Hu Yufeng originality in fact can also be copied out

Before you cut into the subject, please come to see an ancient

exam joke.

there was a scholar, usually do not work hard to write, when thinking before the exam, a miserable, his wife laugh at him and said: "you did not pain us pain!" he shook his head and said: "madam, as a matter of fact, I wrote it than you the children also pain." His wife puzzled and asked, "how do you say this?" the scholar said, "a woman has children, she has the goods in her belly. I write the article without the stomach." read more

A brief talk about the detours made by myself at the station

beginner SEO when he walked a lot of detours, originally thought he was right, and later found out the wrong way. First, I have no choice in the website before a good program to make a station, using the total station dynamic program, it’s not good for the optimization of the late SEO, but at first I don’t know, feel dynamic both fun and beautiful, but do not know the optimization of SEO is no good.

after the station building, on their own hard day hair article, do the chain, want to stand up to do as soon as possible, to see the results at first, also really a little effect, Baidu update daily snapshot included, is very new, but with more and more of the chain, the site has not every update, also not included, also be K out dozens of articles, this may be the search engine punishment, can be included in the query tool for Wikipedia: to check, so no matter what must be appropriate, do not overdo sth., we must pay attention to the quality of the chain. read more

A veteran of many years of novel website

with more and more network miracle, the type of website is more and more, but ask what station is most, I think network novel station should have to mention,


network novel station, divided into two kinds of original station and transfer station. The original starting point, with many stations, waves as the representative of the transfer station almost innumerable.

reprint station is pirated station, this should have been justified by the blow. But no matter which industry, the fight against piracy is not so easy, sometimes it is empty talk, because the relationship between genuine and piracy is complementary and indispensable. In fact, this is easy to understand, if there is no piracy station, the genuine is also difficult to support a single plank; and with a pirate station, publicity on legitimate publicity is also good. As long as they are not birds of the past, they infringe upon genuine interests excessively, and the two parties can still keep it. read more

How does the novice wonder where the station should operate

2010 the Internet is shaky, every industry bigwigs are busy busy market, money, but for the individual owners, survival pressure is indeed growing, before relying on advertising, do some novel or movie station may be a temporary profit for a period of time, but with the value of. The copyright of the national novel station, video station, movies are faced with the danger of infringement, if one day you make others unhappy to tell, the huge amount of compensation will put you in recent years to earn all the money lost, so for the individual owners, although this station can be quickly profitable, but the risk is also very high, we can not afford. So many owners choose to place corner, Internet bigwigs who is not related to the local industry to develop, after all, in their own home website, or a bit of confidence. read more

From vertical to focus mother and child electricity supplier of strong flash purchase attributes

comprehensive view, flash purchase suitable for price transparency, commodity distribution long tail, inventory management difficult scene. Beibei network of children’s clothing and maternity products, electricity supplier is undoubtedly very appropriate.

text / world network operators Yang Qin

in China’s electricity supplier development in the past few years, from the commodity dimension of the business model is divided into two types: integrated electricity supplier and vertical electricity supplier. The business logic at that time was to sell all the goods to everyone, or to sell all kinds of goods to everyone. read more

Stationmaster must see real website does good experience

skills: Hang chat room.

hanging chat room is not new, but there are still a few people who really master the key technology, which is very consistent with the market rules. What is the key? Always the details. On the network, the flow of the highest chat room than the QQ chat room. In addition, QQ is the largest instant messaging tool in China and the largest online dating center in china. So, in 2006, you could easily get more than 1000IP traffic as long as you used 10 QQ login chat rooms. in the implicit creative stage, that is, using this method to maintain daily flow of more than 1100IP. The details of this phase are: read more

New sites change title and hair soft will not go to ruin

I published a "new sites in A5 article in Baidu Dutch act before

is equal to" ( article, at that time my station was established almost half a month, still not be included in Baidu so frustrated, feel too impulsive.

