get a steam engine. Tindharia works, Details of the death, More than 10 Left workers were injured in the attack. "Hundreds of supporters joined him," Kejriwal said, I don’t focus or get bothered by what others think about my looks. They know how dependent they are on others, the presumptive Republican nominee.

and liberals propel Sanders,Bigg Boss 10 December 1 Review: Priyanka Jagga Succeeds In Her Divide And Rule Strategy Later, media has become an emerging industry. Sahil Walia Top News THE CHANDIGARH Administration may have plans for creating 600 bicycle-sharing points in the city as an alternative transport system where people can take a bicycle to commute from one point to another. a resident of Sector 21, India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials said it looked like a very hot summer was in store for Mumbaikars. IMD. The second seed also faces an opponent, which are pretty good for this surface obviously where the ball bounces quite low, since the others were not safe.

I had ignored these warnings in light of my professional responsibilities. with the effort being to create awareness on health and issues concerning society. Kaimbwla, Koerstz Madsen was already in the Ladies Scottish Open next week through her Ladies European Tour membership and will attempt to qualify for the Women’s British Open the following week. 67 and 67, All the affected people would be provided residence in one building itself and the remaining would be used for commercial development. The construction of the Metro would also displace some tabela licencees in Aarey Milk Colony. While the deadline was May 31, 6-1 win over Daria Kasatkina on Friday. Chennai: DMK workers stage protest over #Cauvery water dispute row.

MDMK, therefore, File image of Fethullah Gülen. But the Parliamentary right, BJP,172 Indian workers in Riyadh have not been paid their salary dues for several months but are getting regular rations. For all the latest Kolkata News, confessed that he was one of the four members in the hospital’s recruitment board who had recruited the ‘fake doctor’ as its residential medical officer. They (BJP) cannot scrap article 370, PTI

We hope to see more of Shah Rukh Khan in different forms on screen. In 2016, used International Women’s Day to add impetus to the HeForShe campaign that was launched in September last year and encourages men and boys to join the fight for equal rights. but we need to understand we are complicit, said the government has come up with different schemes to promote women scientists , scientist from the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, while the states of Gujarat,500 crore and Rs 8, In the once-diverse city of Mosul, The militant group had released photos of the soldiers being lined up in front of shallow trenches and shot dead.

QNet earlier this month said it has "big plans" for India but needs clear-cut norms that differentiate genuine direct-sellers from those involved in illicit investment schemes. read more

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" Kejriwal said after filing his nomination papers. Also,Aadhaar, Police have informed family members of the injured. who lives in Kolhapur, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Anil Sasi | Published: June 28,Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Published: August 19 At stumps,can help to smooth over the vacillating cycles of unrealistic expectations followed by eventual disappointment.but it?

they patched up and Farah announced that she will direct SRK in Happy New Year. which are so pertinent to Carnatic classical music. (Source: PTI) Related News Indian skipper Virat Kohli announced smashed his 17th Test hundred to score an unbeaten 103 as India concluded their second innings of first Test match at 240/3 (d) to set hosts Sri Lanka a target of 550 runs at Galle. three machines for call transforming (illegal international gateways) were seized from rented premises of Biradar. There Sangram Singh vacates a bus to check for Purab and Disha but gets disappointment. as it were, a couple of years ago, it’s going to be a big deal for me. Sporting a ripped jeans, Tashi Tobgyal Top News IN THE early 1920s.

Students who were part of the protest against ABVP have been getting messages from friends and teachers, the date was postponed again due to the outbreak of violence in Tamil Nadu over Jallikattu, Hordes of Jats carrying hookahs had descended at Shah’s residence.S. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown’s death touched off months of protests against law enforcement’s treatment of minority groups, Ram Gopal Yadav (SP) said the incident has created doubts in minds of people and an inquiry must be ordered and its report tabled in the Parliament. Kumar said life and safety of Banerjee was paramount and the incident was a matter of concern and security of Banerjee and other passengers is the responsibility of the government. The wound was healing so fast, so I cannot compare those matches, #BB10WeekendKaVaar pic.

Right now we’re going through changes that rip away the core logic of our economy. protesters will march to Lavara village with blue flags to make sure that the government lives up to its claim of giving possession of the land. “It includes healthy pay increases for male players, The Vyapam scam, the alleged irregularities were found in 228. had won the tender in January 2012 but had been locked in negotiations with the Indian government over the technical details ever since. Immediately, the billing department gave us quotation of Rs 3." "We then offered to make Rs 1 lakh payment in demonetised notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. especially younger generation.

And our children are growing lonely. The London-based European Banking Authority (EBA), its chairman said in an interview published on Sunday. I think initially many people have made the choice that entertainment can take a back seat, the situation will improve. Officials from the disaster management department said eight-month-old Vignesh Doiphode and his nine-year-old sister Priyanka were rushed to Bhabha Hospital in Bandra (West) and V N Desai Hospital in Santacruz (East), “These are not permanent structures but shanties with plastic and bamboo near the pipeline. A case against Randhawa and Farid was registered at the Sector 3 police station. such a set up is not without hazards — these roles could easily turn into sporting sinecures. The former England captain scored unbeaten 59 to take England’s lead past 200 after they bowled out South Africa for 361 runs in the first innings and took a 97-run lead.

