Selfreplicating probes could explore the entire Milky Way in only 10 million

first_imgHumans have a tendency to romanticize space travel as a noble endeavor undertaken by the bravest of people. It’s just terribly inefficient, though, isn’t it? Sending human beings into space to do our exploring is already falling out of favor, but maybe we don’t need to be involved at all. A new report in the International Journal of Astrobiology suggest that humanity could employ self-replicating space probes to explore the entire galaxy in only 10 million years — a blink of the eye in the grand scheme of things.The work is based on a previous analysis by Arwen Nicholson and Duncan H. Forgan from the University of Edinburgh that found a probe the size of Voyager 1 could use a gravitational slingshot effect from planets or stars to reach speeds more than 100 times faster than Voyager is currently going. Combine that idea with a self-replicating robot, and the galaxy is as good as explored.Even if the absolute maximum speed these probes could reach was 10% the speed of light, they could quickly blanket the entire galaxy. The area explored would increase geometrically, too. As more probes exist, there will be more probes made — like bacterial replication. You have to wonder how you stop something like that when the exploring is complete.This raises the question, where are all the probes? If intelligent life exists in the universe, shouldn’t someone else have built these probes? This is a new twist on the Fermi Paradox, which was proposed in 1953 by physicist Enrico Fermi. It holds that if there is intelligent life out there, we should have encountered it by now.The lack of contact with self-replicating alien probes could indicate that no sufficiently advanced civilizations have existed in the last several million years, or that they simply want to avoid us. Another possibility is a bit more concerning — there may be self-replicating alien probes everywhere, but we’re just not smart enough to spot them.last_img read more

Scammer behind sextortion campaigns arrested in France

first_img 10 dangerous app vulnerabilities to watch out for (free PDF) See also How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Google Chrome PREV 1 – 5 of 7 They blackmail victims to pay a ransom fee or they’ll send the images to the victim’s contacts or publish them online.Tactics like these have been going on for more than two decades, but sextortion, in particular, has seen a sudden surge in popularity beginning with the summer of 2018, according to Cisco Talos, Malwarebytes, and independent researchers. The best DIY home security systems of 2019 (CNET) NEXT Police in France have arrested a 20-year-old man for his role in blackmailing thousands of French and international users with so-called sextortion emails over the past few months.The suspect, whose name has not been released, was arrested on Monday, September 9, by officers from the Office of Combating Cybercrime (OCLCTIC) at the Paris Airport after returning to France from Ukraine.Reports from Radio France and other local French media [1, 2, 3] said the man is a French citizen living in Ukraine. He’s now been placed under judicial control and banned from leaving the country.Scammer involved in sextortion campaignsAuthorities said the suspect sent out massive spam campaigns that contained so-called sextortions. These are emails that scammers sent to random users in which they claim to be in possession of sensitive images or videos of a user engaging in various sexual acts.Scammers often claim they’ve obtained these images or videos by hacking the user’s online accounts or by infecting their computers with malware. Live 600,000 GPS trackers left exposed online with a default password of ‘123456’ x Europol’s top hacking ring takedowns SEE FULL GALLERY Hackers are using the dark web to target your company’s email addresses Some attackers are willing to part with large amounts of money in order to gain access to accounts they believe they can exploit in business email compromise scams. How AI is used for facial recognition in surveillance cameras (ZDNet YouTube) French users have often been the target of many these campaigns.Scammer made over €20,000According to authorities, the suspect they arrested was one of the people behind these operations. He usually demanded €500 ($550) from victims, paid in Bitcoin, and according to sources in the investigation, he appears to have tricked at least 50 users, who paid a cumulative €20,000 ($22,000) to an account under the suspect’s control.French authorities said they received over 28,000 user reports and over 1,900 formal complaints relating to the suspect’s campaigns, since the start of the year.The suspect acknowledged his guilt, said he worked alone, and admitted to never having any images of victims in compromising positions or sexual acts.Most sextortion campaigns work on the principle of tricking users into believing hackers have sensitive content, but most are just empty threats.Until today, cyber-security firms have only spotted two malware strains that recorded a user’s screen when they accessed adult websites — namely Varenyky and PsiXBot. Coincidentally, the Varenyky malware strain was only distributed to French users, but there is no evidence the suspect arrested this week was involved in its creation or distribution. Security US to collect social media profiles from immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees How to prevent a Corporate Account Takeover (TechRepublic)last_img read more