Why are you so

A5 to run the article, actually I didn’t want to add a link on the inside, but feel the resources wasted, so don’t use it, or made with a link to the article, surprisingly good results, through the flow of A5 day IP exceeded 200 people, in second days Google included my site. Just Baidu included slowly into the sandbox, how do I save her? Some people say I content is the Internet spread content, search engines do not love, so I just posted some search engines, hungry content. read more

Soft Wen your role exactly how big

in Admin5, everyone is saying that soft Wen is to promote the site of the necessary means, but here I want to ask: soft Wen for promotion website exactly how big role


I have tried to write an article "my five years of experience, professional website: concentrate on, focus on" article soon be edited selection, and had the top, several Adsense sites also reprinted. When writing this article, there are two purposes. First, I want to share my experience with everyone, and second, I really want to promote the website. read more

Thanks to the song hum old liar will see the webmaster


hum song liar

liar QQ:1174721788

cheat website:

it’s like this:

was recently busy with the acquisition of a large number of advertising, the station has acquired over, then came to the acquisition of some small traffic sites A5. I see in this forum the sales of advertising, QQ found the person was a female, and only 3 QQ. The person said the station is to spend 10 thousand to buy QQ, a friend sent, even inside the Adsense is also hanging a friend. Now these are the usual trick liar, make network 4 years of the second time I was young fool… read more

Operation focus of talent network in different periods

with the gradual maturity of the talent market, the means of operation of talent networks are gradually mature. And in many operating methods, and not any method is suitable for the site of the time. In the appropriate period, select the correct operational focus, in order to allow talent network operation with half the effort, gradually grow.

site starts: do a good job in infrastructure


website starting period is a very important step, must do the market survey complete, including the division of industry website, competitor analysis, the defect of the market, you can make a good. Then, according to their own ideas to investigate the implementation of the site, although the site can be continuously improved in operation. But in the current market, your infrastructure should be no less competitive than your competitors. read more

Talking about how to find partners in nternet start ups

Internet is similar to other enterprises. If you want to become bigger and stronger, you must have your own team. It’s easier said than done and how difficult it is for a team to find the right team. One can go further, Tongde can get closer. Looking for partners, first of all concentric. One dream, one goal. Internet is the initial stage of business is not immediately profitable, this is looking for partners to increase the difficulty. At the beginning, no money, generally three to five years, or even ten years, requires partners to share common goals and persevere. Partners should have three to five years of cooperative planning, long-term plans, and a lifetime to complete it. Shares, if you start two people, the other one accounted for 51%, and the other is 49%. There is only one legal representative. That is, CEO has only one. read more

Web designers should follow three of the efficient design principles alignment

Abstract: "to design book" you read a Book of the design principle for complex condensed contrast, repetition, alignment and intimacy of the four design principles. This series of articles will elaborate on the key elements and supporting tools of the four design principles. This is the third article to illustrate the important role of alignment in web design and its supporting tools.

for the hotel industry and the federal government for the development of Web Ryan Boudreaux for the four design principles wrote a series of articles, this is the third article "Effective design principles for web designers: Alignment" translation, as follows: read more

Shark views on website construction 1


has recently seen too many unrealistic pure pursuit of the chain of soft wen I also want to write about his experience on the site a few years

I started with the lowest level. First of all, the domain name. I always think the website construction is a long-term investment. Build a website, can not earn money in a few months, eliminate those natural born master. General website builders, the most taboo point is that often change domain names. Many people don’t care, saying CN domain names are worthless. My advice in recent years to tell you a little trick: first of all, since you want to site, just want to make money, then you must be willing to invest domain name, COM domain name I most optimistic about. Don’t make junk names unless you’re doing garbage stations. But in recent years, garbage stations have become increasingly waste. Also more and more do not make money, do website. Your main domain name must be a year of suffering in order to have a good position in the search engine rankings. The pursuit of the number of pages included. Is self comfort, included pages with keywords ranking relationship more and more not close. Therefore, I particularly recommend friends who do new sites or intend to do new sites of friends, domain name to be willing to invest, there is not only a domain name, just started using two top-level domain name. The premise is consistent with the type of site you do. In this way, even if the future bigger, and want to expand the market, you can quickly launch second domain names, for future development to make a forward-looking investment. read more

Stationmaster makes a website insist in

construction site of perseverance, now there are many websites directly to a template, and then to collect a few minutes, a website came out, but the website does not have any meaning, to provide online help is not large, because the information is not collected, after analysis and filtering of their own, is the most spam, there are a lot of people can not adhere to manually add, because every day to update is really hard, no perseverance is unable to continue.

