The Museum of Illusions also opened its doors in Split

first_imgThe Museum of Illusions is also equipped with a smart playroom based on the Dilemma games didactic program, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.  New York, Paris, Shanghai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and thirteen other no less attractive locations around the world, and now Split is connected by one thing. Excellent quality content – Museum of Illusion. Thus, the people of Split and all their guests will witness the realm of illusions, unusual rooms, vortex tunnels, interesting holograms, and other exhibits that are mostly produced in Croatia, which we are extremely proud of. We are constantly talking about the importance of quality, authentic and different content in our tourist destinations, and the city of Split is richer for just one excellent quality content. Namely, the Museum of Illusions opened its doors yesterday at the address Andrija Kačića Miošića 2. An excellent tourist story and quality entertainment and tourist content Museum of Illusion, is proof of how the business model of private museums can work. On the contrary, it works great, even outside our borders through the franchise model, and so our export tourist product is set. center_img “A sincere smile, helping visitors with all the important information, ie caring for the end user are just some of the reasons why most of our visitors come back several times. This is a fact that we consider to be the greatest indicator of our success, perhaps more than the incredible number of franchises opened worldwide. In the last few years, Split has been the leader of Croatian tourism, a kind of capital of the Croatian coast. The cheerful spirit of its inhabitants makes it a perfect host. The Museum of Illusions will only further complement its already generous cultural and entertainment offer not only to the residents of Split and its surroundings but also to all its guests.”They point out from the Museum of Illusions. Fans of your character and work will enjoy a table of clones where you sit with yourself and five other of your clones. Moire’s patterns will allow you to experience the creation of an infinite number of illusions, while deceptive rings and a deceptive stick will skillfully play with your sense of space. An ambiguous cylinder will teach you that direct views of objects and their reflections in a mirror create different interpretations of their shapes. Behind every illusion lies the science that will be skillfully conveyed to future visitors by museum guides and illusionists on each tour. Photo: Museum of Illusionlast_img