AMD courts Wall Street financial services firms HPC workloads with Epyc server

first_imgAylor wasn’t allowed to name financial services clients, which tend keep quiet about their technology plans, but said the first generation Epyc was used in grid computing deployments. Now the conversation is more about analytics and high performance computing applications. Epyc’s performance gains with the second generation set AMD up nicely for more high-level workloads. Aylor said the Epyc team at AMD is obviously a close partner with the Radeon GPU group, but the chipmaker also works well with Nvidia. AMD’s second generation Epyc server chip is gaining more production workloads and the chipmaker is targeting financial services firms, which are leveraging high performance computing systems. Speaking at the HPC & AI on Wall Street conference in New York, Scott Aylor, head of AMD’s datacenter unit, pitched Wall Street firms on the second generation Epyc processors, a bevy of cloud and server design wins and supercomputing momentum. In August, AMD launched its second generation Epyc server processor and the rollout moved the chip from the test to production phase for many customers. AMD’s 2nd Gen Epyc processor aims to set a new data center standardAMD debuts the Epyc Rome server processorLenovo and HPE release servers based on AMD’s 2nd gen Epyc chip”Since the launch of the second generation Epyc, we’re excited about momentum after four or five weeks,” said Aylor. “We are paying off what we said we’d do and have earned credibility and trust with the first generation and now we’re building depth and breadth of new customers.”When the latest Epyc launched, AMD claimed 80 world records, platform wins with Google, Twitter, HPE and Lenovo and supercomputing deals with Cray for the exascale Frontier System. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Tencent Cloud and Oracle are among the cloud providers using Epyc. AMD debuts the Epyc Rome server processor Scott Aylor, general manager of AMD’s Datacenter Solutions Group, shares details about the second-generation processor’s performance, as well as AMD’s data center strategy. Read more: Livecenter_img x AMD has already received plenty of interest from Wall Street analysts and investors. Now the company is more direct about landing Wall Street’s computing workloads. epyc-2nd-gen-2.pnglast_img read more

Local Chamber Sheppard AFB Sound Warnings over Proposed Wind Farms

first_imgTwo wind farm projects in north central Texas could threaten the pilot training mission at nearby Sheppard Air Force Base, senior base officials said during a recent town hall meeting.The projects planned for Clay County, located east of the installation, could interfere with its radar systems and limit the number of days pilots could train, two senior officials from Sheppard said during a March 31 town hall meeting.Turbines within a 25-mile radius of Sheppard would be especially detrimental, said Col. Gregory Keeton, commander of the 80th Flying Training Wing. The wind farms could force DOD to move the base’s pilot training programs elsewhere, he said, reported the Times Record News.“Can we adjust our mission? It’s a possibility,” Keeton said. “Eventually the government is probably going to have to do something,” he said.Last week, the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Industry warned its members about the possible consequences of the proposed turbines.“When something pops up that may threaten such a huge asset, careful consideration needs to be taken to make sure we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot,” Henry Florsheim, the chamber’s president and CEO, wrote in a newsletter. “Possible development of wind farms in neighboring counties is exciting, but it could also threaten Sheppard’s operations,” he stated.The developer of the wind farm projects, Horn Wind PM LLC, told the Times Record News that Sheppard is “prematurely going on the offensive” against the company’s plans.“They’re just preemptively attacking us. … They’re on a very big PR campaign right now,” said Jimmy Horn, owner of Horn Wind.Horn said he has contacted Sheppard officials and delivered a presentation to the Clay County Commissioners Court that was attended by at least one base representative. “We were trying to be upfront and work with them,” Horn said. “We didn’t go into big detail — they didn’t have enough info to make a determination.” Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

IELTS composing for you personally benefits drawbacks essay

IELTS composing for you personally: benefits & drawbacks essay

In this tutorial you shall learn to make a musical organization 9 response for benefits & drawbacks essay in IELTS Writing. For instance, we shall utilize a subject of tourism in contemporary globe. Fundamentally, in most pros and cons essays your task would be to explain negative and positive edges of the provided subject + give your viewpoint.

In this training you will:

  • See a relevant concern test
  • discover effective techniques to quickly create some ideas for the response
  • discover musical organization 9 solution framework

for pros and cons essay in IELTS.

IELTS advantages & disadvantages concern test

As an example, you will get this concern for IELTS task that is writing:

Plenty of places on the planet depend on tourism being a source that is main of. Regrettably, tourism can additionally be a supply of issues if it’s not handled precisely.

Describe the pros and cons of tourism within the contemporary globe. Do that benefits are thought by you of tourism outweight its disadvantages?

This essay subject relates to tourism. Needless to say, subjects for concerns will change, but perfect solution framework is the exact same for several benefits & drawbacks essays in IELTS.

Creating some some a few ideas for the response

You should always spend 1-2 minutes on producing ideas for your answer before you start writing your essay. In this way, youll understand what to create about as well as your solution shall be much more coherent and well-structured. In the event of benefits & drawbacks essay, you ought to think about 2-3 advantages and 2-3 drawbacks associated with offered problem.

Lets think of pros and cons of tourism into the contemporary globe.

Features of tourism:

  • boost in countrys economy as a result of spending that is increased
  • brand brand brand new task opening for residents
  • possibilities to find out brand new places for indiv >Disadvantages of tourism:

Most useful Argumentative Essay Topics With Detail By Detail Writing Guide

Most useful Argumentative Essay Topics With Detail By Detail Writing Guide

1. Argumentative Essays: What’s the purpose?

Argumentative essays are assigned by instructors and teachers as an instrument to make you do a lot more than merely browse the subject material of a specific program. This sort of writing is not about just reporting facts and numbers or historic names and times. Argumentative essays are an authentic key to learning because writing one–even selecting a compelling argumentative essay topic–demands which you consider your subject prior to, during, and following the writing process that is actual.

The objectives of argumentative essays are to present your reader with point-counterpoint views on subjects and conditions that may possibly not be completely settled into the current literary works or in culture in particular.

Imagine this: the argumentative topic you choose–and the arguments you create in your argumentative essay–may actually break ground in how the whole world works or perhaps in just how other people think of one thing.