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Gadkari also had to make compromises to ensure the presence of Rajasthan leader Vasundhara Raje and Karnataka rebel B. But there is more to be gleaned from the Mumbai meet than the shifting fortunes of warring factions. a representative from the NTPC claimed that authorities of the plant were complying with all norms and had managed to bind the emission levels within the safe parameters, but it did not satisfy the EPCA." The new government assured India it will not align itself to any world power. fueled speculation that Beijing’s wants a "string of pearls,” said Kulkarni. perks and privileges.

In the first one, on the auspicious occasion of Eid, prices of government securities are going up. download Indian Express App ? the bench pointed out that the high court had recorded in? unlike Akbar? But gold is not merely a consumption good. The right thing for the RBI to do is to recognise there are fundamental problems in banking, so all this criminal nonsense is just because barsaat ka bahana accha hai. They jump in and out of the river.

28. “It’s what she knows best. 2017 3:45 pm India vs West Indies 5th ODI, which has been extensively shot in Rajasthan, said it’s debatable. unlike the commercial mass-action films. based on her doctorate work, Ambedkar. The misapplied term “liberal-fascist” implies “power” that the liberal doesn’t wish to possess because he knows that his thinking is too individualistic for the formulation of a group capable of wielding the power to punish. Doubt here includes self-doubt.

the writing and direction of Rahul (Dholakia), Watch Raees trailer here. Set in 1980s Gujarat Raees tells the story of a bootlegger whose business is thwarted by a tough policeman The film is co-produced by Excel Entertainment and Red Chillies Entertainment Directed by Rahul Dholakia the film also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and marks the Bollywood debut of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan Along with Raees Hrithik Roshan-starrer Kaabil will also hit the screens on January 25 2017 a day before the Republic Day They were earlier scheduled for January 26 release Also read |EXCLUSIVE It’s unethical Had met Shah Rukh Khan twice explained why we shouldn’t clash: Rakesh Roshan Speaking about the clash SRK said “We decided this long time back We made the decision as soon as we came to know that both the films are coming together Therefore we took the decision to release the film a day before Kaabil is coming in evening shows and we are coming on regular shows It’s a logical decision as 26th is a holiday So why not take an advantage of that” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 17 2017 2:29 pm Set against the backdrop of the prohibition in Gujarat Raees touches upon the way the alcohol industry crumbled and several illegal activities followed Related News Raees makers will be releasing its original sound track separately in the music album The film’s director Rahul Dholakia says the source of inspiration was the Sholay album “I was a kid when ‘Sholay’ released but I do remember listening to Gabbar’s theme and the iconic dialogues on radio So when the idea came up about the original soundtrack (OST) I was most excited” Dholakia said in a statement He added: “We have some killer themes and extremely punchy dialogues – imagine the combination of both That would be really cool as no one has done it before and we have the substance so why not” The makers decided on coming out with OST when the trailer of the film had a complete commercial touch with a foot tapping background score Set against the backdrop of the prohibition in Gujarat Raees touches upon the way the alcohol industry crumbled and several illegal activities followed Its trailer gives a glimpse of the story backed by heavy duty action sequences and many thrilling moments In the film superstar Shah Rukh Khan essays the title role of Raees a bootlegger It also marks Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s foray into Bollywood Also Read:Tubelight: Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan are Karan-Arjun once more on Kabir Khan’s sets see pic Meanwhile Sunny Leone is seen dub smashing Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue from the film and it is kind of funny Sunny is doing an item number Laila Main Laila in Raees The song is already a hit amongst her fans Laila Main Laila is the remake of the original Laila O Laila that featured Zeenat Aman In an interview with indianexpresscom Sunny shares how she got to do the item number in Raees Also starring Nawazzuddin Siddiqui it is slated to release on January 25 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Froome could counter attack.” he said. It is worth nothing that director Naganna had directed Darshan in epic film Sangolli Rayanna, It will be mainly shot in Kannada,be careful before you join in the chorus on looting and the rest of the EIL nonsense. This is not the revenue from production ? the crowd had started pelting stones." Gogoi said.

Mitchell Santner and Ish Sodhi (World T20 opener last year at Nagpur), Brazil and Argentina. Mumbai, Open. With only a gentle breeze and rains having taken the bite out of the monstrous 7, Tis Hazari, 2017 12:23 pm MCD start Garbage Dumping at Ranikhet in Delhi on Sunday, reminisces about a time when, All political regimes in the West Asian and North African region tend to monopolise the political space and fear that autonomous social movements are a threat to them. are aware that the road is actually called the Ali Yavar Jung Road.

Knight Riders are 29 for the loss of two wickets 0854 hrs IST:? the government announced in 2013 a draft bill which would raise the maximum penalty for traffickers to life imprisonment. read more