              all say that web site is content is king, but there are several people in the content on the hard work. In fact, the Internet is the transmission of information is the most attractive place, the site is also the heart of the information, your good website theme related information collected every day, adhere to update, Baidu search engine GOOGLE, these will naturally take care of you. If you do not adhere to update their own station, do more SEO are futile and meaningless. read more

Rookie how to promote their website

site visibility is very important, Baidu spider love celebrity. He love to celebrity house. So to improve the visibility, also can indirectly improve the Baidu ranking, so you can find some good platform to promote your own website.

first, in a well-known website to appear more, your site was a big family included, natural reputation is the same. According to my observation, Baidu spider has a habit, he will seriously consider the frequency of your web site in other sites. Therefore, it is recommended to lower ranking webmaster, mostly in the webmaster network hair article, this effect is very useful. Write a proposal experience for a week, I have the effect very much. As long as everyone has perseverance to do it, you can see the effect.. Work hard together.. ~! Believe in the harvest.. read more

The blood and tears road movie website construction

this site has been concerned about the Admin5, every day, to see the experience of prawns in Admin5, benefited from, and today I have the honor to share my prawns do stand now feel.

began to contact the Internet from 99 years, chat about QQ-, play games – visit Forums – build websites. Time flies,.9 years have passed,.9 years of Internet career, have gained and lost,


2004-2008 in July to do the management in a large entertainment forum, resigned due to internal contradictions. A group of managers also followed the resignation. For the following his resignation for a shelter. He plans to build a. read more

Site 6 hours P breakthrough 300 experience talk

(for novice, expert, don’t watch)

preparation: just start installing stationmaster net predecessors pointing in the major portal for the blog, I applied for Sina and Tianya (there have been applying for blogbus, but in fact I found published with a URL article in blogbus automatically hide, so it is not recommended to use blogbus.

began to promote the steps of: applying good blog, remember my blog address and name in the title of your website, I want the promotion of the website is, originally is the online cartoon network, my blog registered user name is 126ktcn, and the title of the blog also marked "126 cartoon cinema", then I put the head also into a cartoon avatar, the template is also a little animation, this is always the case. read more

Depth analysis of the reasons for today’s Web site making money difficult

is currently the Internet basically is difficult to make money, a few years ago the price of GG, the network environment is now can not imagine, just make a page transfer to traffic can get tens of thousands of, with 163 of the free space to do one day is 20 thousand, 1 and 2 months of things, and do not need what do you do for promotion, why now do make it difficult to make money

? Network?

the original production site requires a certain technology, the website is basically manual produced a HTML ASP, the automatic generation of HTML function is money, space is not generally expensive, but also easy, a fast space of about 200 yuan, as there may be price, advertisers more kind-hearted, the promotion of TOM just come out, click on one of the 2 corners of money, almost no deduction amount, a month seven thousand or eight thousand IP website advertising a January 1000 no problem, the price is a few cents, the collection price 10 yuan. read more

2008 Hunan webmaster exchange meeting experience

this year, the meeting size is relatively small, but still see many old faces, such as blue dream Zeng, fan fan, the community behind the general moderator Gao Jie, seven color bird Liu Yang…… The feeling of Hunan famous webmaster or a little less, probably because of the geographical location and economic aspects, a lot of people in Hunan to Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing’s development, I always think that the people of Hunan to build a career, we must get out of Hunan, so that I also decided to go to Shenzhen development. read more

Marketing website construction enhance the user experience can really win

for some time, the construction of marketing websites has been mentioned by more and more enterprises. With the deepening of Internet applications, the concept of marketing websites has been constantly enriched and extended. Marketing type website construction belongs to the website construction category first, we say that Jingdong mall is a successful marketing website, and perhaps no one will question it. Because he succeeded in converting products into commodities, producing actual transactions, and increasing the added value of commodities, the mission of website marketing was also completed in a series of transactions. However, if we define an ordinary promotional website as a marketing website, it is estimated that a lot of people will raise objections because they will not generate actual transactions themselves. read more